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A Travelers Guide to Bangladesh
Rice is the main staple of Bangladesh. Weekends here start on friday and end on saturday. There are 6 seasons every year and there are lush green wetland due to the monsoon season.Here in Bangladesh they promote greener transport to cut carbon emissions.
Running time: 350 seconds
Visit Foy Lake in Chittagong, Bangladesh
If you are looking for a place to unwind, have some coffee or something to eat Foy lake in Chittagong is a great place to go. You will also find many snake charmers around Chittagong as it a noted profession here.
Running time: 310 seconds
Visit Mini Bangladesh in Chittagong
Many things are different in Bangladesh, such as this typical kitchen knife which allows you to cut and peal any fruit and vegetables on the floor. To get a better understanding of the culture is great to go see mini Bangladesh in Chittagong.
Running time: 148 seconds
Culture and Arts in Georgia
Education in the arts is highly developed in Georgia in comparison with many other countries. Famous Georgian artist display their work on the sidewalks in Tbilisi. You will also learn about the famous Caucasian shepard dog.
Running time: 286 seconds
Discovering Traditional Dances in Georgia
In this video you learn about the history and origin of the Georgian language in this episode of Ayna. You will also see a local traditional Georgian dance performance.
Running time: 530 seconds
Explore the Georgian Cuisine and Art
In general Georgian food is a mixture of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Find out what type of dishes are being served for a traditional Georgian meal. After the meal, host Saim Orhan visits a famous actor and artist in Georgia: Janri Lolashvili
Running time: 443 seconds
Travel Guide to Tatarstan
Find out more about traveling in Tatarstan in this video of Ebru TV.
Running time: 268 seconds
Visit the Kazan Kremlin in Tatarstan
The Kazan Kremlin consists of many old buildings and towers. But the most conspicuous landmark of the Kazan Kremlin is the Suyumbike Tower. Also the Kazan's State University is white impressive.
Running time: 222 seconds
Travel Guide to Kazan in Tatarstan
Bauman street is a bustling pedestrian and shopping street in the middle of the city of Kazan.
Running time: 319 seconds
Landmarks of Kazan in Tatarstan
Victoria Park was set up as a memorial place for World War II and looks like an outdoor museum. The Kul Sharif Mosque is the largest and the most prominent mosque in the city.
Running time: 239 seconds
Local Markets in Baku, Azerbaijan
The local markets in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, offer a huge variety of fish, fruits and vegetables.
Running time: 474 seconds
Celebrating Novruz in Azerbaijan
March 21 is the day of the Spring Festival, also known as Novruz, in Azerbaijan. There are dance and music performances on the streets.
Running time: 377 seconds
Discover Tbilisi in Georgia
Find out more about the capital of the Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi.
Running time: 274 seconds
Visit the Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal
There are a lot of palaces around the Durbar Square which you can visit. Also a lot of street vendors sell their merchandise on the square.
Running time: 451 seconds
Explore the Pashupatinath River in Kathmandu
Next to the Pashupatinath River is the Pashupatinath Temple and along the shores near the river lies the Aryagath.
Running time: 451 seconds
Explore the Patan Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal
There are a lot of temples around the Patan Durbar Square. Street vendors sell their souvenirs near the square.
Running time: 308 seconds
Visit Yangon in Myanmar
Yangon is a well developed city and it has amazing streets. Yangon also offers a lot to visitors of different cultures; temples, mosques and churches, all aspects of a multi-cultural city.
Running time: 440 seconds
Visit Sule Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar
The Sule Pagoda is located in the center city of Yangon. The golden dome of the Sule Pagoda is a true landmark.
Running time: 288 seconds
Car Transportation in Myanmar
The number of cars in Myanmar is very small, considering the population of 50 million people.
Running time: 389 seconds
Botataung Pagoda and Wood Carving Shops in Yangon, Myanmar
One of the most popular temples in Yangon is the Botataung Pagoda. People come here in the morning to recite their prayers. Yangon is also known for its woodcarving shops.
Running time: 318 seconds
King's Golden Ship in Yangon, Myanmar
The king would welcome his guests on the Golden Ship and it's a symbol of the past in Yangon.
Running time: 425 seconds
Visit the Markets in Bagan, Myanmar
The bustling markets in Bagan offer fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and cigarettes.
Running time: 270 seconds
Langkawi Island in Malaysia
Traveling to Langkawi Island may take a long time, but there is a lot to discover on the island.
Running time: 173 seconds
Discover Langkawi Island in Malaysia
The Mahsuri Legend on the Langkawi Island makes the island a more interesting place to visit with its mystery.
Running time: 392 seconds
Visit the Pulau Paya Island in Malaysia
Pulau Paya Island is in the south of the Langkawi Island and many rave about the diving experience at this island, due to the great visibility.
Running time: 276 seconds


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