Videos on Home Improvement

Tips on How to Pack Up for Your Move
In this episode, Carla Baoissonault teaches how effective planning and preparation can help alleviate the stress of a move.
Running time: 696 seconds
How to Use Decorative Fabrics
In this episode, Lisa Shepard Stewart shows us how using beautiful fabrics can brighten up any home.
Running time: 697 seconds
How to Transform Your Bed Special
In this episode, Gina Stigi offers some great tips how to transform your bed into a special decorative feature.
Running time: 390 seconds
How to Accessorize your Room
In this episode, Joy Rothman shows us how to unclutter rooms and beautifully accessorize them.
Running time: 527 seconds
Avoiding Common Decorating Mistakes
In this episode, Susan Hayes shows you how to avoid common decorating and design mistakes in your home.
Running time: 658 seconds
Homemade Placemats
A beautifully decorated table starts with the placemats and napkins. And instead of spending a lot of money on a set, learn how to make your own placemats.
Running time: 533 seconds
Decorating Your Home with Stencils
Learn how to decorate you home by using stencils.
Running time: 501 seconds
Budget Tips for Updating Your Kitchen
Gina Stigi, home and house expert, shows us how to update your kitchen with some budget tips.
Running time: 483 seconds
Do's and Don’ts of Mantel Decoration
Learn how to decorate your fireplace mantel in a proper way and also learn 'what not to do'.
Running time: 360 seconds
Modern Ideas for Mantel Decoration
Gina Stigi is showing us how to decorate a fireplace mantel in a contemporary way.
Running time: 289 seconds
Guide for Kitchen Gadgets
Join Meredith and Ed to try out some innovative kitchen gadgets that are available.
Running time: 766 seconds
Tips on How to Decorate Your Patio
Learn how to decorate your patio or balcony in a nice and cozy way with tips from Joy Rothman.
Running time: 527 seconds
Maintaining House Plants
Learn how to maintain house plants and how to 'green up' your house.
Running time: 761 seconds
How To Display Treasured Collectibles
Want a creative way to display collectibles? Mark Brunetz shares a simple and affordable way to showcase treasures.
Running time: 41 seconds
Tips for Homemade Flower Arrangements
Floral instructor Valerie Eppel gives tips and advice on how you can make your own, more affordable flower arrangements.
Running time: 625 seconds
Understanding the Idea Behind Feng Shui
Learn about what feng shui entails and how you can use it to bring harmony to your home and life.
Running time: 573 seconds
Practical Feng Shui Tips
Feng shui practitioner Figen Genco takes a look at the Daily Connections' studio and gives some practical advice on how to use and understand feng shui.
Running time: 448 seconds
Tips on Designing Your Home's Interior
Interior designer Nancee Brown shares some tips on how to decorate your home and how to determine your style.
Running time: 483 seconds
Tips for Organizing a Messy Drawer
Most people like to be organized and to have an organized home, but they are not sure how to get there. Professional organizer, Dawn Noble, demonstrates how you can organize your home efficiently.
Running time: 650 seconds
Easy Ideas for a Home Spa Treatment
Find out how you can create a home spa treatment in this episode of Daily Connections.
Running time: 589 seconds
Tips for Hiring an Interior Designer
In this video you will get tips on what you should pay attention to when you want to hire an interior designer to decorate your home.
Running time: 900 seconds
Tips on Organizing Your Office Desk
If you have a desk which is covered by piles of papers and files, this video will provide you with some great tips on how to organize your desk.
Running time: 614 seconds
Tips on Serving Cheese
Michel Lemmerling, a cheese expert, explains how to serve cheese to your guest. He also gives some tips on how to store cheese.
Running time: 628 seconds
Innovative Treatment Ideas for Your Wall
Host Meredith Orlow explores some innovative treatment ideas for the walls in your home.
Running time: 696 seconds
Decoration Advice for the Bedroom
How can you create an ideal bedroom, since we are spending most of our time in there? Find out what your options are in this video.
Running time: 520 seconds


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