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See a Bird's Eye View of Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is also known as the golden city. It is rich in history and architecture and when you visit walking to the top of the TV tower is a must to see a bird's eye view of city.
Running time: 376 seconds
Watch Prague's Clock Tower Strike on the Hour
When visiting Prague's old town square it is a must to see famous clock tower and to see the show as the clock strikes on the hour. There are plenty of coffee shops and shopping areas in this square too.
Running time: 307 seconds
Where to Shop in Prague
There are many gift shops to find in Prague, but the best souvenir to buy would be a wooden toy as Prague is the most famous for these.
Running time: 234 seconds
Visit the Karlov Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
Karlov Bridge is the most famous Bridge of Prague it is a pedestrians only bridge, you can find street musicians and lots of culture here.
Running time: 212 seconds
Visit Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Ayna takes you on a great tour to Prague castle where inside you will find the Presidential palace and each day you can see the changing of the arm guard ceremony.
Running time: 350 seconds
Travel Around Cambodia
Ayna takes a trip to Cambodia where the people there are also known as the smiling people, he travels to Phnom Phen the capital to see the statue and square of independence and the kings palace.
Running time: 293 seconds
Taste Cambodian Delicacies
Ayna goes to the local market in Phnom Phen, Cambodian to try some local delicacies such as cooked snails, fresh water clams and also some strange looking fruits.
Running time: 296 seconds
Walk the Streets of Phnom Phen, Cambodia
Ayna decides to walk around the streets of Phnom Phen the capital of Cambodia, he sees many sights such as unique small gas stations, and a street vendor selling decorated coconuts as an offering to the Buddha next to the stand, he also happens upon an Ap
Running time: 287 seconds
Visit the Killing Fields, Cambodia
Ayna visits the Killing fields near Phnom Phen in Cambodia which have been turned into a commemoration of the fall of the Khmer rouge, also he visits the torture museums.
Running time: 524 seconds
Visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Ayna meets Sok An who talks about the p[process of building the country from scratch, he then goes on to Siem Reap to see the magnificent Angkor Wat.
Running time: 589 seconds
Visit Togoville in Togo
Ayna goes to the small village of Togoville in Togo where Voodoo is the practiced religion. The residents here give tourists a look at their religious ceremonies and rituals.
Running time: 452 seconds
On the Road to Lome, Togo
Ayna heads back on the road in Togo to get t Lome. On the way he sees children selling live crabs by the side of the road. Fishing is a very important industry here and you can often see traditional fishing taking place on the long beaches.
Running time: 406 seconds
Visit the Lome Food Bazaar, Togo
Ayna visits a food bazaar in Lome, Togo to find that fruits and vegetables are sold by the count and not the pound, you can also find mobile pharmacists walking around and try the local cuisine.
Running time: 360 seconds
Reconciliation Day in Lome, Togo
On reconciliation day in Lome, Togo you can see parades of solders and traditional music being played through the streets.
Running time: 330 seconds
A Travelers Guide to Ethiopia
The Blue Nile starts in Ethiopia and you can find many different cultures, languages and religions there. It is a mountainous country and the capital Addis Ababa is surrounded by Entoto Mountains.
Running time: 335 seconds
Addis Ababa Tourist Tips
Addis Ababa is rich in history, it often has a constant weather of 60 F . Tourist may experience some time difference issues as time here is based on the sun.
Running time: 450 seconds
Visit the Merkato Market in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The best place to do shopping in Addis Ababa is at the Merkato market here you will be able to find local and imported good. Late Ayna visits the Anwar mosque.
Running time: 407 seconds
Visit the Coffee Fields in the Harari Region
Take a trip to the Harari region to see the Coffee fields which are produced organically. In this region you can still see the remnants of the Ottoman rule as you tour around here you can find great souvenirs to take home such a clay kettle.
Running time: 469 seconds
A Travelers Guide to Ethiopia
There are 41 different ethnicities in Ethiopia, and it's region is made up of mountains and high plains, The lake of Tana, which is the second biggest lake in Africa runs through Ethiopia.
Running time: 151 seconds
Hyena Show in Harari City, Ethiopia
In the city of Harari for can find an unusual show for tourist every night; a local puts meat on stick and then other end in his mouth and waits for Hyenas to take meat.
Running time: 139 seconds
See the Mursi Tribe in Southern Ethiopia
Ayna goes to visit the Mursi tribe who live in southern Ethiopian, plate piecing is very common in their culture.
Running time: 204 seconds
Traditional Ethiopian Cuisine
Ayna goes to a raw meat restaurant to try some of the local cuisine in Addis Ababa.
Running time: 145 seconds
Flying to Mek'ele, Ethiopia
You can fly to Mek'ele from Addis Ababa airport but planes are more expensive for foreigners than the locals, this city is the most developed city in Ethiopia.
Running time: 153 seconds
How to Travel to Zanzibar
You can fly from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar which takes about 15 mins, a fast ferry will take 2 hours, and a regular boat can take as much as 4-6 hours.
Running time: 361 seconds
See the Architecture of Zanzibar
You can see the impact of Arab influence in Zanzibar by the narrow streets and many the bazaars to be found. The narrow streets of Zanzibar are filled with history and are a popular tourist attraction.
Running time: 241 seconds


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