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Why a Logo Maker Is a Must for Advertising

Studies have shown that children are more apt to recognize Ronald McDonald than famous figures such as Jesus!

The power of a logo is immeasurable.

We can see an advertisement and instantly know the brand simply by looking at their logo. And sometimes a logo is so well-known our brains even see certain colors in an advertisement and we know the brand immediately.

Have you ever questioned whether or not a logo is necessary for the success of your brand? Having trouble figuring out where to even point your compass?

We’re here to help you figure all of that out.

Read on to learn why a logo maker is a must-have for advertising.

You’ll look professional

Trying to create your own logo in Microsoft Word just won’t do.

You’ll look like an amateur, and your customers will take notice. Thankfully, there are online tools you can use to ensure that your image looks completely professional and put together.

With your own professional logo, you’ll stand out among your competitors and look legitimate. Plus, your customers will take your brand as a serious contender among the other brands. Printed materials and websites with your logo will let potential customers know that you’re reputable in your industry.

Creating your own logo with clip art and the like will scream to your potential customers that you’re not at all serious about your business. Also, it may convey that you’re not as established.

Are you wanting to make your brand look professional? You need to consult in an expert logo maker to really polish off your company’s logo.

You’ll be remembered

Remember how we said more kids can identify Ronald McDonald than most famous figures? That same theory also works with adults.

We are a very visual society. Don’t you remember using flashcards with pictures to remember the alphabet? Putting an image to a name helps us remember things we may otherwise forget.

That’s why having an image as a face to your brand is so important. Using a logo maker to create that face, you can establish recognition to your customers and future customers.

People may not always remember your brand’s name. They may not even remember your slogan. But chances are they will always remember your image.

Your logo will showcase your brand’s values

What’s your company’s core values and goals? Stamping your company’s mission statement on every advertisement may work in some places, but a logo will work better.

Your logo should and will encompass all of your values.

Need some help thinking how you can incorporate your values within a simple logo? Think of the sports authority Adidas. Their well known three slash symbol means more than many people know.

The three slashes represent the figurative mountains that athletes need to climb in order to achieve greatness. Pretty neat, right?

Almost all the marks you see in advertisements mean far more than meets the eye.

When you think of your logo as more than just a logo, you’ll find it easier to come up with a way to showcase your values and goals.

Remember that your logo is your brand’s identity. So it should be something that truly reflects how you’d like your company to be viewed by your customers.

You’ll connect with your customers

We’ve established that your customers will take notice when you add a logo. But using a professional logo maker to create your brand’s logo will also connect with your customers.

Connect on a personal level

You build a personal relationship with your customers when you incorporate a logo. It’s like adding a face to a name. You’re making a first impression with everyone who views your brand and its products. So make sure that your brand is well dressed and put together.

When you’re creating your “face” with a logo maker, ask yourself questions as if you were a customer. Some things to think about when creating a logo:

  • What emotions will this logo stir up?
  • Is this memorable? Does the brand stand out against other competitors?
  • Is this relevant to our company’s products or services?

Think outside of the box

Did you know that things like fonts and colors can play into how you’d like your brand to come across to customers? And believe it or not, they can influence how they feel.

Some ways that colors change how we feel when we see a brand:

  • Yellow – The color yellow represents the sun and joy. Your customers will feel happy and excited when they see the color yellow within your logo.
  • Green – This color is associated with the colors of nature. It makes customers feel calm and relaxed. They will also feel that your brand is trustworthy.
  • Purple – Purple equates to royalty when people see it incorporated into a brand. This color will make your customers feel nostalgic or romantic.
  • Orange – This color also represents happiness and sunshine. Want to add this color to your brand’s logo? This color will make your customers feel creative and enthusiastic!
  • Black – This color gives a mysterious vibe. Use this color if you want your customers to identify with your formal side.

Make sure you’re focusing on your brand’s demographic

When you’re using a logo maker, you want to make sure that you’re creating a logo that speaks to your demographic.

Creating a logo that resonates with your millennial target group may differ from a logo created for a brand targeted more towards baby boomers. So you’d think of a more modern look for the millennials, and maybe a more vintage or classic look for the latter.

Your logo makes things official

Your professional logo created with a logo maker doesn’t only affect your marketing plan. It also makes a difference on the legal front as well.

While you legally don’t need a branded logo, it’s best to go ahead and legalize your brand officially. And creating a trademark or a logo is the best way to keep you and your brand safe.

Let’s put it into perspective for you. Imagine that you’ve spent a ton of time (and money!) creating an awesome logo for your brand. Let’s say that you start plastering this logo all over your website, products, and marketing materials.

And then you find out your logo is already being used by another company. And they have it registered with the federal government.

You’re looking at a potential lawsuit. And this can also happen if the roles are reversed. You want to make sure that you’re not wasting precious time and money working and using a logo that’s already being used.

And you also want to make sure your logo is protected so no one else can use your logo.

Seeing forfeit logos not only stinks, it makes your brand look cheap. Plus, having an official logo will make your company look reputable and established.

Go ahead and take the extra steps to get your brand’s logo completely official. All the effort will be worth it in the long run.

Logos are easy

You may be thinking, “But creating one is really hard!” It is, and it also isn’t. It’s true that logos can be difficult to come up with. But that’s because they’re so important to the success of your brand.

However, logos are easy because you don’t have to spend a ton of time and words to get your message across. A well thought out logo created with a logo maker will allow you to convey your message with just a simple image.

They’re also easy because these logos are easy to place on things like pamphlets, receipts, products, and more. And the more you use them, the easier it will be for your customers to recognize your brand instantly.

Use a logo maker to create your new logo

Did you know that Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo only cost them $15? Some other companies have paid millions of dollars to get the best logo money can buy. But Twitter is just one of the many examples that prove you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

While you may think that your new logo may cost you half your budget, you’ve never been more mistaken!

Once you have some idea of how you’d like your logo to look, you’re able to create your own for free. And while you could pay a professional the big bucks to create your brand’s “face,” why would you?

Our free online logo maker is designed to help you create something awesome. You can upload your own images or look through hundreds of our specially customized photos. There are plenty of graphics that will suit your business’ identity.

Easily add or remove text and switch up the colors however you see fit. Want to make changes later? You can. The easy to use interface allows you to make changes without having to know a ton about graphic design.

You may find yourself thinking, “Wow, creating my own logo isn’t as tough as I thought!” It’s really that easy.

If you need any support or have a question for us, we’re here to help you!


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