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Best Safety Trainers 2023

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iSB Group Director Mark Fishwick gives us his top 10 picks of the best safety trainers for 2023…


Top 10 best safety trainers

#1 Gravity ‘Earth’ Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Innovative design offers supreme comfort and prevents fatigue

The entire Gravity safety trainer range has been designed with maximum comfort and wearability in mind. A unique dual-density sole unit that exploits the natural shock-absorbing properties of air promises energy absorption and return that does not lessen with time and wear. Air tunnels running across the width of the sole unit are equally distributed throughout the entire plantar arch, allowing for continuous air flow and so infinite rebound.

Made from soft suede leather and anti-abrasion breathable textile, and incorporating a lightweight aluminium toe cap and antibacterial insole, these trainers also come with easy-fit elastic uppers allowing them to be slipped on and off without needing to use laces every time.  View trainers →

#2 Gravity ‘Saturn’ Trainer Boots

Reason for choosing: Fantastic comfort, with added ankle support and protection

Employing the same air hole technology in the sole unit as the other safety trainers in the Gravity range, these trainer boots offer impressive energy absorption and return, and better than average grip.

Made from soft grain leather with an abrasion-resistant textile upper and incorporating an aluminium toe cap, they are water resistant, lightweight and breathable.  View trainers →

#3 Gravity ‘Mercury’ Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Slip-on version of these super-comfortable safety trainers

Again featuring a sole unit offering superior energy return thanks to its innovative air-hole design, these safety trainers are made from soft grain leather and incorporate an aluminium toe cap and an upper made from a soft, breathable elastic sock, which removes the need for laces.

Lightweight, water resistant and breathable, they are a great, convenient option for many indoor and outdoor logistics roles.  View trainers →

#4 X-Com Contemporary Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Fantastic breathability in a well-designed safety trainer

These high-comfort safety trainers are big on breathability, with high-tech FlyKnit uppers allowing for maximum air flow around the foot during wear. Incorporating an aluminium toe cap and composite midsole, they are a solid choice for many logistics roles.  View trainers →

#5 Exena Kei Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Slip-on design is super convenient

Combining a neoprene sock and elastic lace system, these breathable safety trainers slip on quickly and easily, offering fast, convenient protection from workplace hazards.

A polycarbonate toe cap and uppers made from ultra-resistant PUTEK textile fabric provide a high level of protection without weighing the trainers down, for great all-round safety trainers.  View trainers →

#6 Ember Carbon Neutral Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Planet-friendly, without compromising on safety or quality

Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, these are the world’s first safety trainers certified carbon neutral.

Made from materials with a high percentage of recycled content, these all-rounders have a composite toe cap, a lightweight yet strong upper, a breathable lining and a soft, expanded PU insole, making them a good quality, comfortable choice that isn’t going to hurt the planet or your pocket.  View trainers →

#7 U-Power Ryder Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Durable, supportive, lightweight, breathable and with impressive rebound – a great all-rounder

These safety trainers offer all-day foot wellbeing, thanks to a breathable air tunnel lining that releases heat and maximises air flow, comfort compression technology to reduce fatigue, and an Infinity sole to absorb impacts and provide energy return.

Incorporating an aluminium toe cap and heel shock shield, these safety trainers also have a flexible composite midsole that supports the foot through a variety of movements.  View trainers →

#8 U-Power Raptor Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Extremely lightweight, with innovative anti-fatigue technology

Designed to offer supreme comfort, these safety trainers come with a lightweight AirToe aluminium toe cap and a self-modelling insole with plantar arch support that helps distribute body weight evenly over the feet for greater protection against musculoskeletal disorders.

A breathable air tunnel lining provides good ventilation for the feet, while the incorporation of Infinergy technology in the sole unit provides athlete-approved energy return and helps to guard against fatigue.  View trainers →

#9 Cador Fabric Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Great option for warehouse managers on a budget

These safety trainers are ideal for warehouse operatives as they are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and flexible, with good heel energy absorption and a slip-resistant sole. They have steel toe caps and a removeable insole which can be washed to keep them smelling fresh after a long shift.  View trainers →

#10 Composite Waterproof Safety Trainers

Reason for choosing: Great waterproof trainers for drivers and outdoor operatives

The Thinsulate and waterproof lining of these high-comfort safety trainers means your feet stay warm and dry all day long, no matter what the weather is doing.

Featuring a composite toe cap, removable cushioned and antistatic footbed, and an anti-slip sole, these waterproof safety trainers are a practical choice for most outdoor roles, including drivers.  View trainers →


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