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Discovering the King James Version bible.
 by: The bible online

King James, the nephew of Queen Elizabeth the First, was born to Catholic Mary. He started his career in politics as King James the Sixth of Scotland and later in 1603 became the King of England and came to be known as King James the First.

Before the era of King James, there were several versions of the Bible in England, which had footnotes favoring the ecclesiastical and political positions of the writers of the Bible. When King James came into power, he decided that there should be one Bible, which was void of the controversies that existed and would be solely formulated based on the principals of the Catholic Church of England.

King James Version Bible

The King James Version Bible does not have any notes that favors or popularizes any political cause. It solely speaks about Christianity as the Church of England perceives the religion. For the better comprehension of the readers, there are a few marginal notes, which explain the Hebrew and the Greek words in the Bible which makes it much easier for the English Readers. King James Version Bible is a revised version of the Bishop’s Bible.

The Bible was compared to the other existing Bibles and the translation was made in a way to fit the parameters laid by King James. In 1611, the King James Version Bible was completed and was printed in English. There was a lot of competition and rivalry between the printing presses to obtain the rights for printing the Bible. Cambridge University Press finally purchased the rights of printing the King James Version Bible in the 1900s.

King James Download

The King James Version Bible can be downloaded online through different websites. King James Download can also be done as an audio file that you can carry with you always in your ipod or mp3 player and listen to it whenever you are free amidst your busy work schedule. Life has become very busy for us today, but with the advancement of technology and with the will to be close to God, you can always find a way to read or listen to your Bible everyday.

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