Videos on Parenting

Issues with Breastfeeding
In this episode, Amy Gole answers viewers questions regarding breastfeeding such as breastfeeding pain, breastfeeding with a bottle and cracked or bleeding nipples.
Running time: 631 seconds
Help with Adoption
In this episode, Nancy Dykstra-Powers offers some advice on adoption such as the first step, how to choose an agency and what criteria you should look for.
Running time: 499 seconds
Advice on the Adoption Process
In this episode, Nancy Dykstra-Powers offers some advice adoption such as checking upfront fees of an agency, checking an agency's reputation and international adoption.
Running time: 306 seconds
Raising an Only Child
In this episode, author Susan Newman talks about her new book on only child families.
Running time: 746 seconds
The Benefits of Home Births
In this episode, Michele Baqi-Aziz explains how home births can mean you are surrounded by people you know, are less susceptible to infection and extremely safe procedures.
Running time: 416 seconds
Learn About Home Births
In this episode, Michele Baqi-Aziz explains about the costs of home births and the attitude of the medical community towards home births.
Running time: 309 seconds
How to Eat Out With a Family
In this episode, E. Parce Ainsworth explains how having kids does not mean you must sacrifice the restaurant experience. Watch this video to learn how to eat out with your kids.
Running time: 551 seconds
Dealing With Mean Girls
In this episode, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein offers some great advice for help our children deal with mean girls whether they are the victim or the aggressor.
Running time: 563 seconds
Safety Tips for Teenagers Driving a Car
In this episode of Daily Connections you will learn about how to keep your children safe behind the wheels.
Running time: 807 seconds
How to Choose a Safe Car Seats
Carol Ann Giardelli of Safe Kids New Jersey gives useful tips on how to choose a safe and proper car seat for your child.
Running time: 725 seconds
Importance of Teaching Your Kids Manners
Barbara Gilmour of Tanner's Manners says it's never too late to teach your kids etiquette and manners.
Running time: 610 seconds
Teaching Children About Money
Joan Cunningham-Moskowitz is a financial consultant, who gives advice to parents on teaching their children about spending and saving money.
Running time: 572 seconds
Outdoor Family Activities for Cold Weather
Find out how to keep children healthy, active and enjoying nature when the weather changes.
Running time: 465 seconds
Role of Fathers in Children's Lives
Learn about the importance of the role of fathers in children's lives.
Running time: 592 seconds
Tips for Helping Your Child with Their Homework
If you're a parent of a school aged child, your afternoons and evenings are probably filled with textbooks and assignments. Learn how you can help your child with their homework in this episode of Daily Connections.
Running time: 459 seconds
How to Deal with the Empty Nest Syndrome
Meredith Orlow talks to therapist Renee Welde about the 'empty nest syndrome' and how parents can deal with it.
Running time: 461 seconds
Great Books for Children
There are a lot of children's book out there. Meredith gives you an overview of great books to buy for children of different ages.
Running time: 619 seconds
Tips for Parenting with Character - Part 1/2
Dr. Nannette Goldstein explains what parenting with character entails and how she came up with this parenting method.
Running time: 578 seconds
Tips for Parenting with Character - Part 2/2
Psychotherapist Nannette Goldstein shares some more tips on how to be a parent with character.
Running time: 478 seconds
Tips on Soothing Crying Babies
If your baby doesn't stop crying, here are some tips on how to soothe your baby.
Running time: 466 seconds
Impact of the Gaming Industry on Children
Some parents might not be aware of the effects of some video games on their children. Find out what parents should pay attention to.
Running time: 572 seconds
Importance of Peaceful Co-Parenting
For many women who have gone through a painful divorce, seeing your ex with his new partner is an experience you hope to avoid. But when there are children involved, it's inevitable. Find out how to deal with these encounters.
Running time: 693 seconds
Safety Tips for Riding a Bike
In this episode of Daily Connections you will learn about the importance of wearing a helmet when you go out biking. You will also get some other safety tips for riding a bike.
Running time: 504 seconds
How to Communicate with Your Teens
It can be quite hard and frustrating to communicate with your children, especially when they are in their teens. Get some great tips on how to talk to your teens.
Running time: 567 seconds
How to Work with a Babysitter
Finding a responsible, reliable and trustworthy person to help you watch your kids is a huge challenge. Get some great tips on working together with a babysitter.
Running time: 560 seconds


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