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Magnetic's Search Retargeting for Online Video Ads
The New York-based search retargeting firm Magnetic has linked with the giant online video ad network BrightRoll for a video ad retargeting program, the companies have announced. For an explanation of Magnetic's technology and the opportunity for advertisers and publishers, we sat down with CEO Josh Shatkin-Margolis. The company has raised $5.25 million in venture funding.
Running time: 302 seconds
Rocketboom Goes Live for YouTube Pilot Program
Earlier this week, YouTube streamed and promoted the live shows of a few content partners including Rocketboom as part of a two-day pilot program. Whether "live" is viable for YouTube and for smaller content producers, is difficult to say right now, but the experience of producing live is different and exciting. Yesterday, as Rocketboom prepared to Webcast its third live show on YouTube, we had a chat with producer/director Leah D'Emelio about the live show and the value of going "live."
Running time: 196 seconds
Rocketboom's Host Molly on Their Live YouTube Show
Last week, as part of pilot of limited live programs, Rocketboom produced three, one hour shows. While viewership for these and the other shows were limited, interactivity and comments for the Rocketboom shows were very high, says founder Andrew Baron. One of the RB shows had 7800 comments, Baron tells me. He also says that YouTube's system for counting live streams was not working properly, so it was impossible to have an accurate number. But, overall, the YouTube system "seemed sound".
Running time: 119 seconds
Lance Podell on Next New Networks's New Creator Program
NextNewNetworks, the New York-based producer and distributor of entertainment Web video, is going to greatly expand its offerings by creating a platform for hundreds of independent video producers. For an overview of the new plan, we spoke with company CEO Lance Podell. We caught up with him last week at the Digitas Digital Content NewFront event.
Running time: 189 seconds
We Are Ann - The Story of An American Fashion Brand : Ann Taylor Heritage
We are Ann is a new web series produced by CHIC.TV covering the reality behind the American fashion brand, Ann Taylor. The short format series covers in quick episodes subjects like Brand Heritage, Design Inspiration, Fashion and Social Media, New Store Prototype Launches, Styling Tips, the Design Process, and more.
Running time: 100 seconds Halo: Reach on Xbox Live
Google opens the Chrome Web Store to developers, a British ISP gives gamers preferential treatment, and Halo: Reach gets leaked on Xbox live.
Running time: 128 seconds
We Are Ann - The Story of an American Fashion Brand
We are Ann is a new web series produced by CHIC.TV covering the reality behind the American fashion brand, Ann Taylor. The short format series covers in quick episodes subjects like Brand Heritage, Design Inspiration, Fashion and Social Media, New Store Prototype Launches, Styling Tips, the Design Process, and more.
Running time: 54 seconds
How Engagement Objects Are Employed in Web Marketing
Find out what makes for effective website design and how to employ engagement objects.
Running time: 123 seconds
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Demonstration
Colin Smith joins Mike Agerbo to show you how easy it is to make interactive web content in Flash using Flash catalyst - no programming involved!
Running time: 369 seconds
How to Pin Your Email Program and Web Browser in Windows XP
Learn how to Controlling the Windows XP Pinned Internet and Email items on the Start menu.
Running time: 97 seconds
The Future of Open Source
Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of Happy Cog, talks about how open source will affect web design.
Running time: 331 seconds
One Tablet Per Child
Yahoo Mail gets Facebook feed integration, Roku adds local radio stations, and the One Laptop Per Child program turns into One Tablet Per Child.
Running time: 86 seconds
Best Job Ever - Website
“Eric is the Man” says Andre Mika, SVP of Creative at Eric is Andre’s right hand man when it comes to Application Development. He's helping bring the NHL to emerging social media platforms and revolutionizing real time sports on the web…and that's just before lunch. Watch and see how they're changing the game for sports online.
Running time: 280 seconds
The Future of New Media
Anil Dash, chief evangelist at Six Apart, talks about that great challenges for new media involves balancing competing demands for accessibility and immediacy.
Running time: 431 seconds
How a Business Analyst Creates Effective Ad Campaigns
In Chapter 10 of 12, business analytics expert Ken Rona highlights career and industry development from his web data work at iXi to his current role at [x+1] xplusone. Rona works in data strategy and runs advertising display client analytics. He applies c
Running time: seconds
Learn About Web 3.0
Alan Webber, founding editor of Fast Company Magazine, discusses web 3.0.
Running time: 147 seconds
World Tech Update 112
On World Tech Update this week Facebook announces new technology to bring the Facebook experience to other parts of the web, Bill Gates advocates for further development of nuclear energy during at talk at MIT, Apple iPads go on sale in Taiwan before general international availability, Luminos add a third dimensions to Microsoft Surface computers, pCubee creates a virtual 3D display box and technology runs the Boston Marathon. Find out what’s coming up on e
Running time: 403 seconds
Researchers Bring 3D to HTML
Researchers at the German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence and the country's Saarland University are putting 3D graphics on the Web. The system they've developed, called XML3D, allows for 3D models to be embedded and interactive on Web sites. It's an extension to HTML, the Web's basic language.
Running time: 131 seconds
Learn About the Business Side of
Emrah Kovacoglu talks about his company which deals with all aspects of the beauty world.
Running time: 366 seconds
Chocolate Business Grows with the Help of IT
Coco-Luxe Confections is a wholesale chocolate maker with a new retail store in San Francisco. The small business is run by Stepanie Marcon a culinary entrepreneur who has gradually implemented IT to help manage inventory and grow operations. Correspondent Sumi Das takes a tour of her kitchen and candy shop and talks to Marcon about the challenges of running IT inside a small business. Marcon also demos graphics software that aids her in product development and a new e-commerce web site that
Running time: 317 seconds
The Importance of Company Structure in Business
Will Jessup is a founder and Managing Member of CitrusByte, a forward-thinking web application development business. Jessup talks about his company structure and how it attracts the best unique talent for his clients.
Running time: 344 seconds
How to Succeed Online with Good Design
Web designer Tristan Boyd discusses the steps required to create a successful online presence.
Running time: seconds
Alpha Five Development Environment Review
Alpha Five is a powerful database and Web applications server and development environment that has been around for many years and continues to get more powerful but not at the expense of ease of use. We tested Alpha 5 v10 on a Windows XP running SP2.
Running time: 197 seconds
How Newsroom Resources and Staff Can Improve News
In Chapter 2 of 9, New York Post reporter Yoav Gonen shares his experiences about the differences between online personal reporting and original newsroom reporting. He focuses on how newsroom infrastructure and financing play important roles enabling consistent original reporting.
Running time: 55 seconds
Why Pitching News Stories is the Best Part of a Journalist's Job
In Chapter 3 of 9, reporter Yoav Gonen shares how using motivation and imagination contributes to his favorite part of the job: pitching stories. Journalism provides Gonen the platform to explore, investigate and probe, then pitch the stories. For Gonen, there is nothing quite like connecting his curiosity to the proposal.
Running time: 125 seconds


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