Videos on Self Improvement And Motivation

Parking Lot Safety
Learn self defense tips while walking to your car from Master Scott.
Running time: 303 seconds
How Positive Affirmations Work
Question: Do positive affirmations really work? And why do affirmations work?
Running time: 128 seconds
How to Improve Your Memory
Better talks to an expert aboutwhy we forget and how to get our brain power.
Running time: 251 seconds
Smartphone Multitasking: iOS4 vs. Android
With the release of iOS4, Apple has finally implemented multitasking. Senior editor Melissa Perenson takes a closer look at the new feature, and compares it to the multitasking capabilities of rival Android OS.
Running time: 163 seconds
The Effect of Doing Positive Affirmations
Do Affirmation Really Work?
Running time: seconds
Fitness Products For Staying In Shape
Lifestyle expert, Vanessa Alfano, found some great products to make the journey to fitness a little easier.
Running time: 215 seconds
How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew How to Remove a Cork From a Bottle of Wine Using Your Shoe: 1. Remove your shoe. 2. Place bottle of wine in removed shoe. 3. Ensure that the large base of the wine is seated near the back of your shoe. 4. Holding both the bottle of wine and the shoe, firmly hit a sturdy wall with the bottle filled shoe filled until the cork becomes loose.
Running time: 177 seconds
Breathing Exercise to Get More Energy
The Energy Guru shows you a breathing exercise to get more energy.
Running time: 195 seconds
De-Stress Breathing Exercise
The Energy Guru shows you a breathing exercise to de-stress yourself.
Running time: 196 seconds
Heart Clearing Exercise for Your Magnetic Field
The Energy Guru shows you an exercise to clear your heart.
Running time: 113 seconds
Energy Clearing Exercise to Calm Your Mind
The Energy Guru shows you a breathing exercise for energetic clearing.
Running time: 162 seconds
Dr. Aliah MaJon Talks About Meditation
Discover how Meditation can bring calm and peace into your life and soul.
Running time: seconds
Who Should Study Yoga for Dancers
Who should do yoga for Tangeros and dancers? Mainly the targets are dancers as there is an incorporated spiritual principle into the dance, although anyone can actually take this class. Learn how to bring that divine self through yoga. Watch as Nene Orteg
Running time: 111 seconds
The Medical Benefits of Yoga
The human body was meant to do more than drive a car and sit at a desk. Practicing yoga will allow you to unlock the full potentials of your body that go beyond your muscles. Yoga can help your internal organs, your breathing, and mental state. Ganapati,
Running time: 130 seconds
The Reasons to Practice Yoga
Have you every thought about practicing yoga? Over the years, yoga has become as commonplace as jogging or cardio when it comes to exercise. But for some, yoga is an entire way of life. Yoga instructor Ganapati sheds light on this ancient art with an intr
Running time: 121 seconds
Learn About Children Doing Yoga
Increased brain function, higher capabilities to retain information, and strong, flexible bodies: These are just some traits found in children who practice yoga. Other benefits include calming effects for hyperactive children as well as more energy for mo
Running time: 118 seconds
How to Choose a Yoga Instructor
There are many types of yoga. Ganapati of Synergy Center for Yoga in Miami, Florida shares tips on how you can go about choosing the right yoga studio best suited to your goals and personality. Many studios offer your first class for free.
Running time: 138 seconds
Learn About Yoga
Yoga is something very healthy and spiritual. Also the end results is something very positive which is why hundreds of generations have been doing this routine for thousands of years. Learn what yoga is all about by watching this video.
Running time: seconds
Learn About Detoxification and Yoga for Dancers
As what yoga is defined, it pertains to the mental and physical disciplines of an individual. Yoga for dancers helps the body to improve detoxify. When breathing exercises is done together with yoga poses, a moment of health, oxygen and peace is created.
Running time: seconds
The Importance of Meditation
Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, discusses meditation.
Running time: seconds
How Stewardship Career Philosophy Enables Purpose - Bijoy Goswami
In Chapter 3 of 15, leadership philosopher and bootstrap business expert Bijoy Goswami learns stewardship from Austin, Texas-based philosopher Charles Herman.
Running time: 129 seconds
How to Find Purpose By Living in a Question - Bijoy Goswami
In Chapter 2 of 15, leadership philosopher and bootstrap business expert Bijoy Goswami highlights his aspiration to discover and live in his question each day.
Running time: 62 seconds
What Defines a Personal Sense of Fulfillment - Audrey Parker
In Chapter 8 of 15, consultant A. Parker defines her personal sense of fulfillment by gathering feedback and assessing her state based on a series of metrics.
Running time: 64 seconds
Why MBA Students Should Consider Meditation - Nina Godiwalla
In Chapter 12 of 14, Suits: A Woman on Wall Street, author Nina Godiwalla highlights how MBA students can benefit from meditation.
Running time: 74 seconds
What an Anger Breath Is
The Energy Guru explains what an anger breath is and how to do it to cleanse yourself from anger.
Running time: 144 seconds


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