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Visit the Downtown Area of Zanzibar
Ayna visits the downtown area, where there are plenty of shops and businesses, and many bazaars selling tropical fruits and vegetables
Running time: 235 seconds
Bout Tour to Changuu Island, Zanzibar
You can travel to Changuu Island also known as prison island by boat. It is a popular tourist destination for diving and seeing giant tortoises.
Running time: 242 seconds
Tour Spice Gardens on Zanzibar
There are many spice gardens on Zanzibar one of the most popular is the Bahama spice garden.
Running time: 292 seconds
Visit Forozani, Zanzibar
As the sun sets in Zanzibar you can go swimming in the Ocean or visit Forozani for seafood stalls and many other local cuisines.
Running time: 155 seconds
Festival Days in Zanzibar
The festival days, are the liveliest days in Zanzibar, where you can find traditional music and dancing.
Running time: 68 seconds
Flying to Tanzania
You can fly from Zanzibar to Tanzania, as you do you will see many smaller beautiful islands and mount Kilimanjaro.
Running time: 369 seconds
Benin Tourist Tips
You can purchase a visa at airport of Benin but it is better to buy in your home country also the dust from Sahara is brought by winds and this is at its worst in the North from December through to March.
Running time: 243 seconds
Beaches in Benin
The beaches in Benin along the Atlantic beach become full mid afternoon with locals they are resting after a long hot day there aren't many tourists here at the moment.
Running time: 202 seconds
Hotels in Cotonou, Benin
Cotonou Benin is a harbor city in the heart of Benin it is the largest city with great tourist hotels to meet all your needs, also here Cabs are motorcycles not cars.
Running time: 283 seconds
Take a Nokoué Lake Boat Tour
Ayna took a boat tour along Nokoué lake where hen saw many villages along the lake, he also visited Ganvie village which was built on the lake itself.
Running time: 597 seconds
Visit the Topa Market in Cotonou, Benin
A great tourist attractions in Cotonou is the Topa Market it is the biggest whole sale market in west Africa and it also an international market.
Running time: 324 seconds
Visit the Art village in Cotonou, Benin
Ayna visited the Art village in Cotonou Benin and found many great souvenirs and a variety of art work.
Running time: 206 seconds
Travelers Tips for Benin
To be able to enter Benin you need a yellow fever vaccination document, there are also many religious fractions here and it is yet to be discovered by a mass of tourists.
Running time: 293 seconds
Visit Porto Nova, Benin
On the way to Porto Nova you drive over Ouémé River bridge and when you are there you should definitely visit the Porto Nova Market to do some souvenir shopping.
Running time: 276 seconds
Benin Border Crossing With Nigeria
Benin borders with Nigeria and Benin, there is often chaos at the border as it is close to Catonou the capital, also many Nigerians cross over due to international trade.
Running time: 79 seconds
See the Architecture of Ouidah, Benin
City of Ouidah Benin is famous for its place in slave trade the city streets are almost unchanged from that time. Here you can find beautiful old architecture and a local Voodoo festival which is held on January 10th in this historic city.
Running time: 274 seconds
Voodoo Festival Ouidah, Benin
the Voodoo celebrations are held on January 10th each year in this historic city, Ouidah. Traditional dancing, singing is amazing for tourist to see.
Running time: 405 seconds
Visit the mysterious forest in Benin
the mysterious forest also known as the scacred forest is full of small statues that belong to indigenous belief this is one of the places tourists are yet to discover.
Running time: 183 seconds
Visit Medellin, Colombia
All cities have their own annual festival many every month, and many tourists go to these festivals. On festivals days there is a lot of dancing and singing. One of these cities is Medellin it is surrounded by mountains, has a good climate.
Running time: 262 seconds
Panaca Animal Farm, Colombia
Take a trip to visit Panaca animal farm, there are many animals from tiny to big horses, and you can take a tour by horse and carriage, and see a new breed the zebra-horse.
Running time: 426 seconds
See the Horse Show at Panaca Farm
Go see the horse show on Panaca farm, the horses perform many difficult tricks, from moving to music to historic re-enactments.
Running time: 211 seconds
A Travelers Guide to Argentina
Argentina has diverse climate regions, and a huge land area. This country use to be very wealthy until politics rocked the economical, now Argentina has a strong economy development.
Running time: 117 seconds
A Travelers Guide to Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires has pleasant weather and a love of soccer and the national drink mate. There is much history here and a monument has been erected on behalf of the fallen soldiers from Falkland war.
Running time: 177 seconds
Visit the San Telmo District of Buenos Aires, Argentina
San telmo district has many historical building and great architecture with a European appearance. The people are fun courteous.
Running time: 219 seconds
Local Argentinian Cuisine
The local Argentinian cuisine is called Empanada and the national drink is called mate.
Running time: 243 seconds


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