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Why You Should Talk to Your Doctor About Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
Lailla explains what she would say to a woman who is too embarrassed to speak to her doctor about excessive menstrual bleeding.
Running time: 50 seconds
My Uterine Fibroids Diagnosis
Lailla discusses how she was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and her reactions.
Running time: 60 seconds
How Laura Realized She Had a Weight Problem
Laura introduces herself and recalls when she understood that she had a weight problem.
Running time: 114 seconds
Laurrie's Decision to Have Lap Band Surgery
Laurrie introduces herself and shares when she first realized she wanted to have the Lap Band procedure.
Running time: 92 seconds
Laurrie's Pregnancy After a Lap Band Surgery
Laurrie explains when she was able to get pregnant after Lap Band surgery and how this made her feel.
Running time: 102 seconds
Laurrie's Experience with Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Liu
Laurrie describes her surgical weight loss experience with Dr. Carson Liu and recalls how good it was.
Running time: 90 seconds
Laurrie's Advice for Women Considering Lap Band Surgery
Laurrie provides advice for women who are considering the Lap Band procedure and explains why she preferred it.
Running time: 46 seconds
Thyroid Removal to Determine Thyroid Cancer
Lisa shares if her thyroid was removed to find out if she had thyroid cancer and why she picked a plastic surgeon to do it.
Running time: 54 seconds
How Lori Returned Home after an Open-Heart Surgery
Lori shares how she functioned at home after open-heart surgery.
Running time: 77 seconds
Advice for Women with Insomnia
Michelle shares when she suffered from insomnia and provides advice for other women who are suffering now.
Running time: 125 seconds
How I Treated My Insomnia
Michelle explains how she treated her insomnia and what the results of these treatments were.
Running time: 92 seconds
The Effects of Insomnia Medication on My Health
Michelle shares if the medication she took for insomnia was helpful and the effects it had on her over time.
Running time: 216 seconds
Why I Experienced Joint Pain After Hysterectomy
Michelle explains the reasons why she had joint pain after undergoing hysterectomy.
Running time: 182 seconds
The Effects of Type 1 Diabetes on My Son
Pam shares if there is anything her son is unable to do because he has type 1 diabetes.
Running time: 83 seconds
The Pressure to Remain Composed During Ovarian Cancer Treatment
Paula shares if she feels pressure to remain composed throughout her ovarian cancer treatment.
Running time: 151 seconds
How EmpowHER Helped Princeline with a Uterine Cancer Scare
Princeline explains how EmpowHER helped her cope with her uterine cancer scare.
Running time: 67 seconds
Princeline's Advice for Dementia Caregivers
Princeline offers advice for dementia caregivers to help with Alzheimer's disease patients and family members.
Running time: 63 seconds
How I Was Diagnosed with Asthma
Princeline recalls what happened when she was first diagnosed with asthma.
Running time: 57 seconds
How Anxiety from Health Issues Affected My Depression
Princeline explains how anxiety from other health issues added to her depression.
Running time: 37 seconds
The Symptoms of My Depression
Princeline recalls the depression symptoms she dealt with and how she realized she was suffering from depression.
Running time: 47 seconds
Advice for Women Suffering Silently with Depression
Princeline offers advice to women suffering with depression, who do not tell anyone about their problem.
Running time: 60 seconds
Why I Share My Health Experiences
Princeline discusses why she wants to share her health experiences with women.
Running time: 55 seconds
The Medications I Take for Depression
Princeline explains if she takes medication to treat her depression.
Running time: 38 seconds
Alternative Methods to Help with Depression
Princeline discusses the alternative methods she sought to help treat her depression.
Running time: 60 seconds
Why I Decided to Get Help for My Depression
Princeline recalls when she decided to seek help for depression.
Running time: 52 seconds


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