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5 Critical Digital Marketing Strategies

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There are well over two billion Google searches per day! And if you’ve got an active website, it’s one in a sea of almost 200 million.

Getting noticed among all the websites is the holy grail of successful online marketing.

Bringing clients to your website and business takes time and energy. Make sure you’re doing it right so you’re not wasting yours.

Are you having trouble bringing in the clients you know your business deserves?

Read on for 5 critical digital marketing strategies for your business.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’ve probably heard of SEO by now. But that doesn’t mean you understand what it is. SEO is complex because of its changing nature. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it comes in two basic flavors.  SEO can be broken down into Organic and Paid.

It’s important to use local SEO to capture clients in your geographic area. Local online business directories are a great example.  That is one of the most important reasons why you should be part of South Florida’s Best.  We are actively promoting local businesses in South Florida.

SEO is one of the single most important digital marketing strategies out there.  However, it is a constantly changing science.  What works today may not work tomorrow and there are many people who attempt to “game” the system by going to extremes with backlinks and using automation.  Unfortunately, their time would be better spent just writing great articles and provide value to people who are searching for specific issues online.

If you’re not willing to learn SEO yourself, then hire an expert. Google is the gold standard for search engines. They set the rules. Legitimate companies like Think Big Websites (full disclosure – Think Big Websites created South Florida’s Best) know the rules and play within the rules.

However, the rules are always changing.

For instance, Google now labels any site that doesn’t have the secure designation “https” as a “non-secure” site. This spells doom for your website if you don’t upgrade to a secure site. It also gives a bad first impression for anyone coming to your site.  Could you imagine if you are searching for a Financial Advisor and when you visit their site it says “non-secure” site.  I am sure it would not only hurt your search engine results but the confidence of the person visiting your site.  One of our most recent members on South Florida’s Best, Everest Financial Advisors is ironically a Financial Advisor and if you visit their site you will see an example of how a site should be secured.  This site was also created by Think Big Websites.

These are the types of rules you must know to compete in the digital marketplace.

2. Paid Search Engine Marketing

Paid SEO is paid ads to drive your website to the first page of the search returns. Google AdWords is the most well known. However, paid search engine marketing may also mean that you “paid” for your marketing and it doesn’t have to be only through Google.  It could also mean that you paid to have your ad displayed on an online search directory for example.

Other paid ads are with platforms such as Facebook. Facebook has over 1.5 billion active daily users. It’s a huge market you don’t want to miss. The ads are inexpensive, and it’s easy to target your demographic.

3. Content Market to Your Targeted Audience

If you have a business website, you need a blog. Great blog content attracts clients.

What is great content?

It’s valuable, relevant content that solves a problem for your target demographic. If your business is plumbing, post blog posts and video blog tutorials on how to unclog a sink or toilet.

When your potential client has bigger plumbing problems he can’t handle himself, he’ll think of your company first.

4. Social Media Strategy

Social media is huge now. From Facebook to Instagram, most adults are using some sort of social media site.

Pick a few platforms that your target demographic uses. Post consistent, valuable, branded content across all of them.

Get involved with groups online that you can help and support.  Don’t be a person who just shows up and start advertising your business.  Be a contributor to the group and people will naturally ask what you do.

5. Don’t Forget Email

Email isn’t dead! An email newsletter is a great way to push valuable content to potential clients. Use a lead capture tool on your website to get potential clients’ email addresses. We highly recommend Constant Contact and we have partnered with them on many occasions.  We find that choosing a reputable company that has strict policies against spam is a good thing.  This is one element of your digital marketing strategy that you don’t want to go the “cheap” route on.  Offline marketing can make all the difference and be one of the most effective tactics in your toolbox. If you would like to try Constant Contact for free for 14 days, check out our partner link.

This will give you the ability to send a monthly newsletter with relevant news and information to your customers and link back to your website when appropriate.

Use These Digital Marketing Strategies to Bring Clients to Your Business


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If you’re not already using digital marketing strategies to bring clients to your business, it’s time! Don’t miss out on potential clients by ignoring this important, and often free, aspect of advertising.

The keys of successful digital marketing are to:

  • Put relevant, valuable content on your blog and push it to social media.
  • Tweak your website SEO on a routine basis.
  • Pay for some ads and pay attention to whether they’re working.
  • Concentrate on local SEO.
  • Create backlinks from reputable local directories like South Florida’s Best
  • And don’t forget email marketing!

Ready to get in your first local directory in South Florida?

Add your business to South Florida’s Best Today.

5 Critical Digital Marketing Strategies

Thank you for visiting South Florida’s Best. We hope that you found this information helpful in promoting your business.  We love to help other businesses in the South Florida area be as successful as they can.  Please contact us if we can help you in any way.  Also, remember to contact us if you would like to have your business considered as one of South Florida’s Best places to visit.

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