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SitMeansSit Dog Working Without Ecollar
Fred Hassen's dog 'Bo' working without a remote dog training collar on.
Running time: 438 seconds
How to Frisk a Dog
Police officer seen searching a dog for absolutely no reason :-)
Running time: 47 seconds
Lake Dog Jumping Practice
Dock Dogs practice jumping into the lake out by Las Vegas, Nevada.
Running time: 37 seconds
How Tank Won the AKC Rally
Lianne Hassen and 'Tank' her Labrador retriever achieve another perfect score (her 2nd one) (100 points) in AKC Rally Excellent B.
Running time: 197 seconds
Police Dog Work Explained at Florida Expo
Sit Means Sit location owner and K-9 Handler Bob Burnell, is shown here with his personal dog Kody demonstrating several police dog moves
Running time: 106 seconds
How a Guard Dog Attacks
In This Video you can see a SitMeansSit dog performing a bite demo on a reporter that came to cover the show
Running time: 143 seconds
Demonstration of a Perfect AKC Score
A perfect dog training score is seen here with Lianne Hassen of Sit Means Sit dog training in this dog training video.
Running time: 155 seconds
How to Train a Police Dog Without Yelling
Some video footage from a Sit Means Sit police dog training seminar in Illinois with a dog that they have had no luck previously in getting to release objects.
Running time: 386 seconds
How to Train a Very Aggressive Attack Dog
This video was taken from a Sit Means Sit seminar with Fred Hassen and shows how to get a very aggressive dog under control.
Running time: 321 seconds
Police Dog Attack Multiple Targets
SitMeansSit dog training instructor from Denver Colorado and his dog 'Sonic' demonstrate some protection dog training at a Kansas City dog seminar.
Running time: 85 seconds
How a Dog Defends his Owner
This video demonstrates the 'defense of handler' ringsport exercise at a "No Limitations" police seminar in New Jersey.
Running time: 57 seconds
Demonstration of K-9 Unit in Action
Sgt. Jerry Turning and "Rudy", train for Police work with Fred Hassen at the Sit Means Sit dog training school in Las Vegas Nevada.
Running time: 173 seconds
How to Train a Dog to Get In and Out of the Water
Fred Hassen is seen here with 3 of his dogs showing them getting into the water on command, and also teaching them to tread water.
Running time: 475 seconds
How to Train a Rottweiler
Fred Hassen is shown here at one of his live seminars, helping someone from a shelter with her big, strong Rottweiler.
Running time: 499 seconds
Frisbee Trained Dog
Brian and "Hope" doing their remote thing at a Fred Hassen 'Sit Means Sit' dog training seminar.
Running time: 72 seconds
Frisbee Dog Performer
Lou Mack, the legendary Frisbee dog king, is seen here performing at a Las Vegas event
Running time: 463 seconds
Dog Training Heel and Watch Commands Explained
Fred Hassen with Dave Skoletsky demonstrate "Heel" and "Watch" Commands
Running time: 31 seconds
How to Train Hunting Dogs
Fred Hassen and a Labrador Retriever are shown here doing some basic retrieval drills.
Running time: 116 seconds
How to Choose a Diet for Your Pet
From the time they’re kittens and puppies, through their mature years, diet is a key factor in preventing a range of health issues for your pet. And it’s important to remember that what’s healthy for us isn’t necessarily healthy for a cat or dog.
Running time: 162 seconds
How a California Girl Takes Care of Her Aviary
Meet the young Lindsey Fulton who takes care of many birds in her aviary.
Running time: 59 seconds
Learn about Garden Plants that Can Harm Your Pet
Master Gardener Kristine Hanson and Veterinarian Dr Jyl Rubin explain which plants can harm your dog and how to keep plants and pets apart.
Running time: 232 seconds
How to Take Care of Pet Rabbits
Jacklin Paterson shows you how she takes care of her pet rabbits.
Running time: seconds
Flying With Your Dog
Tips to help make sure your best friend stays happy and healthy in the air.
Running time: seconds
Walking your Dog during the Summer
Exercising your Dog is important, during the Summer it’s important to know how to do it properly.
Running time: 229 seconds
Organic Homemade Dog Biscuits
Better.TV's Lauren Ezersky checks out organic dog biscuits and dog cookies for your canine companions.
Running time: 214 seconds


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