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The madness of a home can sometimes be overwhelming.

If you work as well, then you’ll definitely know what we mean when it can feel like life is never relaxing. You have a tough day at work, and you still have to come home to a house that needs cleaning and mouths that need feeding. That feeling of always being on the go, and always being surrounded by chattering mouths, is one of the reasons why your home can just feel crazy all of the time.

This is especially true if you have more than one younger child! So, we’re going to try to help you calm the madness of your home down, because it won’t be long until you pop if you keep letting the stress build up and up. At least if we can calm the madness in one area of your life, you might feel a little bit more relaxed.


Family trips out are so important, and they can pretty much be made an every evening thing if you plan them right. It doesn’t have to be some huge trip out, it can simply be a little trip out for a walk. But we know that organising this can be a nightmare for a lot of you who do have more than one child who is younger, but there are ways you can improve it.

For one, you can have a look at offers on new Vauxhall cars, because a new car might be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes you just need more space and more stability from a car if you know you’re going to be taking it out every single day.

A new car day is always exciting as well, it’s like a little present for everyone. Make sure you check out some finance deals, these really are the way forward if you want a new car without a big payout!


It can often feel like you’re running a bit of a madhouse, simply because you’re the one that seems to be doing everything. So as your children get older, you can bring in a chores and reward system.

The reward could be something like a trip out of their choice at the weekend. That way you have little minions doing bits of the housework for you, and you can focus on making dinner.

The more hands on deck you have, the quicker things are going to get done! It’s good to teach your children to do housework from a younger age, because then it won’t be so hard for them to maintain it through their teenage years.


A routine is definitely important. You need structure to your daily house life so that everything works like clockwork.

Same time waking up, same chores, same downtime, and same bedtime. It gets you all naturally into a routine, which means things are more likely to get done!

It can change on weekends, but the weeks in particular are the most important for keeping a routine going.

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