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Top 10 Extraordinary Hairstyles
Big hair, massive hair and Lady Gaga.
Running time: 75 seconds
Top 10 Cutest Creatures
Go on, you know you can't resist them.
Running time: 94 seconds
Top 10 Weird Races
High-speed pursuits with office chairs, penny farthings, bath tubs and oxen. Among other things.
Running time: 96 seconds
Top 10 Unfortunate Jobs
Think your job sucks, here are 10 that should make you grateful you've got the job you have.
Running time: 95 seconds
Top 10 Worst Tourist Destinations
Some places you may not want to find yourself vacationing in.
Running time: 90 seconds
Top 10 20th Century Battles That Changed History
Some of the key military confrontations that shaped the 20th century.
Running time: 112 seconds
Top 10 Extraordinary Operations
Find out from this top ten list what we found to be the most extraordinary operations.
Running time: 81 seconds
Top 10 Weird Feats Of Strength
Impressive, weird and painful - just don't try this at home.
Running time: 106 seconds
Top 10 Archeological Discoveries
From Terracotta Warriors to the Rosetta Stone, we present 10 amazing archeological discoveries.
Running time: 103 seconds
Top 10 Most Bizarre Fashions
Even Lady Gaga wouldn't wear this stuff!
Running time: 84 seconds
Top 10 Things You Probably Shouldn't Eat
What this all time ten list to find out what people are eating when they shouldn't.
Running time: 98 seconds
Top 10 Strange World Records
The strangest world records which includes smiling, headbutting watermelons and belching.
Running time: 93 seconds
Top 10 Smallest Countries
For those of you who didn't believe Nauru was a real country.
Running time: 75 seconds
Top 10 April Fool's Day Hoaxes
Find out what people around the world are doing for the famous April Fool's day.
Running time: 81 seconds
Top 10 Most Expensive Meals
Next time you think you're being ripped off, just be glad you didn't accidentally order a $1000 ice-cream.
Running time: 98 seconds
Top 10 Peculiar Restaurants
Fancy having dinner in a high-security prison or somewhere else equally as strange.
Running time: 90 seconds
Top 10 Endangered Animals
10 animals that might not be here in 10 years time.
Running time: 94 seconds
Top 10 Things That Could End the World
find out what acts could actually end the world.
Running time: 80 seconds
Top 10 Youngest Countries
Find out which countries were the latest additions to the world map.
Running time: 82 seconds
Top 10 Weird Houses
There's no place like home. At least, not like these ones.
Running time: 82 seconds
Top 10 Deadly Animals
Find out what the top 10 deadliest animals on earth are.
Running time: 94 seconds
Top 10 Unusual Hotels
Home from home.... if you live in an igloo.
Running time: 102 seconds
Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Animals
Animals really do do the strangest things, check out this video to find out what they art.
Running time: 99 seconds
Top 10 Weirdest Sculptures
Animal insides and a president on fire and many more strange art sculptures.
Running time: 81 seconds
Top 10 True Urban Myths
Did Disney ban facial hair? Do elephants really never forget? Find out here which urban myths are actually true..
Running time: 86 seconds


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