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Invictus Law Dog Conference Explained
Danny King from Invictus Law Dog. Las Vegas, Nevada
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How to Train Your Dog to Stand
Teach your dog to stand daily when he drinks his water as an easy way to introduce your dog to this dog training command.
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How to Instill Patience Into Your Dog
Some techniques I used in preparing my young dog to be steady for his very first AKC jr hunt test, in which he passed.
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How to Teach a Dog to Run a Certain Direction
In this video, I intentionally show a bad scenario, and the steps to fix it if your dog knows some basic drills such as having the ability to stop on command.
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When a Dog Can Bite his Handler
In this video Fred explains why it is ok for a dog to bite his handlers sleeve during training.
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How to Choose a Dog Treat
Fred likes using larger kibble as dog food treats and for training.
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How to Execute a Spreadem Switch Dog Trick
Watch this dog trick performed with Amazing 14 yr old dog trainer Mackenzie Aeberli seen here with her 1 yr old dog 'Ace'.
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How To Train a Dog to Keep a Steady Bite
Fred is teaching Nash to bite and release while remaining steady on a chair. Nash is a 2 yr old Belgian Malinois.
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Teach Your Dog to Bounce Off Trees
Darrel Hager from the Sit Means Sit Chicago Illinois franchise dog training location, is shown here exhibiting the behavior of his dog bouncing off of trees.
Running time: seconds
Veterinarian Uses SitMeansSit Collar on his Dog
Vet uses SitMeansSit collar on his small dog so that both he and the dog better enjoy themselves.
Running time: 193 seconds
How to Set Proper Levels on Electronic Collars
In this video of the day, I go over some of the fallacy's about finding the right level when using a remote electronic dog collar.
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How to Train a Distracted Dog
It is hard for a dog to concentrate on even simple obedience if his behavior and energy are entirely focused on Something else like this muzzle
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How to Train on an Escalator
Teaching a dog on an escalator is just another environmental thing you can practice on.
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How to Neutralize Threats in a Dog Park
Training dogs in a dog park can be a difficult task because it is truly the real world where it is virtually impossible to control the environment around you.
Running time: 87 seconds
Belgian Malinois Retrieving
Even a Belgian Malinois can use a Bumperboy remote electronic launcher in his training.
Running time: seconds
How to Teach Your Dog Park Manners
Fred Hassen CEO/Owner/Founder of Sit Means Sit Dog Training shows how you can go to the dog park, get training done, and make friends at the same time.
Running time: 89 seconds
How CGC'S are Conducted
Sit Means Sit Dog Training had all 22 clients pass this particular Canine Good Citizen Test, and SMS trainer Bobby Pablico is interviewed afterwards.
Running time: seconds
Not Using the Stay Command
Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Inc, explains in this video how to get to your dog much better by not using the command Stay.
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Dog Jumps 7 Feet, 8 Inches
Defending National DockDogs Iron dog champion Alfredo Rivera is seen here with his dog 'Power Puma' hitting 7 feet 8 inches in Extreme Vertical.
Running time: seconds
How to Teach Your Dog to Exit a Car Safely
In our dog training video, we go over some things to teach your dog to exit a vehicle safely.
Running time: seconds
Exercising a K-9 Unit
Heeling exercise with using metal retrieve object to proof your dog's obedience for working K-9.
Running time: 256 seconds
How to Teach Your Dog to Stand on a Curb
This shows some teaching of Dog Trainer Fred Hassen's 'Curb-Stand', which was taken at the 'Make a Wish' event in San Diego California.
Running time: seconds
Dog Jumps Over Park Bench
Video footage from Sit Means Sit police dog training seminar from Everett Washington.
Running time: seconds
How to Fix an Error a Dog Made
Creeping dogs are always fun to watch, but usually when they are someone else's.
Running time: seconds
Train Your Belgian Malinois as a Retriever Dog
Have a Belgian Malinois that you would like to get better with his directional work? This video has a few good tips
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