How To Write a Book Proposal
 by: JRaz

Learn the steps on writing a book proposal and how to pitch your idea.

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Karen Abbot explains how researching helps getting through the writer's block
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How to Write a Book - Part 2
Learn how to write a book. In this episode about how to write a book Dale goes through what is your reason for writing and publishing your book. Dale explains another two scales for you to think about and decide where you stand.
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Peter Walsh Offers Readers Some Words of Wisdom
Peter Walsh has a bit of advice for aspiring writers...well, sort of.
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How To Write a Book Proposal
Learn the steps on writing a book proposal and how to pitch your idea.
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Amy Poehler and crew get to know 10 year-old writer Cameron.
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The final installment of Warren Workman's interview with best-selling author Brandon Mull. In this segment, Mr. Mull, author of Fablehaven and The Candy Shop Wars, discusses how to become the best possible author you can, as well as giving some tantalizin
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