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Juli Auclair's Family Life
Juli Auclair takes you into her home to see her family life and how she deals with parenting challenges.
Running time: 392 seconds
Juli Auclair's Family Vacation in Turks and Caicos
Going on vacation with your children can be a lot of fun in Turks and Caicos. Watch how Juli's family enjoyed their vacation.
Running time: 356 seconds
Blended Families
Blended families are more common these days, as divorce rates and the number of re-marriages rise. Half of all families in the United States are blended families. Learn more about what challenges you face as parents of a blended family.
Running time: 269 seconds
Green Products for Your Home and Family
Erika talks to Lesly Federici, from the Overlook Hospital Summit, about how green products for her home and family.
Running time: 375 seconds
Online Freebees for Families
Watch how you can find free products or software on the internet, which will make your family life much easier.
Running time: 332 seconds
Natural Family Planning
Natural Family Planning, NFP, has different planning models which you can use. These planning models are: Creighton model, Billings model and the symptothermal model.
Running time: 337 seconds
How to Have Great Family Meetings
Learn how to quickly have amazing family meetings if you have pre-schoolers-college age kids! These are so important and worth every minute!
Running time: 317 seconds
Dealing with Family Pet Funerals
Pet loss can be a difficult experience for kids. Recently, Daddy Clay dealt with this as his family's beloved hamster, and star of the classic DadLabs video "Starter Pets", Mr. Paws, passed away. In this episode of Quality Time, he shares his suggestions to parents on how to organize a pet funeral. Telling stories and offering a prayer are nice ways to recognize a pet at a funeral service. Dads and moms can also encourage children to honor the departed pet with craft projects.
Running time: 254 seconds
Family BBQ Recipes
Break yourself out of the BBQ rut. Lesley has some fresh takes on grill favorites for the while family.
Running time: 186 seconds
How to Draw Cleavland Brown from Family Guy
Sketch Heroes show you how to draw Cleavland Brown from Family Guy.
Running time: 179 seconds
Family Portrait Photography
A photographer gives your some tips and advice to taking the perfect family portrait.
Running time: 180 seconds
Family History Markers for PANDAS
Susan K. Schulman MD talks about family history markers for PANDAS and possible issues that may contribute to PANDAS.
Running time: 112 seconds
Teaching a Dog the Social Hierarchy in the Family
How can you teach your dog how he fits into the social hierarchy of the family? Stanley Coren shows that you can teach pack order through playing with your dog.
Running time: 79 seconds
Family Meal Tips with Montel Williams
Eating well is essential for any family, and Montel makes a house call to teach one family what they are doing wrong and how they can eat more nutritious meals.
Running time: 174 seconds
Adding a Dog to the Family
What are the consequences when a husband brings a dog home without his wife's consent? Two parents talk candidly about the pros and cons of having a dog in the family and the difficulties that result when both don't agree to the additional family member.
Running time: 159 seconds
How to Draw Peter Griffin from Family Guy
Learn how to draw Peter Griffin from Family Guy with the best drawing tutorial online.
Running time: 164 seconds
How to Draw Stewie from Family Guy
Learn how to draw Stewie from Family Guy with the best drawing tutorial online.
Running time: 132 seconds
How to Track Your Family Ailments
E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates an easy way to track family ailments and to be more vigilant about potential diseases and conditions.
Running time: 109 seconds
Using a Family Member as the Primary Caregiver
Is it wise to use a family member as the primary caregiver for my baby? Find out it this video.
Running time: 173 seconds
Kitchen Makeover: Greek Family Style
The kitchen takes its rightful place as the heart of a Greek family's home.
Running time: 205 seconds
Dell Diamond Ball Park Family Activities
Minor league sports are a great way for a family to spend some Quality Time together. Daddy Brad and his family travel to the Dell Diamond, the minor league baseball home of the Round Rock Express. There are all sorts of great family activities at ballparks. Kids will love things like playing on the rock climbing wall or bungee jumping. Parents will love the nostalgia and memories of going to a ball park during their childhood. And everyone will love the hot dogs!
Running time: 146 seconds
Digi DC Comics and 360 Family: IGN Daily Fix, 6-23
DC Comics go digital, iPhone 4 in the house, & Xbox loves families.
Running time: 112 seconds
Going to the Farmer's Market with the Family
Here at DadLabs, we're always on the lookout for fun family activities. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Brad and his family visit Boggy Creek Farm, an organic farm located in Austin. He finds out what great fun visiting a farmer's market can be for children. From helping pick out fruits and vegetables to chasing chickens, kids are sure to enjoy taking part in farming. It's also a great way to get them to help in choosing fresh produce and preparing food for family meals.
Running time: 182 seconds
Key West Family Vacation Attractions
Visit the Florida Keys with your kids - start at Key West, where you quickly find out that this is not just a party town.
Running time: 282 seconds
Family Vacation in Cancun
Visit Mexico with your kids and experience the city of Cancun, Mexico.
Running time: 252 seconds


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