Videos on Relationships

Improve your Emotional Intimacy
In this episode, therapist Rabbi Ellen Lewis helps us to achieve emotional intimacy with our partners such as how to recognize the warning signs of lack of emotional intimacy.
Running time: 436 seconds
Improve your Emotional Intimacy with Your Partner
In this episode, therapist Rabbi Ellen Lewis helps us to achieve emotional intimacy with our partners such as recognizing the warning signs and how to deal with problems when they arise.
Running time: 547 seconds
An Introduction to Positive Flooding
In this episode, Meredith M. Keller offers us an introduction to positive flooding - a technique to express what you love in your partner.
Running time: 389 seconds
Loving Yourself and Relationships
In this episode, Dr. Marty Tashman explains how learn to love yourself can enormously benefit your relationships.
Running time: 495 seconds
How to Overcome Financial Hurdles in Your Marriage
Kathy Miller counsels married couples on dealing with their finances and how to overcome financial hurdles in their relationship.
Running time: 601 seconds
Value of Maintaining Female Friendships
Author of "What a friend", Kristen Kemp, talks about why a friendship between women is important to maintain.
Running time: 597 seconds
Ground Rules for a Harmonious Marriage
There are some ground rules for a successful relationship. Find out what they are in this video.
Running time: 590 seconds
How to Reconnect with Your Partner
In this episode of Daily Connections, you will learn how to jump start your relationship after it got into a rut.
Running time: 487 seconds
Dealing with Workaholics
Psychotherapist Dr. Marty Tashman talks about how you can deal with your spouse if he or she is a workaholic.
Running time: 525 seconds
Advice for Newly Weds
In this episode you will get some advice on how to maintain your relationship when you're a newly wed.
Running time: 513 seconds
Learn About Gender Communication
Fran and Bill Lytle say that men and women instinctively communicate differently and by understanding each other's languages we can build a stronger relationship with the opposite sex.
Running time: 399 seconds
How Men and Women Communicate Differently
In this episode of Daily Connections, Fran and Bill Lytle explain how men and women communicate differently.
Running time: 199 seconds
What Women Should Know About Men
Therapist Richard Dorbnick of Mars & Venus Counseling Center shares a few things that men wish their wives knew about them.
Running time: 363 seconds
Keeping Scores in a Relationship
I. Glebe, author of "Points: Women Have Them, Men Need Them", explains how couples can play the 'relationship game'.
Running time: 658 seconds
Do's and Don’ts of Buying a Gift for Women
Find out what mistakes men make when they buy a gift for women. Author I. Glebe explains
Running time: 484 seconds
What You Need to Know About Soulmates
In this episode of Daily Connections, Meredith talks her guest about what defines a soulmate.
Running time: 356 seconds
Understanding Soulmate Relationships
If you are looking for your soulmate, the last thing that you should be doing is looking for your soulmate. Find out what that means in this episode of Daily Connections.
Running time: 335 seconds
Understanding Why You Want to Get Married
You've dreamed about being proposed to and now that you have the engagement ring on your finger, you're wondering if you've made the right decision. Ordained minister, Christopher Rollings, helps us answer this question.
Running time: 550 seconds
Premarital Education for Couples
Find out why premarital counseling is so important and how it can help to prevent having issues in a marriage.
Running time: 570 seconds
Misconceptions of Premarital Counseling
Rachel Long explains how premarital counseling can help the transition for newly-weds. She also talks about the misconceptions that people have of premarital counseling.
Running time: 343 seconds
How to Make Relationship Resolutions
New Year's resolutions are a great way to help improve your important relationships this year. Rachel Sussman, relationship expert and couples therapist, shows you how to use resolutions to renew your commitments and get a fresh start.
Running time: 267 seconds
How to Create Financial Partnerships in Your Marriage
You promised to stay together for richer and for poorer, but are you taking equal responsibility for your finances? Stacey Tisdale, author of The True Cost of Happiness, tells you why it’s important to create a financial partnership in your marriage.
Running time: 300 seconds
Men Vs. Women on Dating
Can men and women ever agree? Find out in this battle of the sexes on WatchMojo.
Running time: 294 seconds
Why Asking for Help is a Strength and Not a Weakness
In Chapter 3 of 16, entrepreneur and connector Hattie Elliot holds emotion inside while going through both a divorce and a life-altering rock climbing leg injury. Only over time does she learn that asking for help is a sign of strength and not a weakness. Elliot highlights how asking for help remains difficult and how she continues to work on being more open sharing trying emotional situations with family and friends. View more videos at
Running time: 207 seconds
How Group Dating Experiences Bring People Together
In Chapter 11 of 16, founder Hattie Elliot shares how she creates group dating events to help participants get to know others in both one-on-one and group environments. She highlights how shared learning experiences stimulate conversation and create memorable introductions that often result in follow-up dates. View more videos at
Running time: 71 seconds


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