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5 Common Issues That Call for Diesel Engine Repair Service

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It is no wonder why diesel engines are immensely popular around the world. They’re more fuel-efficient and have more low-end torque than other types of engines, which makes them perfect for use in trucks.

People who use diesel engines expect to get the most out of them, and diesel engines don’t let them down. Despite that, issues occur with enough use and enough time.

It is important to keep your eye out for signs that you need diesel engine repair service, and this article will help you with that. If you see any of the signs you need to seek out “diesel repair near me” to prevent a small issue from becoming a large one.

Continue reading to learn about five common issues that you’ll want help from a diesel repair technician to get resolved.

1. Oxidized Oil

Oxidized oil occurs when too much air is finding its way into your oil. A big cause for oil oxidization is leaving an engine sitting for long periods without running it.

When oxygen gets into the vehicle’s oil it creates bubbles that destroy the lubrication that the oil is meant to provide. When the engine doesn’t have the lubrication it needs it causes damage to the moving components to the point that diesel repair services are required.

If your diesel engine has sat idle for an extended period of time you should change the oil in it prior to using it or starting the engine.

2. Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel has a much higher viscosity than gasoline. This means that it is much easier for diesel fuel to become contaminated when compared to other types of fuel.

There are some common types of contaminants that you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Dilution
  • Soot
  • Water
  • Glycol

Catching these contaminants early will save you a trip to the diesel repair technician. If you find any contaminants in your diesel engine’s fuel be sure to purge the fuel tank.

Failing to purge the tank will lead to extensive damage to your diesel engine and costly expenses on diesel repair services.

3. Black Exhaust

Black exhaust is a telltale sign that something is going on with your diesel engine in your truck. If you see black smoke there is an issue with the balance between the fuel and air in your engine.

The usual result of black smoke coming from your exhaust is that there is too much fuel and not enough air. This type of smoke is a nuisance to other drivers and puts a lot of harmful chemicals into the air. It also leads to hefty fines from law enforcement.

There are some common parts that you can trace the issue back to. A malfunctioning or broken fuel pump will cause your truck to produce black exhaust smoke.

Another possible cause is a clogged air filter that is preventing the necessary amounts of oxygen to enter the engine. A bad turbocharger is also a possible cause for the black smoke that your truck is emitting.

It may be difficult to notice when driving, but keep an eye on your exhaust so that you can get repairs as soon as you notice the issue. Putting off diesel repair will lead to bigger issues down the road.

4. Too Much Noise

If you’ve ever been around a Cummins or Powerstroke engine, you know well just how loud a diesel engine is. Diesel engines are notorious for how loud they are when compared to gasoline engines.

Despite that, keep an open ear for excess noise that is coming from your diesel engine. Excessive noise that is produced by your engine is a sign of mechanical issues that will require attention from a diesel repair technician.

A particularly clear noise that signals that repairs are needed is if you hear your engine knocking. Knocking and other unfamiliar noises are signs that there are parts of your engine that are malfunctioning or overburdened.

The primary culprit that is most affected by this is your fuel injectors. The fuel injectors going bad will negatively impact the compression balance within your diesel engine and cause a reduction in your truck’s performance capabilities.

Another noise that you should listen for is a rattling noise coming from your engine. This noise happens when the mixture of air and fuel in the cylinder ignites too soon. This damages the pistons and valves within the engine.

Timing chain meshing is another sound that is important to listen for. This noise sounds like a rattling in colder temperatures and is toned down after the engine warms up.

5. Difficult Start Up

If you’ve owned a diesel vehicle then you know that sometimes diesel engines need to crank a bit before starting and running. Sometimes when there are issues with the diesel engine it becomes noticeably more difficult to start.

If you go to start your diesel engine and it is difficult or even won’t start at all it is a sign that your engine needs diesel engine repair service. The difficulties with starting could be a result of issues with fuel delivery.

It might also be a sign that there are issues with your fuel injectors. The fuel injectors’ pressure decreases over time, making it more difficult to start the engine and get it running.

Are You in Need of Diesel Engine Repair Service?

If you’re seeing any of these five issues with your vehicle’s diesel engine, don’t take any chances. Diesel engine repair service can catch any problems your engine is experiencing early so that they don’t grow into bigger and more expensive issues.

Get in touch with the good people at Diesel Performance Specialist and schedule an appointment to get your diesel engine looked at today.

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