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How Setting Small Goals Helped Valerie Bertinelli Lose Weight
Valerie Bertinelli describes the weight loss mistakes she has made and explains how setting small goals helped her.
Running time: 72 seconds
Finding Qualified Specialists for Lymphoma Treatment
Dr. Rosen explains how a woman can find out if her doctor is qualified to care for her lymphoma diagnosis.
Running time: 51 seconds
Why Can Birth Control Pills Discolor Your Skin
Some women find that after they begin a course of birth control pills, their skin begins to discolor.
Running time: 189 seconds
Dr. Fobi's Motivation to Treat Obese Patients
Dr. Fobi describes his experience treating celebrities undergoing bariatric surgery and shares his motivation to care for obese patients.
Running time: 88 seconds
How Brain Chemistry Affects Behavior Change
Understanding how your brain really works is critical to changing bad habits into healthy ones.
Running time: 138 seconds
Brenda Watson Talks About The Fiber35 Diet
Brenda Watson is bringing healthy carbs back into style as a proven way to fight obesity.
Running time: 458 seconds
Three Ways to Improve Your Diet with the Program
Three simple things you can do to improve nutrition, give you more energy and help you lose and maintain weight.
Running time: 73 seconds
The Best Thing You Can Do for Health: Stop Smoking
Dr. Traver talks about the importance of smoking cessation and some of the techniques that can help you quit for good.
Running time: 89 seconds
How to Help the Addicted Woman in Your Life
Dr. Sylvia Gearing shares her professional tips for how to help someone you know who might be addicted to drugs or alcohol.
Running time: 183 seconds
The Importance of a Healthy Weight
Dr. Traver talks about the importance of having a healthy body weight and the benefits of losing excess weight.
Running time: 71 seconds
Journalist Maryn McKenna Discusses the MRSA Epidemic
Deeply researched revelation of escalating danger of drug-resistant bacteria, MRSA.
Running time: 177 seconds
Kelly Traver on the Many Benefits of Exercise
Exercise is the fountain of youth—it’s that important. Dr. Traver discusses the benefits of regular physical activity.
Running time: 97 seconds
ACL Injury Prevention Programs
Sports Injury Forum -Michael DeFranco MD and guest William Clancy, M.D. Inventor of ACL Reconstruction and Orthopaedic surgeon for 1980 gold medal winning U.S. Hockey Team (Miracle on Ice) talk about prevention programs for ACL injury.
Running time: 167 seconds
The Risk for Arthritis from a Torn ACL
Sports Injury Forum - Michael DeFranco MD and guest William Clancy, M.D. Inventor of ACL Reconstruction and Orthopedic surgeon for 1980 gold medal winning U.S. Hockey Team (Miracle on Ice) talk about the effects of an acl tear.
Running time: 83 seconds
What You Should Know About Cancer Recurrence
Dr. Chap lists what a woman should know about monitoring for cancer recurrence.
Running time: 85 seconds
Doctor's Advice for Women with a Cancer Diagnosis
Dr. Chap describes helpful advice a physician can tell a woman who is newly diagnosed with cancer.
Running time: 128 seconds
How Genetic Counseling Helps in an Oncologist's Consultation
Dr. Chap explains how beneficial genetic counseling results are for a physician learning about a patient's risk for cancer.
Running time: 84 seconds
New Cancer Drugs in Clinical Trials
Dr. Chap recalls the newest cancer medications being studied in the clinical environment.
Running time: 57 seconds
Dr. Chap on Working Where People Die
Dr. Chap explains how she is able to work in a field where some of her patients die.
Running time: 52 seconds
Dr. Chap's Cancer Patient Success Story
Dr. Chap recalls her favorite experience with a cancer patient which made her happy.
Running time: 81 seconds
What Cancer Patients Should Know About Clinical Trials
Dr. Chap provides information about clinical trials that women should know before they participate.
Running time: 103 seconds
Target Therapy Treatment for Breast Cancer
Dr. Chap explains how target therapy is utilized to treat patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer.
Running time: 92 seconds
Avoiding Radiation Exposure to Other Organs
Dr. Chaiken explains why it is so important to avoid radiating nearby organs during radiation therapy.
Running time: 154 seconds
Radiation For Breast Cancer Patients FAQ
Dr. Lisa Chaiken provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding radiation therapy for women with breast cancer.
Running time: 474 seconds
Dr. Chaiken's Favorite Cancer Patient Story
Dr. Chaiken recalls a favorite experience with a cancer patient, which made her happy.
Running time: 281 seconds


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