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Why You Should Hire a Digital Strategist for Your Precious Metal Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that having a digital marketing strategy for your precious metal business is absolutely crucial.

You’ve read countless articles about SEO, Google Analytics, and the importance of including the right keywords in your content. But if you’re honest with yourself, you’re still feeling a little bit lost about what it all means.

You’re not alone — digital marketing is a dynamic, complicated world!

If this sounds like you, you could likely benefit from the services of a digital strategist.


Read on to find out.

A Digital Strategist Learns About Your Target Market

One of the biggest reasons to hire a digital strategist?

To learn more about your current target market, and to expand your current client base. For example, you might think you know what your average client looks like. But the reality could be quite different.

This means that your entire marketing strategy will need to be changed to reflect the needs, interests, and even online behavior of your real target market.

A strategist will uncover tons of information about this target market by mining through your website’s analytics. They can find out their geographical location, which pages of your site or blog they spend the most time on, and even what time of the day they’re most likely to sign on.

If you have a social media strategy (which you absolutely should) your digital strategist will also comb through the data about your target market there. They’ll learn about their interests, which channels and platforms they interact with the most, and even when important events are coming up in their lives.

The more you know about your market, the better and more successful your future content and campaigns will be.

Your Strategy Will Actually Get Implemented

You might be a wonderful writer who has no trouble coming up with awesome ideas for blog posts. Maybe you’re even a social media guru who is totally familiar with the ins and outs of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

It’s likely that you have big plans for the posts and content you want to create for your site and advertising campaigns. You want to interact with your followers on social media and perform regular website maintenance.

But it’s time to get realistic.

Here’s a tough question.

Is your marketing campaign something you actively work on every day, for several hours every day? Or, is it more something you remember to check in on “whenever you have time?”

If the latter option sounds more like you (and we’re willing to bet it does) then you need to hire a digital strategist. You have enough to do in a day. There’s no reason that your business and sales should suffer because of your digital marketing strategy and vice versa.

Instead, hire an employee or work with a freelancer whose sole job it is to analyze your digital marketing strategy. That way, your ideas actually get put into place, instead of collecting dust in a drawer somewhere.

You Can Study The Success Of Past And Current Campaigns

You poured your heart and soul into your past advertising campaign. But for some reason, all your hard work just didn’t pay off.

Do you know why? Do you know what changes you should make for next time?

If not, it’s time to call a professional.

They can not only help you to create more targeted and segmented campaigns that connect with specific parts of your market. They can also make changes and tweaks in real time so that your current campaign is as profitable as possible.

For example, let’s say your current campaign is focused on the prices of gold bars and is focused on getting your target market to make an investment in them now.

A digital strategist will conduct research on the prices, using authorities like LPM Group, to determine the current price of gold for each day of your campaign.

That way, you can be sure your clients are getting the current price — not that of two days ago. They’ll be much more likely to buy when they know they’re getting the right price.

You Can Adapt To Algorithm Changes

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a digital strategist?

They’re up-to-date not only on the latest industry trends but also on all the constant changes to the Google Algorithm.

The Algorithm is pretty tough for everyday folks to understand, and it’s constantly changing.

This means that the digital marketing strategy you were using two weeks ago could be pretty much irrelevant now.

Google Algorithm updates are certainly frustrating, but it’s important that you follow the constant changes in rules. Not only will you drop in search engine rankings if you don’t. Your website may also actually be penalized for breaking the rules.

It’s definitely something you want to hire a professional to help you handle.

You’ll Stay Ahead Of The Competition

A digital marketing plan isn’t just about knowing the Algorithm. It’s also about recognizing and implementing marketing trends.

Do you have any video content on your website? How often do you go live on social media? Have you used drone photography or hand-drawn graphics in your campaign?

These are all trends that a strategist will be familiar with, which means they can work them seamlessly into your content.

How Else Can You Strengthen Your Strategy?

Now that you know how important it is to hire a digital strategist, you’re likely thinking of the other aspects of your marketing plan that may need a little work.

How engaging is your current blog content? Is your website easy and intuitive to navigate? Have you submitted your site to online directories and claimed your web listings?

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about.

We’re here to help you to figure out what you don’t know.

Check out our blog and sign up with us to learn more about how to take your next campaign or your current website to the next level.

Make this the year you see a huge increase in your conversions, and that you finally make it onto the first page of Google.

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