Videos on Education

Skateboarding Bulldog
It's extreme skateboarding, with Bazooka the dog.
Running time: 39 seconds
World Cup Pup
Meet Benji from London, England he is a dog with some serious soccer skills.
Running time: 41 seconds
Family Live With Sheep
In Cardiff, Wales a family share their home with a fully grown sheep.
Running time: 39 seconds
Goat Grand National
In Telford, England at Hoo farm they have an annual goat grant national.
Running time: 56 seconds
Tiny Jaguar Triplets
Three tiny jaguar cubs take their first look at the world.
Running time: 57 seconds
Bulldog Adopts Tiger
One French bulldog and one tiger cub equals the perfect foster family.
Running time: 48 seconds
Dog Yoga
Some dogs go in search of inner peace, in the form of yoga.
Running time: 50 seconds
Elephant Rescued from Ditch
An elephant has a lucky escape, with help from a tractor, 20 people - and a film crew.
Running time: 59 seconds
Daredevil Dogs
Meet the thrill-seeking dogs in search of the ultimate high.
Running time: 62 seconds
Tiny Baby Seal
A profile of a very special furry little seal.
Running time: 33 seconds
Pet Radio
Pets can now have their very own radio channel.
Running time: 48 seconds
The Cutest Pets
We've rounded up the 5 cutest pets on the internet. Awww...
Running time: 76 seconds
A Personal Dog Chef
Dogs can now dine in style thanks to ZenChiena personal chef service for dogs.
Running time: 49 seconds
Baby Elephant is Internet Star
In Antwerp zoo cute baby elephant was born famous.
Running time: 41 seconds
Tiny Little Big Cats
They'll grow up to be big fierce cats - but right now, they're just so small and cute.
Running time: 49 seconds
Rabbits Get Married
Two giant bunnies rabbits hop down the aisle.
Running time: 55 seconds
Elephant Massage
When an animal weighs 5 tons, it's good to know how to calm them down.
Running time: 59 seconds
Baby Otter
A little baby otter takes its first swim with its mother but it's mother does most of the swimming.
Running time: 49 seconds
Talking Elephant
In South Korea meet Koshick who is an elephant that can apparently speak.
Running time: 52 seconds
6 Month-Old Bear
Meet Lailani, the Sun Bear. She wants to do everything her mom tells her not to.
Running time: 45 seconds
Frogs Get Married
At this froggy wedding, everyone's hoping it will rain.
Running time: 46 seconds
Lion Cub Swims to Health
Samira the lion cub had a injury that hurt her leg, so she is now swimming herself to fitness.
Running time: 56 seconds
Doggy Bakery
Parisian dogs can snack in style at this gourmet doggy bakery.
Running time: 47 seconds
Piggy Gets Warm Bath
A warm bath means a happy piglet. A VERY happy piglet.
Running time: 48 seconds
Guy Lives With Baby Fox
In Freienhagen, Germany a farmer has a strange house guest, it's a fox.
Running time: 59 seconds


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