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Tour Kiev City, Ukraine
Take a tour of Kiev with Ayna and see Kiev's green nature within it's botanical gardens and visit Independence square; a central square where many a concert is held.
Running time: 493 seconds
Denepe River Boat Tour Kiev, Ukraine
One of Kiev's main attractions is a 1hour boat tour on the Boat Denepe river where you can see Kiev by river you can also get a good view of Kiev's motherland statue. As Kiev has no coastline there have been many beaches created along this river.
Running time: 373 seconds
See the Old Architecture of Odessa, Ukraine
Odessa is situated along the black sea, city in 1974, Odessa has the second best opera and theatre in the world. It's historical architecture of Mediterranean descent, Odessa's streets boast beautiful original cobblestones.
Running time: 318 seconds
Visit Odessa's Aquarium
Ayna takes you on a tour of Odessa Aquarium where you can see a Dolphin show and a seal show, plus the trainers swim with the dolphins.
Running time: 484 seconds
Tour the Catacombs in Odessa, Ukraine
Ayna takes you to an underground tour of the ancient Catacombs which were used by the partisans in ww2 and are now a big tourist attraction.
Running time: 180 seconds
Visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, India
Ayna visits Agra in India take in the beautiful sites of the Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of modern world. Cars are not allowed up to the Taj Mahal so at certain point cars are left and the rest of the journey can be done by camel. The Taj Mahal chang
Running time: 507 seconds
Visit Agra Castle in Agra, India
Agra castle, is the most important castle in India, it has a view of Taj Mahal, where the king - Shah Jahan would watch Taj Mahal from the castle to remember the love of his wife.
Running time: 289 seconds
Tour the Amber Castle in Agra, India
Ayna takes you on a tour of Amber Castle by elephant which is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan which is also known as the state of Warriors.
Running time: 387 seconds
Visit Varanasi in India
Ayna heads to Varanasi which is the sacred town of Hindus and is situated along the Ganges river, at night you will see smoke and flames rising as the Hindus cremate their loved ones. There are many temples around Ganges river and you will find many people there, washing.
Running time: 619 seconds
Walk Along the Bustling Streets of Calcutta, India
As Ayna walks along the busy streets of he sees many outdoor places to get your clothes pressed in a unique way. Traveling by car in Calcutta can be difficult as the roads are highly congested and you will see many cows holding up the traffic.
Running time: 538 seconds
Take Ride in a Manual Rickshaw in Calcutta, India
Ayna decides to take some local transport to get around Calcutta, a manual rickshaw which is a rickshaw pulled by a person, it may be slow transportation, but a lot of fun.
Running time: 380 seconds
Visit Calcutta Botanical Gardens
Take a tour around Calcutta's botanical gardens where you can find hundreds of types of trees such as a forest created by only a few banyan trees. Ayna also tours around Victoria palace which is now used as a museum. Ayna then jets off to tour Hyderabad i
Running time: 455 seconds
Go Shopping in Charminar, India
Ayna takes you on a shopping trip Charminar in the Hyderabad state of India he also visits the largest Buddha statue carved from granite along the Hussain sagar lake.
Running time: 519 seconds
A Travelers Guide to India
Ayna gives you a brief history of India and tells you about its many different cultures, languages and religions and the meanings behind the different colors on the Indian flag.
Running time: 132 seconds
Visit Chattarpur Temple in Delhi, India
Ayna takes you on a tour to Chattarpur temple in Delhi -which is one of the holiest Hindu temple and holds many religious ceremonies.
Running time: 381 seconds
Tour Kanat Place in Delhi, India
Ayna visit Kanat Place in the heart of Delhi in this modern building area you will find many luxury shopping centers which are very lively.
Running time: 206 seconds
Tour the Old City of Delhi, India
Ayna takes a tour around the old city of Delhi named after Shar Shahjahanabad. In the old city streets you see heavy traffic, but that doesn't bother the people who stop by the side of the road to get a hair cut and head massage.
Running time: 286 seconds
Visit the Chana Chor Bazaar in Delhi's Old City
Ayna visits the Chana Chor bazaar in Delhi's old city, to see the busy busting streets with plenty of surprises from the different shops
Running time: 267 seconds
Visit Red Castle in Delhi, India
Ayna sees snake charmers in the streets of Delhi on his way to view the Red Castle (aka Lal Quila) built by Shar jihad and Juma Masjid which is the biggest mosque in the world.
Running time: 267 seconds
Visit Zagreb the Capital Croatia
Ayna visits Zagreb in Croatia, he tours their famous cathedral and two towers which is a great vantage point to see Zagreb from. These building dominate Zagreb's skyline.
Running time: 328 seconds
Zagreb, Croatia Tourist Information
Zagreb, Croatia is a hot destination for tourists, and there are plenty of mobile teams in place that are there to help tourists. Croatians love food and festivities and you will find many restaurants and coffee shops in Ban Jelacic square.
Running time: 343 seconds
Visit Tomislav Square in Zagreb, Croatia
Croatia is famous for making ties in Zagreb and for introducing them to the rest of Europe. After a day tie shopping you can relax in the Popular Tomislav Square.
Running time: 214 seconds
Drive to Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia is one of Croatia's most important cities. It has a coastline along the Adriatic sea. It holds some beautiful Roman ruins and if you climb one of the many hills here you can get a beautiful panoramic view of the city. It is also easy to tra
Running time: 272 seconds
Drive to Dubrovnik, Croatia
you can drive from Split to Dubrovnik in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. In the entrance to city is the 566 yard long Tudjman bridge, from here you can see a panoramic view of all the city. The hotels may be expensive hotels but are very worth it. You ca
Running time: 388 seconds
A Travelers Guide to Czech Republic
Czech Republic is a tourist friendly country, and Prague in particularly is deep in history and boasts the world's largest horseman statue.
Running time: 322 seconds


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