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Stair and Window Safety
Did you know, every year, more than seven hundred thousand kids take a serious fall sometime in their childhood? Today, we're showing one mom how to make her home a safer place.
Running time: 238 seconds
Mock Meatloaf Recipe
Rhiannon is in the kitchen learning a recipe for a mock meatloaf that will be sure to stun those vegetarians in the family this holiday season.
Running time: 237 seconds
Family Holiday Crafts
Lifestyle editor of Parents Magazine, Amanda, joins Better to show us how to make a few easy crafts that will get the family together and keep the kids engaged for hours.
Running time: 255 seconds
Amanda Kingloff on Pregnancy and Family
Audra and Amanda discuss pregnancy, family, what it is like to add members to the family.
Running time: 223 seconds
Stuffed Flank Steak
No need for the same old thing when it comes to dinner time. Juli, from Parents TV, met up with family circle for a melt in your mouth flank steak.
Running time: 229 seconds
Hasbro Family Game Night 2 DS Launch Trailer
Hasbro's line of family games expands on the DS with Family Game Night 2. Watch the launch trailer!
Running time: 43 seconds
Diabetes in the Family
Dr. Thaddeus Bell explains that some people incorrectly believe they will not develop diabetes if their parents have it. In this video, he also talks about ways a person can reduce their risk of developing diabetes.
Running time: 70 seconds
Healthcare "Treating to Goal"
In this video, family practice physician Dr. Thaddeus Bell talks about the concept of "treating to goal" in healthcare.
Running time: 203 seconds
Elite Athletes - After the Game
Dr. Thaddeus Bell, a family practice physician, gives his perspective on why some athletes do not continue their physical training after their respective events.
Running time: 253 seconds
What Thyroid Cancer is
It runs in families and can be deadly, but most thyroid cancers are highly treatable. Surgery and radiation are the mainstays of treatment.
Running time: 37 seconds
How to Manage Stress
Family practice physician Dr. Thaddeus Bell talks about effective coping strategies for stress.
Running time: 506 seconds
How to Keep Health Resolutions
Family practice physician, Dr. Thaddeus Bell talks about how to make and keep effective health resolutions.
Running time: 234 seconds
How to Improve Doctor Patient Relationship
Family practice physician, Dr. Thaddeus Bell, discusses ways you can improve your doctor-patient relationship.
Running time: 210 seconds
Breast Cancer Family History
Dr. Harness shares why you might have breast cancer even though no one in you family does.
Running time: 59 seconds
Mastectomy - How Families Can Provide Due Care
Dr. Harness shares how loved ones can ensure they provide proper care for a mastectomy patient.
Running time: 86 seconds
Family Support During Doctor Visits
Listen as Dr. Harness discusses if a family member should accompany you to doctor visits.
Running time: 80 seconds
Motivating People to Better Health
The Business Coordinator for Worksite Wellness Development at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services talks about motivating people to better health.
Running time: 208 seconds
Breast Cancer Survivor - Patty Simon's Story
Patty Simon, a breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed when she was 34, and comes from a family with history of breast cancer.
Running time: 48 seconds
Coping With Diabetes - Edna's Story
Edna Lang talks with icyou about managing her diabetes and being diagnosed.
Running time: 210 seconds
Supporting Family Members with Diabetes
Jennifer has many family members with diabetes and worries about her own health.
Running time: 57 seconds
Share Your Favorite Recipes on Epicurious
Many of us have family recipes and family favorites we'd like to share. Epicurious makes it easy to share recipes online. You can share the secret recipe for your famous chocolate chip cookies (perhaps slightly modified so yours are still the best) or choose to keep it private. The recipe box is also the best place to keep your online recipes organized.
Running time: 133 seconds
How to Save Money on Medical Expenses
How do you cut healthcare expenses without sacrificing quality? Dr. Thaddeus Bell, family practice physician, addresses this question and provides tips for maintaining your fiscal health.
Running time: 470 seconds
Alzheimers Disease Causes
Doctors know that Alzheimer's patients have amyloid plaques and tangles in the brain. These are accumulations of proteins that attach themselves to brain cells. There is on-going research as to why this occurs in some people and not others. Family history is one of many contributing factors being investigated.
Running time: 68 seconds
Risks for Cardiovascular Disease
High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, and family history are all risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
Running time: 231 seconds
When to Bring the Significant Other Home
In this relationship video Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal tell you when to bring the significant other home.
Running time: 270 seconds


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