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Visit Kathmandu in Nepal
Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and also the biggest city in Nepal.
Running time: 407 seconds
Travel Around Chittagong, Bangladesh
In Chittagong brick crushing is a common occupation so you will often see people doing this as you tour the streets, you can often see open air street barber shops as well. A great place to visit here in Chittagong is Cox Bazar beach, which is the world's longest beach,
Running time: 326 seconds
Discovering the Republic of Guinea
There are four countries bearing the name 'Guinea' in the world. The Republic of Guinea is located in West Africa together with its neighboring country Guinea-Bissau. The official language is French.
Running time: 449 seconds
Discover the Local Life in the Republic of Guinea
Join Saim Orhan while he discovers the local way of living in the Republic of Guinea. He meets some street musicians and goes to the local open air restaurants and the market.
Running time: 295 seconds
Travel Information for the Republic of Guinea
During his trip to Guinea, Saim Orhan discovers that gas is too expensive for the local population to use.
Running time: 342 seconds
Discover Thailand
Formerly known as Siam, it's name was changed to Thailand in 1939. 91% of the population is Buddhist and 7% is Muslim, the remaining 2% is Christian and other religions.
Running time: 321 seconds
Explore Bangkok in Thailand
In some Buddhist temples you can rent dancers to perform a prayer's dance for you. The majority of Thailand is Buddhist.
Running time: 490 seconds
Crocodile Show at the Samphran Entertainment Center in Thailand
In the Samphran Entertainment Center you can see elephant and crocodile shows. In this video you will see an extraordinary crocodile show.
Running time: 440 seconds
Elephant Show at the Samphran Entertainment Center in Thailand
Watch this video to see how elephants play soccer together in the Samphran Entertainment Center in Thailand.
Running time: 383 seconds
Samphran Entertainment Center in Thailand
In the Samphran Entertainment Center you will not only see elephants and crocodiles, but also Asian tigers.
Running time: 133 seconds
Visit the Rose Garden in Bangkok, Thailand
In the Rose Garden of Bangkok you can learn about the Thai culture and the way of living.
Running time: 126 seconds
Thai People and Thai Culture
Learn more about the Thai culture and the Thai people in Thailand.
Running time: 261 seconds
Visit the Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand
It's quite a climb to get to the top of the Doi Suthep Temple, but it is one of the biggest attractions in Chiang Mai.
Running time: 517 seconds
Visit the Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand
At the Chiang Mai Elephant Farm there are many interesting elephant performances. Find out if an elephant can a human being a massage.
Running time: 607 seconds
Thailand in a Nutshell
In this video you will get an overview of the life, culture and religion in Thailand.
Running time: 297 seconds
Airplane Restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh
a great place to eat in Dhaka is at the airplane restaurant, also around the capital you can find many shows of traditional Bangladeshi dance.
Running time: 296 seconds
A Travelers Guide to Denmark
Denmark has petty cold weather about a 1/3 of the year and have a lot of natural gas and oil resources the living standard is much above that of other European countries.Denmark is mostly flat and geographically borders with Germany
Running time: 312 seconds
Queen's Winter Residence in Copenhagen
In Copenhagen you can see the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Queen's winter residence. All of Copenhagen is visible from the top of of the150 ft observatory.
Running time: 384 seconds
Visit Christiana in Downtown Copenhagen
Christiana is a 'free city' within the boarders of downtown Copenhagen it is a colorful hippy community although cameras are not allowed past a certain point.
Running time: 387 seconds
Visit Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark
the best way to go sight seeing in Copenhagen is to go by bicycle, you can ride to see Christiansborg Palace, the parliament building and then do some shopping.
Running time: 363 seconds
Visit Strøget, Copenhagen
Strøget in Copenhagen has many famous pedestrian shopping areas which are great to buy souvenirs, there is also an outdoor ice rink to enjoy.
Running time: 516 seconds
Flying to Greenland
To Arrive in Greenland you must land at Kangerlussuaq airport as it is the only airport big enough. To get to your final destination you will have to take connecting passenger flights as there is no road access between the cities here in Greenland
Running time: 255 seconds
Cable Car Ride on Langkawi Island in Malaysia
The cable car ride between Mat Chinchang Hill and the Oriental Village is believed to be the longest one in Asia.
Running time: 223 seconds
Tour the Kangerlussuaq Glacier
Kangerlussuaq is the only place with roadway access to a Glacier so thins is a good place to start your Greenland tour.
Running time: 235 seconds
Kangerlussuaq Glacier Round Trip
It is hard to dive around Kangerlussuaq and a round trip to the glacier can take 6 hours. As there is no road access between cities you have to either take a boat or a passenger jet to get from city t city.
Running time: 145 seconds


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