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Child-Proof Cannabis Packaging Must-Haves

Outside of tobacco and alcohol cannabis is at the top of the list when it comes to substances that are consumed the most. With more states legalizing the use of cannabis, it’s important as a distributor you ship products safely.

There are some cannabis packaging must-haves each package you ship must have and we’re here to share them with you. The reason you need to know about child-proof packaging is to ensure you remain within compliance at all times and keep everyone safe.

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Why Does Packaging Matter?

Packaging matters because if consumed in high doses by anyone including children it can have adverse effects. Many cannabis distribution companies use pill bottles or packaging similar to ship their products to customers, which means it is treated like other forms of prescription drugs under the law.

These types of bottles are essential for making it difficult for children to get into, but the same can’t be said for making it impossible for them to access cannabis. Due to the risk in child safety distributors are tasked with using childproof packages in the form of:

  • Pouches
  • Bags

Many distributors have begun to rethink their packaging to ensure they align with the new packaging regulations. Here are some of the must-haves that your packaging will need to remain compliant while also ensuring you deliver a quality product to your customers.

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Hard to Open

The packaging you use for your cannabis products should be challenging for children to open. It should be difficult enough that they will give up in their efforts to open the packaging, but not so hard that the adults it’s intended for aren’t able to access their product.

For example, pill bottles have to be pushed down and turned at the same time before they open. You should consider this type of mechanism when creating the packaging for your products.

Keep It Simple

As you select the design for your cannabis packaging one thing manufacturers tend to lean towards is engaging and eye-popping designs. It’s recommended that you make the packaging as unappealing as possible.

It’s best to steer clear of putting cartoons on the packaging or using vibrant colors that might cause children to think the cannabis is candy they should try to consume.


It’s not often that people will use all of the products they receive at once. With that said you need to consider the functionality of the packaging, you’re using.

With child-resistant cannabis packing, it must be resealable between uses, and the packaging needs warnings to keep all products out of the reach of young children.

Cannabis Packaging: Tips to Know and Stay Within Compliance

There are tons of ideas out there you can use for your cannabis packaging, but it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s safe. Remember to create packaging that customers can reseal and keep the design as simple as possible.

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