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7 Tips For Writing Erotic Content Your Readers Will Love

There’s nothing that puts you in the mood better than a sex scene. You’re stuck in a book, the sex scene starts and takes you to a place of pure ecstasy.

But writing erotica is harder than you think. You need to use juicy details without diminishing your characters.

Each erotica writer is still different. Some expose more details than others. Some specialize in certain fetishes and kinks, such as BDSM. Others write sex scenes for specific genres, such as horror or sci-fi.

You shouldn’t write a sex scene differently than you write another scene — fortunately, there are some tips to overcome your sensual writer’s block. Here are 7 tips to write the best erotic content.

1. Be as Realistic as Possible

When discussing sins under the sheets, you want to be realistic. This doesn’t mean documenting sex between the average couple; there’s no harm squeezing in a threesome or steamy sex positions on liberator furniture.

Just be sure to write erotic content consistently. For example, say your sex scene started on the beach.

Make sure the scene is consistently on the beach. But what if you want your characters to finish in the bedroom? Make sure you’re clear that your characters are continuing in the bedroom, and why.

You also want to be sure that the way they have sex reflects the scene. Are your characters on a major mission and want a quickie? Or do you plan on drawing out the scene slowly? You need to correctly emphasize this based on the situation.

2. Write In Your Comfort Zone

When you write erotic content, write a scene that makes you feel comfortable.

While one reader may love sex scenes, another may find them awkward.

The same goes for a writer. A romance writer may want to write a steamy sex scene every other chapter, while a mystery writer may want to avoid a sex scene as much as possible.

But it’s inevitable: people have sex, and your characters may have sex. So write in your comfort zone.

If you want your characters to have sex in every position in the book, write that scene with heavy details. If you would rather stay vanilla, give your reader the illusion the characters are having sex.

3. Emphasize the Scenes Leading Up and the Scenes Leading Out

If you start a scene with your character getting on an airplane, and the next paragraph your character is shacking up with a mysterious man in a hotel room, this won’t make sense to the reader.

This is why you need to focus on the scenes leading up to the erotic content.

For example, let’s say your character is in their house and receives a random visit from that hunk in Chapter 8. They start kissing and making their way to the bedroom.

This is a good example of a scene leading up to a sex scene — your reader can guess why the hunk is there and what they will do next.

You also need to pay attention to the scene leading out. This is the scene right after the sex scene.

Taking the previous example, let’s say your character wakes up next to that hunk, and the hunk confesses his love to your character. This is a good scene leading out — now you know why the hunk is at her house and why they had sex.

4. Sex Scenes According to Genre

The sex scene in a sci-fi novel is different than the sex scene in an action novel.

If you’re writing for a specific genre, make sure your sex scenes are genre-specific. While alien sex is appropriate in a sci-fi book, it’s not appropriate in children’s literature.

In addition, you want to include details in the scene based on genre. Sex scenes in a horror novel are more violent than a sex scene in a romance novel.

That said, writing sex scenes for genres can be tough.

Chances are, you’re not having sex with an alien or a werewolf. So how do you know how they have sex? Using your imagination and paying attention to characterization is the key to writing genre-specific sex scenes.

5. Get Creative!

Why do readers enjoy erotica? It takes them out of their own sexual reality. It’s the same reason why many people watch pornography; chances are, they’re not having sex orgies in a penthouse apartment.

Knowing your reader wants some crazy action is the inspiration to get creative with your sex scenes.

But there’s a reason why using creativity is difficult when writing sex scenes: lack of experience. Say your characters are having a threesome, but you never had one. How do you describe it? What does it feel like?

So get creative and use your imagination when writing sex scenes. Your readers will appreciate it.

6. Make Your Reader Feel Like They’re Experiencing the Sex

One of the many reasons why readers flock to erotica is they feel like they’re experiencing that great sex. They read the story of the hot affair, things are getting heated between the lovers, and the reader is going crazy.

This is because the readers are reading the scene like they’re in the scene. When drawing in your readers, use more compelling language. Action words are important and describing different feelings and emotions are also vital.

7. Multiple Sex Scenes? Change the Scenery

This is difficult for first-time erotica writers. All sex scenes seem to be in the bed and at the house.

If you had that irresistible lover, wouldn’t you want to take every chance to do the dirty? Have them do it in the bathroom, in the car, in the forest, and there’s no shame in last-minute hotel rooms.

Time to Write the Best Erotic Content

There are no barriers to erotica. The sex that is unachievable can be experienced on paper. Therefore, writing amazing erotica is extremely important. Achieve all of your readers’ desires and give them a front-row seat.

You’re the one directing this show — there’s no shame in being a little naughty writer.

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