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8 Reasons You Should Have an Escape Room Party

Another birthday rolling around and still have no clue how to celebrate?

If you’re tired of the same old birthday party options — renting a bowling lane, going out to a restaurant — try something different this year. Escape rooms are all the rage, and they make for a perfect place to party.

Below, we’ve given you eight reasons to throw an escape room party.

1. Having an Escape Room Party Is Unique

When you send out your birthday party invites, chances are you’ll be one of the first people to invite your guests to an escape room party.

Many people have not even been to an escape room yet, much less attended a party themed around one. Throwing an escape room party is a unique way to celebrate your birthday. It will be a sure hit and your guests will remember it for years to come.

It may not be a trip to Italy, but you’ll have so much fun it won’t matter.

2. You’ll Bond With Your Friends in a New Way

Can you imagine being locked in a room with your friends and family, having to work together to find a way out?

Of course, there’s no real danger, so the frantic mystery-solving is half the fun. Everyone plays his or her part to find clues, decipher hints, and think creatively to figure a way out.

You may see your guests use their talents in new ways. Perhaps your best friend is a genius at solving puzzles, while your mom is a whiz at cracking codes!

You will learn things about your closest companions that you may not have found out any other way. Bonding like that doesn’t occur at most standard birthday parties.

3. It Requires Teamwork

One of the main reasons you’ll bond so much at an escape room party is because teamwork is necessary. There’s no way you’ll find your way out of the room if you all work individually!

Coming together as a team is part of the process. You will have to divvy up tasks and trust that your teammates are all doing their part. You have to rely on others’ skills and strengths to make up for your weaknesses, and vice versa.

No other kind of party requires quite the sense of camaraderie that an escape room does. You’ll be talking, laughing, and helping each other out in no time. There’s no need to plan all sorts of things to try to break the ice.

4. It’s a Thrilling Adventure

Another reason escape rooms are getting so popular is that they are both scary and exciting! No one is in any true danger, but the adrenaline will be running high all the same.

The feeling of your heart rushing as the clock ticks down from an hour can be truly invigorating. Your brain will be kicked into high-gear as you frantically try to find your way out and solve the mystery!

Moreover, it doesn’t require extreme physical activity or cause undue exertion. Unlike hosting a birthday party at a theme park with roller coasters, those who are older or have impaired mobility will still be able to join in the fun.

5. Everyone Will Have Fun

No more of those parties where the non-dancers sit in the corner and some people leave early and the non-bowlers keep their flip-flops on. Sleepovers are great, but someone always ends up feeling left out.

When you throw an escape room party, everyone gets involved! Because you’re locked in a room with a small group of people, everyone must come together and work as a team.

There’s no room for anyone to not participate. Moreover, they won’t want to! In an escape room, everyone can choose a different role or goal and play a part. This makes sure everyone is having a good time.

6. It’s Good for Your Brain

At their core, escape rooms are just larger-than-life puzzles.

The same creative thinking and problem-solving skills you need for puzzles and strategy games are what you need to solve an escape room.

Escaping from an escape room in less than an hour requires you to explore many different possibilities. You have to assemble pieces of information in a way that makes sense. You have to think outside the box and make sure all your bases are covered.

All of these alternative ways of thinking are great for your brain health. These kinds of activities can help to boost memory and creativity, and can even help to reduce stress and anxiety.

7. All Ages Are Welcome

Unlike most birthday parties, escape rooms are truly fun for everyone.

Groups of kids love it. Groups of adults love it. Festive events from children’s parties to bachelorette parties are frequently held at escape rooms.

At an escape room party, you can invite everyone you love, both young and old, and trust that they will truly enjoy themselves. Escape rooms are great family fun.

Some rooms are harder than others, and that’s okay. Consider dividing your guests by age and letting the younger crowd do an easier escape room, while the adults try the hardest level.

Who knows? A surprising group may earn the bragging rights!

8. You’ll Be Excited Either Way

By the time the clock is up, you will either be on your way out of the escape room — or you’ll be making desperate attempts to try one last thing in order to get out.

That feeling of figuring out the puzzle and pouring out the door together will put a huge smile on your face! Your night may end in a thrilling victory. Even if you don’t manage to escape the room, you’ll have had so much fun that it won’t matter.

Compete with other rooms to see who can get out the fastest, and use those bragging rights you’ve earned if your team finds their way out while another team doesn’t.

The Bottom Line

There’s no party as fun and thrilling as an escape room party, and your guests are sure to leave with warm memories of laughter shared and celebrations well spent.

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