Videos on Self Improvement And Motivation

How to Pack China Glasses
Moving? Got China to pack? Watch this video, it'll make your life a little easier.
Running time: 192 seconds
How to Pack China
Learn what you need in order to pack china and make sure it won't break.
Running time: 200 seconds
What Can I do to Help my Case After an Accident?
Wilshire Law firm’s Bobby Saadian explains what accident victims can do to help their case after a car accident. Wilshire Law Firm is a boutique law firm specializing in personal injury.
Running time: 65 seconds
How to Use Dryer Sheets
Learn some extraordinary ideas for repurposing ordinary household items, such as dryer sheets.
Running time: 80 seconds
Alternative Uses for Clear Nail Polish
Extraordinary ideas for repurposing ordinary household items: learn some alternative uses for clear nail polish.
Running time: 76 seconds
How to Use Toothpicks
Learn some extraordinary ideas for repurposing ordinary household items: toothpicks.
Running time: 83 seconds
Dads and Grads Gifts Ideas
Check out great gifts for dads and grads from laptops to cocktail shakers to rock camp!
Running time: 183 seconds
Padres Y Graduados son Cheveres
Estas son algunas fabulosas ideas para regalos para el dia de los padres o para los graduados..computadoras portatiles, cocteleras, hasta jugar rock con una estrella.
Running time: 167 seconds
How to Get a "Credit Freeze" for Identity Theft Prevention
Learn how to implement a security credit freeze at the three big credit bureaus and prevent many types of identity theft. Identity theft experts agree that the credit freeze is the most effective option available for identity theft prevention.
Running time: 180 seconds
Técnica de relaxamento contra o estresse
Técnica de relaxamento contra o estresse - Mantenha o equilíbrio com este simples e rápido exercício.
Running time: 103 seconds
Nintendo Wii Lawn Mower
Invention from RoboCluster, a unit under The Southern University of Denmark. The Casmobot is a lawn mower, that is controlled using a Nintendo Wii Remote.
Running time: 133 seconds
Amazing Lighter Hack
In just a couple easy steps, you can make any standard lighter do amazing things!
Running time: 93 seconds
How to Take a Tear Sheet out of a Magazine
In this video Cristina offers her advice on how to "tear out" a modeling tear sheet for a model's portfolio book.
Running time: 176 seconds
Bartending Job Tips
Job finding tips for bartenders from American Bartenders School.
Running time: 2037 seconds
Tips for Aspiring Models - Part 1
In the first part of this video, learn some tips for aspiring models.
Running time: 179 seconds
Tips for Aspiring Models - Part 3
In the third part of this video, learn some tips for aspiring models.
Running time: 176 seconds
Tips for Aspiring Models -Part 2
In the second part of this video, learn some tips for aspiring models.
Running time: 201 seconds
Ice Safety Tips host Tim Carter shares some tips for being safe while venturing out on a frozen lake. Ice safety is a serious matter and with the right precautions you can enjoy yourself while out on the ice.
Running time: 227 seconds
Know Your Rights: Flight Cancellation
Stuck at the airport? Stefanie Schaeffer tells you how to get your money back!
Running time: 128 seconds
Know Your Rights: Traffic Stop
Pulled over by the law? Hear Stefanie Schaeffer explain your rights!
Running time: 130 seconds
Know Your Rights: How to Choose a Lawyer
What are your rights when dealing with your lawyer? When do you need one and when can you go it alone? Stefanie Schaeffer tells all.
Running time: 102 seconds
Know Your Rights: Divorce
Over 43 percent of marriages end in divorce. Stefanie Schaeffer gives you a quick guide to avoiding some of the legal traps involved.
Running time: 134 seconds
Know Your Rights: Telemarketers
Is it legal for just anyone to call you at home? Stefanie Schaeffer has the answer.
Running time: 126 seconds
Know Your Rights: DUI
You've had a few and been busted, but even so you still have rights. Stefanie Schaeffer lends her legal knowledge on what to do now.
Running time: 138 seconds
Know Your Rights: Free Trial Facts
That "free trial" offer looks good, but before you sign up, let Stefanie Schaeffer tell you what to watch out for.
Running time: 120 seconds


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