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Brent Huisman to Form European Boat and RV Auction


Fort Worth, Texas, July 19, 2022— Brent Huisman, originally from Rotterdam, Holland is teaming up with several Dutch and German Boat and RV dealers to create a highly robust Boat and RV Auction in Arnhem, Holland.

The online portal will create a specific buyer base for high-end boats and RV’s along with some automotive.

Brent will be teaming up with several key European manufacturers to launch his adventure. He is set to hire several IT and Operations executives from Germany along with many from Amsterdam.

Brent started out working on several high-end Yacht ports in southern Europe in the late 1980’s and settled in Rotterdam in 1993. Since then he has worked on many online boating and RV platforms to enhance the buying experience.

Boating is a large part of European influence and in the last several years, customer demand has soared.

The boat, RV, and auto auction company will launch in August of 2022.

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Brent Huisman
Dutch Boat and RV Auction
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