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Why Direct Mail Is Still Important in the Digital Age

The internet has taken over the world and digital communication is king. It is so easy to send a quick email or drop an instant message via the many social media platforms and instant messaging services. However, we cannot forget the good old letter or direct mail, as it still has a place in this instant world we live in today.

There is something much more personal to a physical letter than a digital screen. It holds a sense of nostalgia and takes you back in time when things seemed a bit more simple.

The good old mailbox

It doesn’t matter who you are, but getting a letter in the mail that was addressed to you always lifts the spirits. People love getting physical mail because it is personal.

Someone took the time to give you something and not a mass produced letter or card, like the digital ones that get sent around Christmas and New Year’s Eve It gives you the sense that you are special and unique, it gives you a sense of belonging and importance.



On the business side of things

Direct mail is beginning to show that it still a force to be reckoned with in this digital age. Studies have shown that people are more likely to open up a letter in the mail than a digital newsletter.

One of the major reasons for this is because of the sheer volume of spam and other advertising emails that people get on a daily basis. The physical letter has a better chance of being viewed and because of this, there is also a bigger chance that people will respond to the physical letter.

Brands are established

Studies have shown that people remember things better when they read a physical article as opposed to a digital one. The brain is activated in areas than just the visual sphere when reading a physical document. This is the magic that postcard printing and printed letters can do for your sales and marketing campaigns.



Not only does the visual part of your brain get stimulated, but the sense of touch and smell is also involved, giving the reader much deeper sense of what is being read and ultimately, what is being retained in memory. Because of this phenomenon, people are more likely to remember a brand.

The versatility of mail

Physical mail has many uses and companies can play around with the applications thereof. If you have a new brand that you want to introduce, you could send out mail that introduces your brand and add a couple of coupons to encourage your audience to buy a service or product.

On the other hand, if you already have an established brand, you could always opt for a newsletter that gives your audience an update on new developments. To increase sales, you can also throw in promotional specials that are valid only when the physical letter is presented.

Easy to track

Sending direct mail to people allows you to track your advertising campaigns and monitor the effectiveness thereof. When you focus on a particular area, you will be able to monitor that area specifically.

The best part of using direct mail is that it integrates well with digital campaigns. When you add links and QR codes to the direct mail, it serves as a reminder for the clients to go have a look at your wares on your site.


We might live in a digital age, but we cannot escape the physical world just yet. Until that happens, there will always be a place for direct mail. Whether for business or personal use, direct mail still has an edge and fills a void that digital will never be able to.

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