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How to Display Art at Home: 5 Tasteful Tips

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If you’re an art lover, you can never be too careful about the way you display your favorite works. This will help you store these pieces so that you can preserve them and show them off effectively.

In this regard, consider the points below so that you can display art on your terms.

1. Height Is Paramount

As the old adage says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to effectively show off the beauty of your artwork, you need to position it in a way that best meets the beholder’s eye.

This means figuring out the best height to hang your work. Be sure that you hang the artwork at a height on the wall that will be eye level to a person of average height.

2. Mix and Match with Your Room’s Color Scheme

To get the most value out of the way your artwork is displayed, the room you are hanging it in matters.

Position the artwork in a way that doesn’t clash with the color scheme of the room. This way, your art will be a compliment, rather than a distraction.

3. Make Sure the Artwork Avoids Sunlight

Be mindful of how much sun exposure your artwork will receive. While natural lighting is great, too much sunlight can be damaging to your art.

Some types of artwork can withstand sunshine. For example, oil paintings will hold up fine, while watercolors should be kept from sunlight at all costs.

Gauge how much sunlight your artwork will get on a regular basis and limit this exposure as necessary.

4. Invest in a Quality Frame

When you’re trying to get the most of your wall art, it pays to invest in a quality frame.

In fact, the frame that you buy is nearly as important as the art itself. It will put it on display beautifully and will help to preserve the value.

Framing artwork can cost you upwards of approximately $300, and it’s worth every dime when you get to preserve and display your art so beautifully.

Be sure that you choose a frame that is made with some high-quality materials, and choose a color scheme and size that will be beneficial to whichever artwork you are putting on display.

5. Group Your Art Whenever Possible

You should also be mindful of the placement of your artwork. The best way to position your artwork is in groups with other pieces of art that match it.

This allows you to tell a story in your room and also helps you to create a gallery of sorts. Grouping your artwork in this way can be helpful whether you’re hanging artwork in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room in your household.

When you group your art in this way, make sure that you keep up with spacing and symmetry.

Display Art on Your Terms

These are the tips that will be helpful to you when you are looking to display art properly. You’ll come to appreciate your art collection even more, and your rooms will be inviting and eclectic.

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