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16 Insane (But True!) Things About Supercoach Buses

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Planes, trains, and automobiles have always been the most sought after forms of transportation.

But what about the bus? Furthermore, what about the superbus?

Here are some fun bus facts to consider.

Buses are more environmentally friendly than a car. Think about it. A bus can hold more people, which lessens the amount of emissions released into the air.

Also, seat belts aren’t necessary for a bus to be considered safe. The high-padded backs and seats, as well as the windows, are enough to keep travelers safe while enjoying the sights and sounds during their travels.

Those two fun facts alone make a bus seem more alluring as a mode of quality transportation.

Chartered bus lines have been around for decades. In fact, Greyhound has been racing the nation for over a century.

However, there is a massive difference between a privately chartered, hugely comfortable, and incredibly posh supercoach versus all other bus options. A supercoach offers an entirely updated twist on travel.

Check out 16 of the most insanely awesome reasons to book a supercoach bus for any travel adventure.

What Puts the Super in Supercoach?

From the lush and comfortable seats to the ability to travel with only your friends and family, chartering a supercoach gives us total control of our travel experience.

If we fly, we travel with tons of other people. If we take a train, we travel with tons of other people. Further, we have no idea who will be going with us, or next to us, on our journey.

Enter the supercoach. If we take a supercoach, we travel with only those people that we’ve specifically chosen.

Here’s why chartering a supercoach is a great way to travel with your co-workers, friends, and/or family.

1. Door to Door Service

When chartering a supercoach, the expectations are meant to be exceeded.

We aren’t looking for something that will offer us a sub-par experience. We’re not looking to charter a party bus or a school bus.

A supercoach is geared towards a luxurious, highly personalized experience. If we want to leave our home at 4:00 AM, then a quality supercoach chauffeur will arrive promptly at 3:30 to help load our luggage.

2. Comfort

Gone are the days of basic seats during a road trip!

Luxury supercoach busses come fully equipped with a comfortable and relaxing experience like no other. Large leather reclining seats, table trays, and personal electric and USB outlets are just a few of the personalized options that will make any trip a trip to remember.

3. Built-In Designated Driver

Uber is for the birds.

When it’s time to do a night or a trip right, opt for a supercoach to make it memorable. No one wants to stress about a safe driver when trying to plan a fun outing with friends and family.

Chartering a supercoach takes care of this issue from the very beginning to the very end of our celebration. Each chauffeur will provide reliable, professional, and safe transportation. We don’t have to worry about whether our designated driver decides to become un-designated.

4. Amazing Experiences to Choose From

When looking for an incredible experience to share with co-workers, friends, and/or family, sometimes we need some idea inspirations.

A few different types of amazing experiences could be right around the corner from our homes. Booking a night or a weekend with a supercoach as our guide, here are a few great idea inspirations to consider:

  • Brewery and/or wine tours
  • Holiday light tour
  • Touring meeting
  • Financial roadshows
  • Girls or Guys’ Weekend
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Weekends
  • Family Reunions

Whatever the event or whatever the adventure, choosing a supercoach can offer an incredible experience for our travels.

5. Stop and Go Whenever and Wherever

Choosing to fly or take a train only gives us a little bit of travel wiggle room.

When traveling with our personally chosen group aboard a supercoach bus rental, an element of fun is immediately added. We can make unplanned stops along our route. Part of a memorable road trip is always the unexpected.

If we are traveling in a new town or sightseeing in a new area, why not have the ability to stop and experience something we see out the window. Maybe we see a new, kitschy restaurant or bar. When traveling by supercoach, if we want to detour from our journey, all we have to do is ask.

6. Plenty of Room

Whether we choose to travel with a close group of co-workers, friends, and/or family, or we choose to travel with fifty or more of our nearest and dearest, there’s a chartered supercoach that can accommodate.

We don’t have to limit our travel companions to a handful of specially chosen people. We can travel with whoever we’d like and visit wherever we’d like. Plus, when opting for the elite option of a supercoach, we’ll have plenty of room to share.

7. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

If we choose to fly to our destination, we are limited to space, food, and beverage options.

If we choose to supercoach bus to our destination, the road is open and the options are plentiful. Since none of our guests are expected to drive, we can enjoy our own beverages and appetizers as part of the experience.

Many supercoaches offer smaller versions of a wet-bar, and many come with the option of a well-stocked bar.

Think about a midnight craving for pizza after a night of fun and frolicking. All it takes is a kind request to the chauffeur, and our wishes of cheese and carbs become an immediate reality.

8. Take a Cat Nap

Some amazing experiences will require a bit of a lengthy drive.

That’s not a problem when a supercoach has become your chosen chariot. Take a quick nap or a lofty snooze in the large, leathery reclining chair that is fully equipped with a USB outlet to power your phone. Listen to some music, enjoy a podcast, watch a movie while you relax in a comfortable, personalized space.

9. Play Our Own Music

Need to get the party started, or restarted?

How about a state-of-the-art, custom sound system? Supercoaches are not just comfortable and classy ways to travel. These luxury cruisers on wheels have all kinds of extras to make the trip an experience to remember.

Plugin your phone. Play some Pandora or Spotify. Get your co-workers, friends, and/or family up and excited about your adventure.

10. Make Our Own Party

With any road trip, the bulk of the memory and the experience is remembered while en route to the destination.

The same can happen with a supercoach bus rental. Seats are plentiful and there is ample space to walk up and down the aisle to choose a new group to chat with along the way. There is no requirement to stay in the seat where you began. Get up and move. Go be a social butterfly.

Start a dance party in the back. Begin a poker competition in the front. Play a game to pass the time.

Make the trip one where everyone is engaged and having a great time. There is no right way to play.

11. Choose Our Own Options

Chartering from one of the highly recommended supercoach bus companies in the area can become a favorite memory and experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Want to begin with just a few close friends for the early part of the day? Maybe lunch, shopping, and a spa date?

Then, pick up a few more friends and family to keep the party going and enjoy a wine or brewery tour or a holiday light tour for the afternoon and evening?

There is no set way to plan our event, experience, or trip aboard a chauffeured supercoach. We book the time, we plan the events and experiences, and we create fun.

12. Low to No Risk of Cancellation or Delay

There’s no such thing as a chauffeured supercoach canceling on us, or being delayed. Minus Mother Nature going rogue and producing some type of natural disaster when we book a coach, we get a coach.

Gone are the days of waiting for hours at an airport due to delays or cancellations. If the road is open, a supercoach bus rental can take us where we want to go, when we want to go.

13. Hands-Free Travel

None of us can deny the fact that we would love to be chauffeured around instead of driving. The idea of drinking coffee, and/or something more enticing with a percent by volume label, relaxing in our own seat, and being able to have great conversations with our friends and family is the ultimate way to travel.

If we don’t have to drive, then we can potentially avoid the inevitable road rage, frustration over traffic, and annoyance with backseat drivers. We can sit, relax, and enjoy the trip while someone else safely drives us to our intended destination.

Many times, road trips can be a huge source of stress and anxiety. By choosing to travel by supercoach, this eliminates the need to worry about our vehicle. We don’t have to ask ourselves the questions, Did we get an oil change? Did we need to get new tires? Will there be enough space for all the luggage?

We can travel in peace and enjoy the company.

14. Pick Up and Drop Off

Can it be true?

We come home from a night on the town or a trip of a lifetime, and we don’t have to deal with guests that stay an extra night at our homes.

When chartering a supercoach bus, we have the option to drop each of our guests off at their homes. We can sleep in our own beds, enjoy our own company, and appreciate a great night out without catering to anyone the next day.

This further adds to the amazing experience of choosing a luxury supercoach bus for our journey.

15. Choose Your Own Ending (Time or Destination)

Whether we decide to travel one-way, or we want a round-trip experience, we have those options at our fingertips when we choose a chartered supercoach bus rental.

Maybe we want to take an amazing group road trip with our friends, but we want to extend our own personal trip at one of the stops along the way.

That’s a breeze with a chartered supercoach.

It’s the best of all worlds.

Travel with a group and enjoy the sights, surroundings, and experience. Then, end the group trip with the gang and stay a few extra nights and travel home separately.

16. Wow Our Friends

Getting everyone together for a day trip, experience, or a multi-day journey can be a logistical nightmare.

However, if we organize an event or trip where we all travel together without the need for each person to book their own tickets, we become planning gurus. Furthermore, if we have the ability to pick each of our fellow travelers up from their homes, we become superheroes.

Showing up in a luxurious, elite supercoach bus rental will not only wow our friends, but create immediate excitement for the upcoming journey ahead.

Picture this. Our friends are greeted at their doorstep. Their luggage is whisked away to be packed for the trip. Drinks and food await as soon as they step aboard. Can a trip begin any better than this?

Watch this video to take a closer look at the Supercoach Bus!


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Who Puts the Super in Supercoach?

San Diego is an amazing place to live and an incredible place to visit.

Vineyards, large events, concerts, and beautiful surrounding sites are just a few reasons that make this America’s Finest City.

Deciding to use a chartered bus is a perfect way to experience all that San Diego and the surrounding areas offer. Choosing a high-quality, professional, and elite supercoach bus rental is important.

A company that focuses on safety, experience, and superior quality should be the main focus. Ensuring that we keep our guests happy and secure are top priorities.

Ready to take an amazing adventure? Ready to travel with up to fifty, or more, of your co-workers, friends, and/or family?

Give us a call and let’s schedule the perfect experience. We’ll be happy to answer any and all of the questions you may have, as well as provide some quality recommendations for travel experiences.

Let us cater to your travel itinerary and provide an experience that you, and your guests, will never forget.

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