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7 Signs Your Plumbing Business Should Hire a Digital Marketing Expert

Is your plumbing business bringing in new customers on a regular basis? How high is your company’s engagement rating on social media platforms? Do people visit your site often or is it getting stale and abandoned?

It’s okay if you’re not confident about your digital marketing strategy. A study concerning most marketers showed only 9% were confident in their strategy.

But how can you tell if your strategy is working or not?

There are telltale signs that indicate it’s time to seek professionals. Take a moment and consider the following signs that you should hire a digital marketing expert.

You’re Not a Marketing Expert

The biggest sign you should consider is that you’re not an authority on digital marketing. It’s not what you trained for. You offer plumbing services because that’s your specialty.

You could be the best plumber Toronto has to offer but that also means you’re expertise is in that one field. You’re not a digital marketing expert. You should hire a digital marketing professional so you can focus on what you’re good at.

Doing so also means you can cut down costs. You don’t have to waste time and money training someone in-house to do your marketing. They already have the training and experience and this guarantees they’ll get the job done.

Sales are Stagnant

One other sign that it’s time to turn to a digital marketing expert is when your sales or lead generation plateaus. Take a look back at the previous weeks and if you notice your sales no longer climb then it means your marketing efforts are failing.

It is likely your sales are stagnant because no one knows about your plumbing services. No one can avail of your services if they don’t even know you exist. That is the clearest sign of poor marketing.

An expert can reverse this for you. Through their efforts, you can spread awareness and people will learn more about your company. This, in turn, will boost leads generation and your site will start bringing in profitable conversions.

Website Hasn’t Updated Recently

Another telltale sign that you need a digital marketing expert is when you notice your website is getting stale. If you haven’t updated it in the past two years then there is something wrong. There’s no fresh, new content and that drags your site’s ranking down.

Google loves sites that pump out something new on a regular basis. It’s the reason why every eCommerce site should have a blog that stays updated with content each week. If you do this, you will see your site rise up in the search results.

You can’t cheat this, though. You can’t rush it and spam audiences with links and poorly-written blog posts. There are blog post formats and other tricks that only professionals know by heart.

With the help of an expert, you’ll be able to draw up a plan regarding how to update your site and release content. They’ll know the top content marketing trends to keep your business in the loop.

No Activity on Social Media Platforms

Is your company active on social media platforms? When was the last time you engaged with people who follow your company on Twitter or Facebook? Did you ever release videos on YouTube but didn’t bother to respond to comments?

There are over 2 billion active Facebook accounts and Instagram is quickly following suit, with 800 million accounts in 2017. People use social media now to discover business sites and rate services. Jump on this as soon as you can.

A digital marketing expert will be able to draw up a proper plan.

Social media marketing is one of the most complex aspects of digital marketing, after all. You need to schedule when to create content, when to engage with your followers, and plan out what kind of content you’ll share on these platforms.

Marketing Budget is Plummeting

Take a moment and check how much your marketing budget is now. Is it getting smaller with each passing quarter? If it’s plummeting then you need to hire a digital marketing professional.

Your marketing budget is going down only for two main reasons:

  • You might not think it’s important
  • Your sales aren’t high enough to justify a greater budget

Either reason isn’t good. You need to raise your budget and an expert will show you how. The right team can show you where you need to allocate your resources to achieve specific goals.

Do you need to pour in money in PPC advertising? Do you need to focus on blogging to boost organic searches? Is it important right now to spend on video production for YouTube and Facebook marketing?

Those are questions an expert can handle for you.

You’re Not Tracking Important Metrics

Other important questions an expert can deal with are about metrics. You’re an expert plumbing company but you may not know which Google metrics you need to look at. You might not even be tracking them at this very moment.

The right help will show you the numbers you need to study. If you don’t know what acquisition metrics are or how Google Analytics works, it’s time to pause and call in the professionals.

Company is Growing

Not every sign is a bad one. Your company might be growing and it’s time to expand your horizons. You might already know that digital marketing isn’t your company’s forte and in moving ahead you acknowledge you need help to build your brand’s online awareness.

A growing company needs newer, stronger strategies. That’s a part of improving any business. If you figure it’s time to expand and reach out to a wider audience, it’s also time to seek professional digital marketing help.

Rely Only on the Best Digital Marketing Expert

If your company is ticking off these signs then don’t waste a second further.

Your plumbing company is losing sales with each second that passes. The digital world is ruthless and you need to catch up if you want your business to survive.

Call in the experts right now and get your marketing side back on solid ground. Our content can help you assess your digital marketing performance and plan ahead.

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