Videos on Men

How to Find the Right Tux
It's the most important day of your life, a fancy tuxedo is a must.
Running time: 72 seconds
How to Choose Men's Shoes
Learn how to find men's shoes for any style and size as Jeff and Terry show you how to select and shop for men's shoe styles for day and night.
Running time: 167 seconds
Creating the Classic Look for Men's Fashion
Learn how to piece together a classic look fit for any man's wardrobe, as Jeff and Terry teach you tips on choosing and wearing classic looks as a part of your fashion routine.
Running time: 177 seconds
Choosing Casual Wear for Men
Style wizards Terry and Jeff walk you through fashionable casual wear for men, and share a few tips to help you find those staple basics to make the most of your casual wardrobe.
Running time: 193 seconds
How to Shop for Men's Athletic Wear
Style experts Terry and Jeff guide you through men's fashion, this time doling out advice on how to piece together a stylish athletic look for any man, and which fabrics are best for working out.
Running time: 137 seconds
Wardrobe Basics for Men
Guinevere Kramer explains how to dress yourself as a man in the fashion hungry world of today.
Running time: 52 seconds
How to Find the Perfect Cologne
Guinevere Kramer gives you the basics on picking out the perfect cologne for you.
Running time: 89 seconds
How to Get Rid of a Lace Shirt
This guy gets a lace shirt as a gift!!
Running time: 39 seconds
Thread Heads: Hoodies
Ep22: In the dead of summer we've gotten more requests for hoodie help than ever before. So were hangin with Katia from Hollywood Renegade for a complete start to finish lesson on how to make one from an old band shirt. Sew or be Sewn!
Running time: 333 seconds
Conscious Clothing: Old Jeans into Overalls
This time on Thread Heads were hangin out with Stephanie from the Conscious Clothing Store Ragtrade. Were also taking on a viewer challenge and showing you how to make a pair of overalls from some old jeans.
Running time: 359 seconds
How to Tie a Du-Rag
Learn how to tie a Du-Rag in this easy to follow step by step tutorial.
Running time: 50 seconds
How to Tie a Tie (Windsor Knot)
The proper way to tie a necktie.
Running time: 66 seconds
How to Fold a Pocket Square
men, learn how to upgrade your suit with a pocket square
Running time: 105 seconds
How to Tie a Tie
Watch the right way to tie a tie
Running time: 46 seconds


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