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How NewsMarket Unlocks Vast Video Assets to Video Bloggers
The NewsMarket is a quickly-growing video portal where news broadcasters and Web producers download video files provided by a range of corporations, governmental organizations and non-profits. These organizations pay the Newsmarket to host and distribute company-created content.Downloads had been limited to "credentialed" media organizations. Now the Newsmarket is providing video to bloggers in a program called the Video Cafe, which was announced today.
Running time: 191 seconds
How ShifD Transfers Data Between Devices
In its first introduction of a consumer technology solution, The New York Times Company has launched the beta version of ShifD. The application, which is accessible on the Web, various mobile devices and on the desktop of Adobe Air, allows users to save links, notes and places. Users can update and retrieve data through all these platforms. Above is our interview with Times developers Nick Bilton and Michael Young, who created ShifD.
Running time: 326 seconds
David Wadler Says Launches with Twistage Player debuted today featuring programming from Robert Scoble. The Flash video player being used is from a small New York start-up, Twistage. Twistage will soon implement a podcast of the videos. The company provides a "white label" solution to video publishers, meaning the company provides the tools to create and manage video publishing and distribution. Twistage doesn't sell ads, it is a Web services company that is paid by downloads.
Running time: 228 seconds
NBC's Vince Manze on the Benefits of Web Shows
Instead of the $10 million spent for network pilots, creative web producers are beginning to fill the critical role of program development, according Vince Manze, president at NBC Universal Creative Services. Although Quarterlife didn't work out for NBC as had been hoped, it wasn't a big financial loss. There will more pioneering Web programs heading toward the network, Manze indicates in his comments.
Running time: 227 seconds
Google's Marissa Mayer on the Development of Chrome
Melissa Mayer, VP at Google, speaks with Beet.TV's Kelsey Blodget about the development and utility of Chrome, the new Web browser from Google.
Running time: 212 seconds
R.J. Pittman on Google's Plans to Index the World's Images
As it seeks to monetize the exploding universe of uploaded images to the Web, which Google says is nearing one trillion, it is developing image processing to more effectively search and organize images. Presently, photos are indexed primarily by text and other metadata. In May, Google announced plans to begin matching images from its fast-growing Google Image Search with display ads. Google's R.J. Pittman explains the company's plans to capture and index pictures.
Running time: 310 seconds
Eric Schmidt on Microsoft's Plans for Online Video Space
While the rest of the the tech giants are focused on advertising-based business models around online video, Microsoft is betting on the area it knows the best; software and services. Seeking a big piece of the emerging field for video streaming and the demand for HD video, Microsoft is expanding the ecosystem for Silverlight, the new rich-media Web plug-in. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Akamai announced a program to provide dynamic web video streaming.
Running time: 162 seconds
How to Get a Free Webcomic Viewer for Windows
Love webcomics? Check out Comical, the program dedicated to keeping you up to date on your favorite funnies. Veronica has more on today's Tekzilla Daily.
Running time: 97 seconds
Stocks at Highest Level in More than 2 Years MoneyWatch 12.21.2010
A string of multi-billion dollar merges put investors in a buying mood. Plus: FCC approves new rules designed to ensure that internet providers give everyone equal access to the web.
Running time: 93 seconds
Intel's Sandy Bridge comes to MacBooks - The Apple Byte
Apple's ready for the next-gen MacBook processors, ATT's rated the worst U.S. carrier and will the iPad 2 bring two cameras?
Running time: 420 seconds
Visit Fenis Castle in Italy
Take a tour of Fenis Castle in Italy - part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. A stunning edifice, Fenis Castle is a spectacle of dynamic pillars and gray stone. Beginning in 1242, Fenis Castle was owned by the Lords of the Challant family for over 450 years. The structure earned its reputation as a standard in medieval design through seven hundred years of renovations. A series of dramatic towers connect through a web of stately walkways.
Running time: 62 seconds
Michael Depuy on IFC's Web Originals Development
Rainbow Media's plans to introduce an original Web series each month from July through November, the company told Beet.TV. In an interview at his New York office, Michael Depuy, director of product development, said the Web original slate is part of the media company's expanding efforts in video across all platforms. "Video is the vital aspect of our Web strategy. All of our brands are continuing to produce more video exclusively for the Web," he said.
Running time: 133 seconds
On2's Mike Savello on Flash Video Quality in Consumer Generated Content
OK, so it's incredibly easy and free to upload and share video to several video sharing sites. On most sites, you simply browse your files, select one and hit upload. Most video sharing sites accept a range of file formats and sizes. After you hit upload, the companies compress clips to become much smaller size to be streamed in Flash, the ubiquitous program that allows your Web browser to play videos.
Running time: 283 seconds
New York Times Nicholas Ascheim on Moving Beyond Prerolls
In February, I spoke with Nicholas Ascheim who has recently promoted to Vice President for Editorial Products at the Nick explains the opportunities and challenges for newspapers to move beyond the pre-roll ads to other forms of revenue. (He refers to the development of sponsor-video opportunities in this interview.)
Running time: 121 seconds
AOL Video's Tim Tuttle on Online Video Search
Tim Tuttle, a pioneer in online video search, founded the San Francisco-based Truveo and sold it to AOL earlier this year. He now heads video search for AOL and is a Vice President. Tim explained to me the approach of AOL and urges content developers to take advantage of the API's offered for free by AOL to maximize search.
Running time: 335 seconds
Ann Derry on the New York Times Columnists' Video Creation
Ann Derry, who heads of the editorial side of video operations at The Times. In this interview, she explains how Times reporters and columnists are developing personal styles in creating video.
Running time: 283 seconds
Google TV Exclusive Demo in Google HQ
Earlier today, Beet.TV visited the Googleplex for this demo of Google TV given by Salahuddin Choudhary, Google TV Product Manager. Using the Sony controller, we are shown how live broadcast and Web programming can be searched and organized.We will be following this demo with interviews with Choudhary about the utility of the device and some of the challenges it it is facing with broadcasters.
Running time: 207 seconds
Microsoft's Carolyn Everson and the Rising Demand for Quality Online Video
As viewership of online video around the world continues to soar, there is not nearly enough quality video content for advertisers, says Carolyn Everson, Microsoft's head of global sales in this video interview with Beet.TVHow will the industry meet this programming challenge will be one of the most important developments to watch in the year ahead.We interviewed Everson at the Monaco Media Forum.
Running time: 140 seconds
Adobe's Kevin Towes on the World of Flash and HTML5
The talk of platform wars between Flash and HTML5 has apparently ended. Adobe's Kevin Towes tells Beet.TV that "the Web is HTML5" and Adobe is supporting its development through tools such as Dreamweaver. We spoke with him last week at the Streaming Media West conference.
Running time: 252 seconds
Next New Networks Introduces The One on AOL
Next New Networks, the New York-based company which produces and distributes original, entertainment for the Web, will double its network of independent producers in 2011. The growth is partly a result of new original, exclusive programming for AOL, as well as growing traction for the company's offering, says Tim Shey, co-founder.I sat down with him to chat about the AOL deal and overall growth at the company.
Running time: 321 seconds
How DBG Is Building a New Global Televison Network
DBG, one of the biggest online video ad networks, services some 125 million unique web visitors with content each month, an increasing number being branded content created in-house for major brands. DBG has essentially built a network and is programming for that network, in a scheme not unlike the early days of network television in the United States. For an overview of this strategy and the latest developments, we sat down with CEO and Chairman Chris Young.
Running time: 604 seconds
Tim Shey on the New Shows Launching on Next New Networks
Digital studio Next New Networks plans to introduce at least 12 to 15 new online networks and Web series from now until the end of the year, the company's co-founder Tim Shey told Beet.TV during an interview at Next New Networks' New York offices. Shey said the programs include new shows in the areas of food and travel, as well as a new variety talk show hosted by Internet star Amber Lee Ettinger, also known as "Obama Girl."
Running time: 203 seconds
AOL Streaming Original Web Video from Revamped Home Page
In a significant development for smaller, Web video producers, who have had to rely on social media moves, are now being surfaced daily on the giant home page of AOL which gets 15 million visitors per day. A daily series, called The One, produced by Next New Networks, debuts this week.
Running time: 312 seconds
BBE's Matt Wasserlauf on Video Ad Standardization and Analytics
BBE, one of the earliest video ad networks, is the designated video ad network working with the Publicis VivaKi unit on an industry standardization program called the PoolRecently. BBE announced the launch of its Vandico analytics product. The New York-based company is expanding its Web-original videos. For an update, we spoke with CEO Matt Wasserlauf.
Running time: 282 seconds
IAC's Vimeo Video Sharing Site Now Live on Roku Box
Vimeo, the online video site, a unit of IAC, will now provide video distribution to the television set via Roku, the companies announced today. This is an expansion in the offering of Web original video programming for Roku, which presently distributes content and others. Roku offers a number of free and subscription services including Netflix, Amazon, MLB and others. For the story on Vimeo and other developments at Saratoga-based Roku, we sat down with Brian Jaquet.
Running time: 173 seconds


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