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Breast Cancer Survivor - Joyce's Story
Joyce's lump was found through a mammogram 1 year ago. She got through it with support from her family and friends.
Running time: 34 seconds
Hereditary Factors of Depression
If you have a first degree relative with depression you have a greater chance of developing depression.
Running time: 76 seconds
Optimizing Images for Your Web Site
Images can really add to the impact of your Website. You can include pictures of products, family, friends, gadgets or just about anything else you want. When using images on a Website, however, you want to follow certain guidelines so as not to get stuck with a slow web page load for your visitors.
Running time: 232 seconds
Diagnosing ADHD
The most common cause of ADHD is that it runs in the family but there are other causes as well.
Running time: 131 seconds
Anna's Pregnancy Story
Hear about the struggles and joys of pregnancy, from a woman who has experienced them all. Anna, the mother of two young boys, shares her pregnancy journey as her family prepares for the arrival of their third child.
Running time: 301 seconds
Race and Medicine: Drapetomania
Family Practice physician Dr. Thaddeus Bell talks about race and medicine, focusing on drapetomania, a case of scientific racism.
Running time: 773 seconds
African American Health Care and the Barber Shop Theory
Family Practice Physician Dr. Thaddeus Bell shares his thoughts of how the Barber shop in African American communities can have a positive effect on health care issues.
Running time: 392 seconds
African Americans and Obesity
Family Practice physician, Dr. Thaddeus Bell talks about how obesity is becoming a major issue among the African American community.
Running time: 634 seconds
Tips for a Growing Family
Jenna and Jason Surratt share what they've learned as their family continues to grow.
Running time: 268 seconds
A Family's Guide to the North Side
Where can a family enjoy the atmosphere of the Caribbean, taste some great food and win a giant stuffed bear? Indy’s north side, that’s where. From water parks to “state-of-the-art” video games, this is a premier area for family fun.
Running time: 356 seconds
Starting a Family
In this video, Jenna and Jason Surratt talk about how they discovered their daughter, Addison Grace, was on the way.
Running time: 270 seconds
How to Make Braciole
Learn how to make this easy family dinner recipe, Braciole. This flank steak filled with Italian meats and cheese is a great recipe to make when you have a house full of hungry people.
Running time: 362 seconds
Family Friendly Fabric - Furniture that can stand up to the wear and tear of active family life is a great investment. The new line of family-friendly upholstered furniture at International Trading Company Inc. (ITC) is made of solid wood and covered with durable fabrics that make cleaning up spills and stains easy.
Running time: 114 seconds
Video Games Holiday Gift Guide 2009
If you have got a gamer on your holiday list, but are not sure which games to choose, never fear. We are here with a holiday hot list with fun, exciting games the whole family will love.
Running time: 200 seconds
Facebook's New Privacy Settings
Facebook has over 300 million members and it's still growing. Privacy on Facebook has always been a concern for families and individuals who share information on Facebook. Now, Facebook privacy settings on Facebook have changed. Users can take control of Facebook privacy settings but by default, users are sharing more than ever.
Running time: 83 seconds
Healthy Family Habits
Find out what you need to be doing in order to keep your family healthy and happy this winter and year round.
Running time: 208 seconds
Family Holiday Shopping
Christmas is quickly approaching, and if you still have not made a dent in your holiday shopping, don't panic. Lifestyle expert, Cindy Piccoli, is here, offering great gifts for the entire family.
Running time: 221 seconds
Family's Involvement in Diabetes Care
Dr. Jordan Lipton of Signature Healthcare talks about the importance of family involvement when one has diabetes.
Running time: 77 seconds
Learn about the Benefits of Exercise
Dr. Thaddeus Bell, a family practice physician, explains the importance of regular physical activity.
Running time: 262 seconds
Methods of Smoking Cessation
Dr. Thaddeus Bell, a family practice physician, discusses smoking cessation methods and changes he's seen as a result of local smoking bans.
Running time: 212 seconds
How to Make a Fake Tongue Prop
Backyard FX is showing you how to make a fake tongue so realistic you can freak out your family this Christmas. See what happens when the wheel lands on $100 dollars!
Running time: 298 seconds
Parenting Tip: Video Games and Kids
Video games are likely to rank high on the wish list this holiday season, but with all the bad press of the violent games on the market, or the addicting time spent playing them, how do you grant your child's wish and look out for their best interest?
Running time: 233 seconds
Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions
Better hit the streets to find out what your favorite family traditions are for Thanksgiving.
Running time: 112 seconds
Family Friendly Travel Deals to Hawaii
Want to visit the islands of Hawaii, but need to find a family-friendly resort or travel deal? Gabe Saglie of Travel Zoo joins Better to give you the details on kid-friendly travel in Hawaii.
Running time: 141 seconds
Empowering Yourself and Your Family
It can be heartbreaking for moms to watch their child suffer through depression or low self esteem. But there are ways to help. Join Better to find out the best ways to boost your self confidence and, in turn, help out those struggling family members.
Running time: 229 seconds


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