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A traveler's Guide to Laos
Laos is known as the country of a thousand elephants it is currently under communist rule and is the capital Vientiane, the country itself is landlocked but does have the Mekong river traveling through it.
Running time: 260 seconds
See Vientiane From Victory Monument
The best place to see all of Vientiane is from the top of the victory monument Vientiane from here you can see the whole city.
Running time: 281 seconds
Markets in Vientiane
There are many markets in Vientiane where you can find different cuisine to try such as frogs and chickens.
Running time: 570 seconds
Travel Around Vientiane, Laos
In Vientiane there are many main parks and you can get wireless internet for free, there are many hotels here and in the evening you can see cultural performances of traditional dance and songs.
Running time: 381 seconds
Visit Vein Veng in Laos
Vein Veng is a beautiful place in Laos there are many mountains and places to stay range from the modest to the more pricey, the4re are many restaurants to choose from and you can go cave exploring.
Running time: 442 seconds
A Traveler's Guide to Tajikistan
Tajikistan is a mountainous country and the people here like poetry the capital city Dushanbe is surrounded by mountains.
Running time: 264 seconds
Shopping in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
There are many bazaars in Dushanbe, Tajikistan bred but the most famous is the partridge bird market. Great souvenirs can be bought here from regular gifts to the not so regular.
Running time: 477 seconds
Chaykhona Rokhat Tea House in Dushanbe, Tajikistan
When you are in Dushanbe and you are feeling thirsty you should definity check out the Chaykhona Rokhat tea house.
Running time: 98 seconds
Visit Shaartuz city in Tajikistan
In Shaartuz city there are many festivities, you will find this city and very traditional quiet place.
Running time: 431 seconds
Travel Around Morocco
Ayna travels around Morocco taking in the sights from Rabat to the beautiful city of Casablanca.
Running time: 149 seconds
A Traveler's Guide to Sophia
Sophia is the capital of Bulgaria and it is a very green city there has been much development in this city and now it boasts many museums and galleries.
Running time: 183 seconds
Visit St Alexander Nevsky Patriarchal Church in Sophia
When in Sophia you should visit the popular place of St Alexander Nevsky Patriarchal church and the St Alexander square.
Running time: 251 seconds
Souvenir Shopping in Bulgaria
You can understand a lot about people by watching their traditional dances such as here in Bulgaria with the Sophian dances. Bulgaria is also a great place for rug shopping.
Running time: 294 seconds
Scenery When Skiing in Vitosha Mountain
When you are skiing on Vitosha mountain in Bulgaria you get to take in the amazing scenery on the way.
Running time: 225 seconds
Go Skiing in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria
Take a great ski trip to Vitosha mountain in Bulgaria where adults and children a like can practice their skiing.
Running time: 335 seconds
Visit King Hassa's Mosque, Casablanca
King Hassa the second built this Mosque in Casablanca, the mosque door that faces the ocean is named the door of kings and only kings can enter through this door.
Running time: 452 seconds
Tangier Cave Tour
Take a trip around the caves of Tangier, Morocco and when you get down to the sea, you may see the shape of Africa in the cave opening.
Running time: 387 seconds
The Lively Nightlife of Marrakesh
Marrakesh has a great nightlife there are many restaurants open such as Chez Ali where you get not only dinner but a theater show too; with magicians, horse dancing, singers and great food.
Running time: 454 seconds
Visit the Cleopatra Movie Set in Morocco
Take time when you are in Morocco to go to the actual set where Cleopatra movie was filmed.
Running time: 134 seconds
Harvest Festival in Marrakesh, Morocco
In Marrakesh at the end of harvest festival, (end of September), single men and women go to a festival to find out another.
Running time: 253 seconds
A Traveler's Guide to Argentina
Argentina has a long shoreline on the Atlantic, located near the Andes. Argentinian people are settlers from western Europe. There are vast plains for agriculture Buenios Aires and everyone here loves soccer.
Running time: 284 seconds
Visit Palermo Park in Beunos Aires, Argentina
On a visit Palermo Park Beunos Aires you will see that it is great for bike or buggy riding. You can also have much boating fun on the lake.
Running time: 257 seconds
Visit Plato River in Buenos Aires
Visit Plato river Buenos Aires which is actually an estuary and the widest in the world, there are many political protests and rallies here as Argentinians are passionate people.
Running time: 394 seconds
Visit the Caminito Area in Southern Buenos Aires
The Caminito area in Southern Buenos Aires is a major tourist attraction due to its colorful painted house and Boca Juniors stadium being here
Running time: 389 seconds
Ayna travel video 42
Buenos Aires Outskirts 0- much agriculture, ranch shows for tourist, horse and trad sing and music and dance
Running time: 424 seconds


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