How Gestational Diabetes Affects Babies and Mothers

What is Gestational Diabetes, and how does it affect the baby and mothers?'s Dr. Bertram Finch III explains.

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Dealing with Cot Death
A mother speaks of the emotional trauma of waking up in the night to find her 10 week old daughter dead. She tells us of the desperate efforts to resuscitate her and her feelings when it became clear there was nothing she could do.
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How Choosing a Good Midwife Affects High Risk Pregnancies
This video by TV360 shows you how choosing a good health provider on the outcome of high risk pregnancies.
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Dads Hour 3
Tips, advice and invaluable knowledge for new parents.
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How to Get Extra Calories During Pregnancy
In this video we will explain about the additional dietary caloric needs your body requires and where you might find those extra calories.
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How to Choose a Name for Your Child
Better.TV asked Jessica Hartshorn to offer you some advice on ways to choose a name for your baby and how to go about it.
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How to Prevent the Drug Attraction
In this video, you learn what parents need to know to keep kids out of trouble.
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Facts About Male Fertility
Fertility expert Zita West answers your questions, in this video, she discusses male fertility.
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Exercising for Pregnant Women
What are some good exercises for pregnant women?'s Dr. Bertram Finch III explains.
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Sign Language for Babies
Sign language can be a great communication tool for parents and their babies. In this episode of The Lab, DadLabs asks a few teachers if dads and moms should be teaching a baby sign language. Will sign language delay speech or can it enhance language development? If you've got thoughts or stories about sign language for kids, share them with us. Do your children use signs? Do your infants attend a day care that teaches sign language?
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Dads Create Cool Birth Announcements
What could be more fun, with a brand new baby in the house, than sitting down and writing a bunch of letters to people you rarely see? Lots of things. But you should probably do it anyway. And dads can offer valuable assistance in this task. Pregnant and new moms appreciate the support. Brought to you by Stork Avenue. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Running time: 234 seconds


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