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The History of Saturday Night Live
In this WatchMojo video, we take a look at the history of the sketch comedy and variety television show, Saturday Night Live.
Running time: 316 seconds
Understanding the Male Midlife Crisis
Male midlife crisis has been the focus of many comedies, but if your husband is experiencing it you probably don't find it amusing. But understanding what he is going through and knowing how to support might help.
Running time: 582 seconds
Watch This Instead: No Strings Attached
Mike is shocked at how much he actually liked Ashton Kutcher's latest romantic comedy "No Strings Attached", but he credits it to a solid script, great direction by Ivan Reitman and the casting of a whole bunch of talented actresses. Check it out!
Running time: 276 seconds
Dead Space 2 The Locator Trailer
Having Issac help you locate where places are can be a hassle for him. Check out this live action comedy trailer for Dead Space 2.
Running time: 58 seconds
TMZ Prepares Television Launch in September
With scoops of Paris Hilton entering prison, Alec Baldwin's rants, Michael Richard's "comedy" routine and Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator, TMZ has become the most popular of the celebrity web sites. The New York Times has a big business feature today of the Time Warner-owned property. The Times called it the "Web Site Celebrities Fear." The scrappy LA publisher is preparing a daily television show that will be launched on September 10.
Running time: 172 seconds
Watch This Instead: The Dilemma
Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in The Dilemma... hoo boy. Ron Howard hasn't tried a comedy like this since 1999's disastrous Ed TV. Mike's got another film lined up for ya though.
Running time: 238 seconds
Green Hornet Video Interviews
Interviews with Green Hornet stars Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz.
Running time: 223 seconds
Funny or Die Teams Up with the Huffington Post
The comedy website Funny or Die, humor site 23/6 and The Huffington Post have teamed up to create Huff or Die, to showcase their best political humor videos and blog posts. Funny or Die made the announcement last week. At the Omma Global conference last month I spoke with CEO Dick Glover about the site's soaring traffic.
Running time: 210 seconds
College Humor TV Readies Six-Episode Series for MTV
College Humor inked a six-episode deal with MTV last month, according to Gawker, and a pilot from the College Humor creators will air this fall. I interviewed CHTV Original Content Director Sam Reich and senior writer Amir Blumenfeld at the College Humor offices last week. We didn't get any details (on the record) about what the MTV shows will be about, but we'll be sure to blog as soon as they're announced.
Running time: 285 seconds
Sauerkraut Recipe with Bacon and Apples
Happy New Year from Lisa at Funny Side Up! To properly ring in 2011, let's make sauerkraut with bacon and apples - traditional for good luck in the new year. And let's give a warm welcome to the special guest - Lisa's grandma! Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh. Funny Side Up, hosted by Lisa Ludwinski, is part comedy and humor, part how-to recipe cooking show. Using celebrities and other notable figures from history as inspiration, Lisa creates a new dish each week.
Running time: 242 seconds
Funny Side Up Season 4 Preview
Get ready, folks, for another season of crazy guests, brand new recipes, and hilarious how-to's on the fourth season of Funny Side Up! Stay tuned for the Season 4 Premiere on January 13! And Lisa asks, which movie hero should I cook for next week on Funny Side Up? Leave a comment with an idea, and I might just choose yours! Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh.Funny Side Up, hosted by Lisa Ludwinski, is part comedy and humor, part how-to recipe cooking show. Using celebrities .....
Running time: 120 seconds
SNTV - Adam Sandler just goes with it
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston team up for a romantic comedy about a guy who enlists the help of a fake ex wife to land a girl.
Running time: 78 seconds
Alison Larkin Talks About The English American
An adopted English woman, Alison Larkin describes finding her birth parents in Tennessee, her comedy act and her novel.
Running time: 163 seconds
The Onion's Dan Powell on Presidential Politics and Comedy
Comedy and politics have gone together for a long time, and in this age, political comedy is everywhere. We have reached a point where instead of just mocking the news, the comedian Jon Stewart was ranked as America's most trusted news source by participants in a Time magazine online poll. How does comedy influence politics? Do jokes about politicians create their image?
Running time: 78 seconds
A Preview of Future Saab Products
Autoweek News Brake 02.02.2010: Spyker Plans for Saab, Ferrari 599XX, Toyota Recall News, Hyundai Superbowl Ad Comedy
Running time: 231 seconds
How to Make Holiday Pfeffernusse Cookies
It's the third and final episode of the Holiday Baking Extravaganza here on Funny Side Up, and you voted for Pfeffernusse! This classic German holiday cookie is spicy and peppery, and the perfect addition to your cookie swap. Watch and learn as Lisa makes these delectable treats for the very first time! Happy Holidays, from Funny Side Up! 

Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh.

Funny Side Up, hosted by Lisa Ludwinski, is part comedy and humor, part how-to recipe.
Running time: 255 seconds
Stephen McCauley Talks About Insignificant Others
McCauley, the master of the modern comedy of manners, introduces an ensemble cast whose personal and professional lives are undone.
Running time: 178 seconds
Triple Cheese Crackers Recipe
It's the second episode of Funny Side Up's Holiday Baking Extravaganza, and you voted for Triple Cheese Crackers! Watch as Lisa makes homemade crackers with three different types of delicious cheese. If you're looking for a unique and homemade holiday gift this year, look no further! These crackers are easy, quick, and packed with savory goodness in every bite. Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh. Funny Side Up, hosted by Lisa Ludwinski, is part comedy and humor.
Running time: 294 seconds
An Interview with Jay Malone
Comedian Jay Malone sits down with WatchMojo for an early morning interview.
Running time: 298 seconds
Jeffrey Ross Talks About I Only Roast the Ones I Love
Roaster Jeffrey Ross talks about being a roast master and his book I Only Roast the Ones I Love.
Running time: 172 seconds
Bourbon Caramel Bundt Cake Recipe
The holidays are upon us, so the baking extravaganza on Funny Side Up can finally begin! In this episode, Lisa makes bourbon caramel bundt cake, as voted by Funny Side Up viewers and fans! Next week: savory treats! Make your choice between spicy nut snack mix and triple cheese crackers. Lisa makes herself food. Lisa makes yourself laugh. Funny Side Up, hosted by Lisa Ludwinski, is part comedy and humor, part how-to recipe cooking show.
Running time: 349 seconds
NewTeeVee's Chris Albrecht on Online Comedy Channels
Chris Albrecht is a staff reporter at NewTeeVee, the authoritative blog that covers the online video space. He stopped by the Beet.TV to chat about trends in content and consumption. He talked about the glut in online comedy channels and the challenge for independents to keep things funny in order to create a sustainable business model.
Running time: 268 seconds
Visit Walled Town of Monteriggioni in Italy
Take a tour of Walled Town of Monteriggioni in Italy - part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Mentioned in Dante Alighieri's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, the walled city of Monteriggioni is a prime example of a classic walled town found in Italy. The Sienese built this city in 1213 as a front line defense against Florence during times of war.
Running time: 79 seconds
Author David Bianculli Discusses Dangerously Funny
David Bianculli discusses his rollicking history of the rise and fall of the wildly influential Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and its lasting influence on the cultural landscape.
Running time: 220 seconds
The Life and Career of Comedic Legend Richard Pryor
WatchMojo takes a look at the life and career of comedic legend Richard Pryor.
Running time: 341 seconds


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