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10 TV Shows That Are Made In Canada

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Human beings are unique. Due to this reason, you will realize that some people have different likes, preferences, and opinions. When it comes to matters on entertainment, some individuals can remain indoors to watch their favourite TV shows. We have different types of TV shows that can suit all genders. We have some of the best Canadian and American TV shows of the decade. Let us see some of the top 10 Canadian TV shows that you need to know.

1) Clone High

The Clone High is a one-season wonder that was created by Bill Lawrence. In the beginning, this TV show was as a Canada-US co-production. However, later, the US partner dropped the show, and the full TV show was now available in Canada. It is among the best TV shows that you should include in the list being the fact that it included an American creator. You can check trusted TV Guide platforms to review all the available Canada TV shows that you should watch.

The Canadian TV listing guide will help you to know all the available TV shows that you are seen in Canada. With this guide, you will know the right time to watch your TV programs since they all have their scheduled time. If you are new in Canada, visit On TV Tonight website, to find more information concerning various TV shows in Canada.

2) Intelligence

Chris Haddock created the intelligence TV show. It is focused on politics, moral ambiguity, and drug trafficking. It was among the best and most ambitious Canadian dramas that most people liked and watched over the years in Canada.

3) Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a multi-award-winning and captivating TV show. It is among the most popular and entertaining TV shows that most Canadian people enjoy up-to-date. It plays various clones in each episode.

4) Rookie Blue

A Rookie Blue is a TV show filmed and set in Toronto. It has been on television from 2010 to 2015. Many people watched this show because it entailed promotions, heartbreak, romance, and action during all the six seasons.

5) Trailer Park Boys

The Trailer Park Boys has a total of eleven seasons. It is a hilarious mockumentary TV show that it is all about the three Canadian men who used to live in a Trailer Park in Nova Scotia. Many people liked this show because it follows the misadventures of these men as they try to make a living through some petty crimes.

6) Bellevue

The Bellevue is a brand new Canadian TV show that is perfect for all genders. It is filmed in Montreal.

7) Continuum

It is a fiction TV show that can entertain you, primarily if you specialize in fiction movies or series.

8) Heartland

This is a Canadian family and drama series that you should include in your list. If you love watching a long-running scripted drama series, then this is the right choice for you.

9) Motive

The motive is a unique TV show that is filmed and set in Vancouver. When watching this TV show, you will realize that at the start of each episode, the audience will know the victim and the killer in various murders in the series.

10) Saving Hope

Saving Hope is currently airing its fifth and final season. It is a supernatural medical drama TV show that you should not miss.

When choosing the perfect TV show in Canada, take your time to research some of the best shows that match your style. With the right resources, you will find amazing and entertaining TV shows.

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