Matching the Cat Personality to your Own
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Cat Adoption Step by Step Guide - How will I know which cat personality is the best match for me?

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Responsibility at the Dog Park Part 2/2
This is part 2 of a presentation from Alfredo Rivera of Sit Means Sit on Responsibility at the Dog Park.
Running time: 254 seconds
Bird Care Guide - What to Use to Identify Your Bird
Learn how to care for pet birds with this instructional video - What to Use to Identify Your Bird
Running time: 406 seconds
Group Ensemble Costumes for Dogs for Halloween
Learn how to make a fun and creative Halloween costume for your dog, specifically group ensemble costumes for dogs
Running time: 148 seconds
Photographing Your Pet
Megan Lee describes the techniques required to take portraits of your pets.
Running time: 120 seconds
The Effects of a Dog Kennel at a Women's Prison
A women's prison has set up a dog kennel that gives the female inmates an opportunity to look after the dogs and to learn things that can be accredited. This initiative has a very positive effect on the inmates and creates a lot of enthusiasm.
Running time: 339 seconds
Communication and Body Language
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling explains the use of body language when communicating with horses
Running time: 71 seconds
Pet Memorials and Gravestones
It's possible to have a gravestone made for your dearly departed dog. Visit a place where many stone gravestones and memorials have been made for departed pets and see how it's done. Meet some people who have had stone memorials made.
Running time: 286 seconds
Adopt a Shelter Cat
Learn all you need to know before adopting a shelter cat.
Running time: 114 seconds
Dog Field marking drill Training
Fred Hassen and his Black Labrador Retriever 'Charger', show some hunting dog training drills with 'honoring', a 'sit whistle', 'come -in whistle', and a marking drill.
Running time: 176 seconds
Adopting a Puppy or a Dog
Learn the basic steps for adopting a dog, like if you should adopt a puppy or a dog
Running time: 82 seconds


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