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How to Contribute to Railway Safety
Cars, pedestrians and cyclist are no match for moving trains. With growing concern for the number of collisions and accidents here are the reasons why you should not compromise on railway safety.
Running time: 131 seconds
Why College Grads Move Back Home
More than half of college graduates wind up moving back home. But do they really want to be there? And will they ever move out? Our intern finds out.
Running time: 127 seconds
Mobile Bartending Pricing Strategies
James Wedmore discusses various tips and strategies for seasonal prices for bartenders. What are the busiest times and when you can charge the most money.
Running time: 192 seconds
Mobile Bartending Tip - Booking Multiple Events
In this video, James discusses how to book multiple events throughout the week and hire on a bartending staff that works for YOU!
Running time: 85 seconds
How to Make Good Tips Bartending
In this video, James talks about how to earn good tips when Bartending.
Running time: 128 seconds
How to Make More Tips as a Bartender
James talks about how to earn a good tips when doing a Bartending.
Running time: 128 seconds
Charter Bus Services
Whether you’re planning a group trip to an amusement park, a family outing, a bachelorette party or transportation for your wedding guests, renting a chartered bus can be a fun and cost effective way to travel.
Running time: 228 seconds
Pet Trainer to the Stars
Andrea Arden joins us and talks about her work with celebrity dogs, on television, and how she trains animals in the shelters around her home.
Running time: 236 seconds
Fake MacBook Air, 'big iPhone' tablet on show in China
A Chinese company displayed its imitation MacBook Air and two tablet computers
Running time: 61 seconds
How to Market Yourself as an Actor
Here's some insight into how to set yourself apart from the other actors and actresses in the room. Treating your career like a business is key!
Running time: 299 seconds
How to Save on Gas
Jeanette Pavini is here to help us save on gas costs and take our savings to the bank.
Running time: 59 seconds
Tax Preps Tips
When you were younger, preparing your taxes was a breeze. But, as you get older, and have a more complex tax return to fill out, a whole world of options and pit falls await. Here to help sort it all out is Maribel Aber.
Running time: 261 seconds
How to Organize Your Purse
Pamela Pekerman talks to Better.TV about the importance of keeping your purse clean.
Running time: 213 seconds
How to Cut Costs on Your Cell Phone Bill
In the Better.TV video we discuss ways to cut costs on your cell phone bill.
Running time: 95 seconds
How to Make Towels Last
Here are some uses of your towels that will save big in the long run.
Running time: 66 seconds
Hot Topic - Maribel Aber
Maribel and Audra discuss the differences between men and women, current events, as well as a litle girl talk.
Running time: 234 seconds
When Do You Really Need Travel Insurance
Better.TV discusses when you really need to buy travel insurance.
Running time: 89 seconds
Teaching Children to Be Good Citizens
In this video we talk to Sara Sinek about the Be Big Community, which encourages children and grown-ups to be good citizens.
Running time: 122 seconds
How to Read Restaurant Menus
This Better.TV video gives you some advice on how to handle sneaky restaurant menus.
Running time: 148 seconds
How to Adjust to a Suburban Motherhood Life
In this video, Tracy Beckman gives you 5 tips for moms on how to adjust to their new suburban life.
Running time: 262 seconds
Upgrade Your To-Do List
Improve organization and get more done with these 5 tips.
Running time: 89 seconds
Mobile Bartending Tip
In this video, James talks about the key element that will separate you from the competition and allow you to charge higher prices and book more gigs.
Running time: 144 seconds
How to Have a Yard Sale
It is time for spring cleaning, so why not make some extra cash while you are at it? Jeanette Pavini is here with a better way to save by having a yard sale.
Running time: 85 seconds
Why a San Francisco Student Chose to Study at Yale
In Chapter 7 of 20, while in high school, Louise Davis prioritized colleges located in urban settings. She explained that the college should have resources that can be committed to serving the local community in need and enable students to apply these resources. Seeking something comparable to her San Francisco childhood, Davis decided to attend Yale University, given its high priority in serving the local New Haven, Connecticut community.
Running time: 68 seconds
How Policy Studies Shape an Assessment Career
In Chapter 3 of 9, education assessment and evaluation psychometrician Diana Wilmot shares the factors shaping her career as well as the overall assessment industry. Coming into college at Northwestern University, Diana Wilmot builds upon high school debate skills using math in quantitative focused policy courses. Early career teaching experience ignites Wilmot's passion to learn and apply assessment to improve systematic change across classroom environments.
Running time: 165 seconds


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