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Tips and Help with Breastfeeding
In this episode, Amy Gole answers viewers questions about breastfeeding such as how long it will last when refridgerated, preparing for breastfeeding prior to birth, problems with latching on.
Running time: 502 seconds
How to Recognize and Prevent High Blood Pressure
In this episode, Dr. John Bucek talks about the risks associated with high blood pressure and how we can avoid it.
Running time: 582 seconds
Bipolar Disorder Symptoms
In this episode, Dr. Akhtar Hossain offers some insight into the difficult Bipolar disorder, also known as Manic Depressive Disorder.
Running time: 657 seconds
Do it Yourself Facial Massage
In this episode, Ofra Lemay shows us a special technique for a facial massage.
Running time: 473 seconds
Fertility Options and Treatments
In this episode, Dr. Margret Graf Gerrirsi offers some advice on fertility treatments such as how long to wait before seeking treatment and what to expect on the first visit to an fertility clinic.
Running time: 469 seconds
Treating Infertility and the Options Available
In part 2 of this episode, Dr. Margret Graf Gerrirsi offers advice on fertility options such as the different treatment options available and how much they would cost.
Running time: 379 seconds
Managing Life With Alzheimer's
In this episode, Dr. Shailaja Shah offers some advice how to detect early signs of Alzheimer's and how to manage once living with the illness.
Running time: 528 seconds
Dealing with Postpartum Depression
In this episode, Maria Parlapiano sheds some light on Postpartum Narcosis, a severe form of Postpartum Depression, and what to do when the warning signs are there.
Running time: 377 seconds
Reducing the Cholesterol in your Body
In this episode, Dietitian Diane Rigassio Radley shows how healthy food choices can help control and reduce the onset of high cholesterol.
Running time: 679 seconds
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
In this episode, Linda S. Meyer sheds some light on the coping with and the treatment of Autism.
Running time: 648 seconds
Battling Heart Disease
In this episode, Cyndi Holt offers some insight on the risks of heart disease, how the risk differs between women and how the risks as early as three years old.
Running time: 514 seconds
How to Lower the Risks of Heart Disease
In this episode, Cyndi Holt offers some advice on how cholesterol affects heart disease and how smoking and birth control can increase the risk.
Running time: 306 seconds
Main Issues of High Cholesterol
Jamie Wilcox tells you the main issues of high cholesterol and the way you should regulate your diet to lower your cholesterol intake.
Running time: 118 seconds
How to Choose Healthy Fruits and Vegetables
Your Food You Medicine takes you down the market and shows you some of the healthy fruits and vegetables which are good for your diet.
Running time: 161 seconds
Health Benefits of Caring for Your Digestive System
Your Food You Medicine explains how caring for your digestive system will help your general health as a whole
Running time: 30 seconds
What to Not to Eat if You Have Celiac Disease
Jamie Wilcox tells you the three rules on what to eat if you suffer from celiac disease.
Running time: 181 seconds
Li Gao Thought on General Health
Learn about Li Gao and his thoughts on digestive health and how it connects to your overall health.
Running time: 37 seconds
Breathing Tips for Asthma Suffers
Learn the best way to breath to help you brain get enough oxygen even when you are diagnosed with asthma.
Running time: 32 seconds
Diet Tips Asthma Sufferers
Jamie Wilcox talks on the two types of asthma there are and the different food you should eat to help combat the symptoms.
Running time: 149 seconds
Foods to Avoid for Migraines
Jamie Wilcox talks on the different types of migraine sufferers and which food to eat and avoid to help the condition.
Running time: 83 seconds
My Struggle with Migraines - Jaleh's Story
Jaleh talks about her struggle with migraines and what she finally did to overcome them.
Running time: 147 seconds
How Tai Chi Reduces Stress
Learn how tai chi and meditation can help with stress and lifestyle changes to help with your general health
Running time: 59 seconds
Diabetic Friendly Food
Jamie Wilcox talks about what diabetes is, types of lifestyles that are more likely to get it and the different types of food which is good and bad for the disease.
Running time: 80 seconds
Food With Medicinal Properties
Your Food You Medicine shows you which everyday food has good medicinal properties according to oriental medicine.
Running time: 114 seconds
How to Naturally Treat Hypertension
Jamie Wilcox talks about hypertension also known as high blood pressure and the many natural ways there are to treat it.
Running time: 140 seconds


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