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20 Business-Boosting Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Account Manager

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There are almost 3.5 billion social media users in the world today, and that number is only rising. There’s a good chance your audience is among them.

The sheer number of users means social media marketing is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. With the possibility of reaching billions, social media is the most powerful communication tool you have.

That is, of course, so long as you use it the right way. Using social media for business isn’t easy. That’s why you should consider hiring a social media account manager.

What can a social media account manager do for your business? You might be surprised at the wide range of business-boosting benefits this role has. Here are 20 advantages you can expect to see when you hire the right person to manage your social media.

Get a Consistent Posting Schedule

A consistent posting schedule is crucial to building an audience on social media. You and your team are already busy, though, so posting goes by the wayside. You post for a few days, then go silent for months.

In the meantime, the people who liked your post or your page forget about you. Some unfollow you. When you do start posting again, they may not even see the post.

When you hire a social media manager, you’re creating the time for your social media accounts. In doing so, you can count on a more consistent posting schedule. As your manager posts more on a regular basis, you can expect your audience to grow.

A Social Media Manager Creates a Coherent Strategy

Your social media manager also implements a platforming strategy for your business. Many business leaders make the mistake of trying to be present on every social media channel all the time.

Your audience likely isn’t on all social media channels. Instagram tends to skew younger and female. Facebook is more popular with older people.

A social media manager can create a strategy to manage your social media accounts effectively. They’ll look at which channels you should focus on based on your target audience. They’ll also look at the demographics of each platform and create a content strategy for each.

They’ll also ensure your brand voice and identity stays coherent.

Hiring a Social Media Account Manager Frees up Your Time

It’s no secret that all social media takes time and effort. Composing a tweet might not take very long. Composing a thoughtful tweet, finding the right hashtag, and adding in the right GIF often takes more time than you think.

Now duplicate that work across your social media platforms. Chances are you’re on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn too. If you’ve hopped on the video marketing train, you may even have a YouTube channel.

As a business owner, you’re already wearing too many hats. You don’t have time to do all the research, write all the posts, and schedule them all. Neither does anyone else on your team.

A social media accounts manager does have the time and skills to manage these tasks. They’ll spend less time putting together the perfect post.

In turn, they free up your time, so you can get back to the things that matter the most for your business.

Your Account Manager Crunches the Numbers

Another aspect of social media management is taking a look at the analytics. How many followers do you have? Did you have a net gain or loss this week?

You also want to know which posts your followers are engaging with. What content are they looking for when they interact with your account? Clicks and shares are more important than likes.

Just like you don’t have time to look up trending hashtags or craft five posts, you don’t have much time to look at the data. Crunching the numbers is essential to your social media strategy though.

The account manager keeps tabs on data and adjusts the strategy to achieve social media goals. This allows you to see what’s working and what’s not.

An Account Manager Provides Support to Customers

One of the most important roles a social media account manager has is customer service.

You may still want customers to call you or send you an email, but some take to social media when they have a problem. If someone asks a question and you never respond, you’re not providing very good customer service.

A social media manager can track your mentions and respond to customers. Since this is part of their job, they’ll be able to respond faster than you might otherwise.

Stay on Top of Trends with an Account Manager

Social media accounts managers aren’t just monitoring your mentions. They’re also looking at the latest trends.

With the right hashtags, they can send your message further. Hopping in on a popular meme is sometimes a good move for a brand.

Social media managers also pay attention to other trends, such as viral content. Making something similar or parodying a popular video can also put you center stage. In turn, you can expect some more attention and a few new followers.

Build Your Brand Identity with a Social Media Accounts Manager

Everything the social media account manager does should build your brand identity. From the strategy to the trends they follow to how they interact with your customers, every post should reflect your identity.

Take a look at fast-food giant Wendy’s. The chain has built an identity on Twitter around snarky comebacks. Wendy’s audience loves this content.

Of course, there are other brand identities out there. You might want to inspire trust in your customers. Maybe you emphasize cutting-edge ideas and innovation.

Whatever your brand stands for, your social media manager can help you communicate that to your audience.

An Account Manager Uses the Best Tools

One reason you and your team may struggle to stay on top of social media is that you’re not using the right tools. If you’re not familiar with Slack, Trello, and Buffer, you’re missing out on some of the tools that make social media easier.

Of course, it takes time to learn how to use any of these tools effectively. Sure, they can help you post to multiple social media accounts with ease, but only if you know what you’re doing.

Instead of adding more training to your already-busy schedule, hire someone with the skills you need. Any social media manager worth their salt already knows how to use the best tools. In turn, they’ll save you time and improve your social media game.

Better Account Management Builds Customer Relationships

Today’s marketing strategies center on building customer relationships. This isn’t a short-term strategy focused on making the sale. Instead, marketers want to get to know their leads and customers, then find out how to keep them happy.

Social media is one tool you can use to build customer relationships. The presence of the social media manager helps you start those relationships and build them too. The social media manager is a constant point of contact throughout the buying cycle.

Create More Shareable Content

Part of your social media strategy should be making your content more visible to more people. Anyone following you will automatically see your posts. You want them to share your content with their followers too.

The social media manager works to create more shareable content. They keep tabs on the trends and the analytics to discover what’s resonating with your audience. Then they craft content that fulfills those needs.

Build an Audience for Each Platform

As mentioned, each social media platform has its own audience. Facebook users are different than Instagram users and so on. As a result, the content you share on each platform must be optimized for the audience there.

Your Instagram posts don’t cater to your LinkedIn audience, so you can’t just copy and paste them. The social media manager understands this. They use demographic information to adjust their content strategy for each platform.

They’ll also use this information to optimize their posting schedule. Facebook posts tend to get more attention late in the afternoon. Tuesdays are often the best day for LinkedIn.

By doing so, your social media manager will help you build a strong and dedicated following on each platform.

Discover Hashtags and Keywords

The social media manager doesn’t just add GIFs or write some witty copy. They also spend time researching, discovering hashtags and keywords related to your brand.

With this information in hand, they can discover what users are looking for. In turn, they can craft content people actually want and find useful.

Better yet, the social media manager takes this time-intensive task off your plate. It really is the best of both worlds.

The Social Media Manager Supports Your Other Marketing Initiatives

The social media accounts manager doesn’t just benefit your social media. It actually helps your marketing strategy as a whole.

Social media, for example, can drive SEO efforts. Your social media account should link to your website and blog. This can help develop more leads passively.

Partner with the Right Brands and Influencers

Another way a social media accounts manager can help your business is by creating better brand and influencer partnerships.

The social media manager finds alignment between your brand and other social media users. They can scope out audiences and reach to determine if someone is the right fit for your brand. With the right account manager, you’ll make better connections and manage them with ease.

Save Money with a Social Media Account Manager

At first glance, hiring a social media manager looks like an added cost. Whether you outsource or hire someone in-house, you have to pay them.

A social media manager can actually save you money though. They free up your time so you can work on the tasks you’re good at. They’ll use their skills to streamline social media management.

Finally, they’ll also help you streamline your strategy. You can focus on the channels that matter, and leave behind the ones that don’t.

Avoid Embarrassing Social Media Mistakes with Good Management

A good social media account manager helps you avoid the more embarrassing mistakes that brands make.

You might partner with an influencer who has a large following, only to find they’re at odds with your values. You might also retweet or like something that doesn’t align with your views. There’s even the chance you’ll chime in on a trending hashtag, only to find out your post was completely tone-deaf.

The social media manager does careful research and keeps their ear to the ground so you can save face.

Find More Leads and Drive Sales with Social Media Management

How do you turn likes into follows and shares into clicks? There’s no exact formula, but your social media manager is on the case. They’ll continue to tinker with your algorithm to drive more leads and clicks.

With the social media manager’s expertise behind your posts, you’ll reach more of your intended audience. In turn, you’ll drive not just clicks and traffic, but sales too. As more interested people see your messages, they’ll be more likely to convert.

Manage Your Reputation with Ease

All social media offers customers the ability to sound off about your business. Someone can tag you in an unsavory meme you don’t want to be associated with. Another might complain about poor customer service.

You may start trending for the wrong reasons. An account manager is essential in these times of need. They help you avoid the common missteps in the first place and then manage your reputation when something does happen.

Whether it’s responding to an angry customer the right way or issuing an apology, the account manager helps.

Curate Excellent Content for Your Feeds

Another task is curating great content from other sources for your feeds. Curating content fills gaps in your schedule without forcing you to create content.

Of course, finding that content is always a challenge. It’s one the social media manager is most definitely up to. You can minimize your content creation and keep your followers delighted with better curation.

Improve the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing

Finally, how much did you invest in your social media marketing? Even if it’s just a few dollars, you want to make sure it pays off for you.

An account manager helps you improve the ROI of your social media marketing efforts. Everything they do is aimed at making your social media strategy more successful. The more you invest, the more you get in return.

Get Better Management Now

A social media account manager can do so much more for your business than you might have thought. Stop missing out and hire a fantastic social media manager for your business now.

Looking for more ways to improve your social media? We have tons of great information. From increasing engagement to using high-quality images, our guides are what you need for a great social media strategy.

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