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How to Travel with Your Family on Thanksgiving
Learn how to travel with your family on thanksgiving and how to make it an enjoyable family vacation for you and your children.
Running time: 59 seconds
How to Improve Your Thanksgiving Experience
Edward Bleier explains how you can improve your and your family's Thanksgiving experience.
Running time: 60 seconds
How Family History of Heart Disease Affects You
In this health video you will learn how family history of heart disease affects you.
Running time: 168 seconds
How to Plant a Family Vegetable Garden in Your Yard
Home improvement expert Danny Lipford explains how planting a garden in your yard can be a fun and healthy activity for the whole family.
Running time: 174 seconds
How to Go Geocaching with Your Kids
Are you a dad or mom looking for a fun family outdoor adventure that your kids will love? In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews one of the coolest outdoor activities, geocaching. Geocaching combines outdoor hiking with a treasure hunt. Get some snacks together, grab your GPS and some maps, and head outdoors on the trail to search for one of the many hidden geocache containers.
Running time: 191 seconds
Does a Family History of Heart Attacks Increase Risk of Heart Disease
Dr. Iva Smolens shares if a woman’s risk for heart disease increases with a family history of heart attacks.
Running time: 64 seconds
Dr. Daoshing Ni's Family's Chinese Medicine Background
Dr. Daoshing Ni explains his family's Chinese Medicine background. Dr. Daoshing Ni is a 38th generation doctor of Chinese Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology NCCA. He is in general practice at Los Angeles, California’s
Running time: 125 seconds
How to Work With Shared Home Office Space
Do your family members use the home office? Get tips on arranging a space that'll keep everyone's stuff organized.
Running time: 64 seconds
Family Fitness Tips
Get rid of the holiday bulge before it starts. Join Better fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf, to find a few gut busters for the living room.
Running time: 82 seconds
Family Game Night
We are always looking for creative ways to spend time with our family and friends. So Richard Gill, game developer and one of the original founders of Pictionary, is here to share how we can all enjoy game night the old school way.
Running time: 243 seconds
Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors
Family history is just one risk factor; learn what else increases your risk of diabetes
Running time: 111 seconds
How to Prevent Childhood Diabetes
Vital Finds: How to protect your family from diabetes and obesity
Running time: 144 seconds
How to Make Apple Cobbler
Nothing compliments your dinner than a favorite dessert the whole family can enjoy. Today we are getting a lesson in how to make a classic cobbler from the folks at Better Homes and Gardens.
Running time: 236 seconds
How to cope with a Family History of Lung Cancer
Dr. David Sanderson shares what a woman should do if she has a family history of lung cancer.
Running time: 124 seconds
Reasons a Woman Should Tell Her Family About her COPD
Dr. David Sanderson explains the importance of telling a woman's family she has COPD.
Running time: 51 seconds
How Family and Friends Can Help a Thyroid Patient with Compassion
Dr. Wright explains how family and friends should approach a thyroid patient with compassion.
Running time: 54 seconds
How a Mother's Thyroid Condition Affects Her Family
Dr. Wright explains how a mother's thyroid problem affects her family.
Running time: 61 seconds
How a Mother's Cancer Affects Her Family
Dr. Wright explains how a mother's cancer diagnosis affects her family.
Running time: 74 seconds
Showing Family Members Your Thyroid Scar
Dr. Wright explains how thyroid patients should show their kids their scar.
Running time: 55 seconds
Who Should Receive Genetic Testing in the Family
Kimberly explains if a woman can receive genetic testing so that her children won't have to.
Running time: 108 seconds
How to Explain Alzheimer's Disease to the Family
Nurse Dougherty shares how she explains Alzheimer's Disease to a family.
Running time: 63 seconds
How to Prevent Personal Frustrations With an Alzheimer's Family Member
Nurse Dougherty shares how a caregiver can prevent personalizing frustration with an Alzheimer's family member.
Running time: 102 seconds
How Family Planning Can Decrease the Need for Abortion
Gloria discusses if family planning can reduce the need for abortions.
Running time: 85 seconds
How Family Planning Empowers Women
Gloria explains how family planning can empower most women.
Running time: 103 seconds
Services That the Organization Planned Parenthood Provide
Gloria describes the services that a family planning organization provides.
Running time: 140 seconds


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