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David Hazony Talks About The Ten Commandments
David Hazony's thoughtful exploration of the Ten Commandments, which shows how each is meaningful to our lives.
Running time: 156 seconds
Jon Scieszka Reads from Truckery Rhymes
Jon Sciezka reads us a few of his favorite poems from Truckery Rhymes.
Running time: 85 seconds
Jeff Nichols Talks About Trainwreck
A weird and witty memoir, made into the film starring Seann William Scott, about the author's coming of age as he struggles with ADD, dyslexia, and a
Running time: 105 seconds
Mem Fox Reads from The Goblin and The Empty Chair
When a family suffers an unspeakable loss, this goblin, who has been hiding away for years, comes out during the night to help them - secretly.
Running time: 288 seconds
Martin Cruz Smith Talks About Three Stations
Arkady Renko returns in a new mystery about crime and corruption in the cold, dark, impenetrable landscape of modern-day Moscow.
Running time: 155 seconds
Terra McVoy Talks About Pure
A debut novel about friendship, faith, and promises kept and broken.
Running time: 156 seconds
Michael Meyer Talks About The Year That Changed The World
On the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a riveting account of the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the end of the Cold War
Running time: 173 seconds
Roberta Gately Talks About Lipstick in Afghanistan
Author Roberta Gately was a nurse in Afghanistan, forging powerful bonds with the local women and children in Bamiyan which would become basis for her novel Lipstick in Afghanistan.
Running time: 123 seconds
Jackie Collins Talks About Dating
Author Jackie Collins Talks About Dating.
Running time: 102 seconds
Brian Billick Reveals His Motto
Brian Billick stresses the importance of living his motto and balancing many life roles.
Running time: 53 seconds
Laurie Beth Jones Talks About Jesus Career Counselor
Laurie Beth Jones presents a field guide to lead readers in reexamining their career paths and securing their future.
Running time: 182 seconds
Jo Nesbo Talks About Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder
Bestselling author Jo Nesbo talks about the inspiration for writing a children's book, Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder.
Running time: 177 seconds
Jennifer Weiner and Greer Hendricks Talk About Fly Away Home
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author, a novel about a family of women who seek refuge in an old beach house.
Running time: 205 seconds
An Interview with Anne Watts
A vivid and moving memoir of a young nurse who left behind an idyllic rural life in post-war Britain to work in the world's most hostile places.
Running time: 689 seconds
Carol Higgins Clark Talks About Wrecked
Author Carol Higgins Clark Talks About Her Book, Wrecked.
Running time: 131 seconds
Kate Feiffer Talks About The Wild, Wild Inside
Author Kate Feiffer Talks About Her Book, The Wild, Wild Inside
Running time: 120 seconds
Sarah Vowell Talks About The Wordy Shipmates
Sarah Vowell talks about the famous sermon that inspired her to write about the Puritans in The Wordy Shipmates.
Running time: 180 seconds
Peter Lerangis Reveals His Previous Occupations
Author Peter Lerangis talks about having to choose between acting and writing.
Running time: 145 seconds
John Avant Reveals Where He Would Like to Be
Where in the world would John Avant want to be right now?
Running time: 40 seconds
Elizabeth Scott Talks About The Unwritten Rule
Another sweet and funny coming-of-age novel by the author of bloom; Perfect You; Something, Maybe; and Living Dead Girl.
Running time: 154 seconds
Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeil Talk About I Slept with Joey Ramone
I Slept With Joey Ramone is the story of the Ramones and the rise of punk music, and a touching memoir about brotherhood from Joey Ramone's brother.
Running time: 206 seconds
Ryan Brown Talks About Play Dead
A fresh and riveting supernatural thriller about football player zombies bent on revenge in a football-obsessed Texas town.
Running time: 179 seconds
Rebecca Chace Reveals Her Previous Occupation
Leaving Rock Harbor author Rebecca Chace talks about her unconventional job before she became a writer.
Running time: 44 seconds
Zebrafish: Behind the Scenes
Go behind the scenes at FableVision and Children's Hospital Boston to learn more about the new visual novel Zebrafish.
Running time: 157 seconds
Chuck Hogan Talks About The Town
Chuck Hogan discusses Charlestown and his research that led to his book The Town, now a motion picture.
Running time: 181 seconds


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