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G Spot and Several Tips on Foreplay
 by: Gabrielle Moore

The G-Spot is an area on the front wall of your vagina that when stimulated, can cause women to orgasm and sometimes ejaculate. For some women, stimulating the G-Spot creates a more intense orgasm than clitorial stimulation.

* Tickling - Now when I say tickling, I don't mean to hold her down on the bed and tickle her until she urinates on herself. I mean something a little more mature. Take a feather (if you can't find a feather, then go to your local pet store and check out the cat toy section - you'll find a number of items you can use as substitutes for feathers) and very gently graze your partner's skin with it. Pay special attention to her erogenous zones. Your touch must be very light, so the feather just barely brushes against her skin. This will send shivers through her body. If she's naked, you may want to start at the top of her head and work down her neck, around her breasts, along the inner part of her thighs, on the back of her knees, and so forth.

* Massage - Remember that massage we discussed under “Dirty Talking”? Well, that's considered foreplay as well. Massages are a good choice for two reasons. First, stress hinders your partner's ability to orgasm. A massage will help her release all of that tension and stress so she is physically and mentally ready for pleasure. Second, a sensual massage will further her excitement and can take her to the next level. You don't have to read books on massage to learn the tricks of the trade either.

All you need to know is how to rub your partner's body so she gets a pleasurable feeling. You also need to know where to rub.

Some women love back massages, others like their partners to focus on their shoulders or legs, while a few prefer foot massages. If you've never given her a massage before, I recommend trying each of them until you discover which one pleases her the most. Also, there are a number of massage oils on the market which work amazingly well at helping set the mood and intensifying the experience. Oils that warm when they come in contact with human skin are a wonderful choice, particularly during the winter when she is feeling a little chilled.

* Give her a bath - Women enjoy being pampered and giving her a bath is a great way to do that while also getting her in the mood for sex. Here's what you do. Surprise her by filling the bathtub with warm water and bubbles. Have a glass of her favorite wine or beverage ready beside the tub as well. When she slides into the water, take a soft sponge or cloth and begin to gently rub the soapy water over her body. Remember to be gentle and to avoid contact with her vagina. Near the end of the soaping, you can come very close to her vagina, by rubbing the sponge along her inner thigh. Then start slowly rinsing her off, possibly with a shower massager is you have one. When she gets out of the tub, have a warm fluffy towel ready and begin drying her off yourself. In fact, if your tub is comfortable enough, you can sit behind her in the tub for even more erotic foreplay.

* Cooling her off - While the shower and the warm massage oils may be perfect for the cold winter months, these two ideas may work better in the hot summer months. The first idea is to have your partner lie naked on the bed or couch. Make sure that the majority of her erogenous zones are facing upward or are easy to reach. Now take a hand held paper fan and gently wave it over each of those areas. If you don't have a fan, you can also blow on the areas yourself. Like the tickling, this sensation will make her shiver with delight. The second idea again involves her erogenous zones, but this time you'll cool her off with an ice cube instead. Don't have an ice cube handy? Try using a popsicle, then gently lick away the melted part on her skin.

* Complimenting her - Remember that women are generally more self-conscious about their bodies than men are. That means that even though they are enjoying your touches, in the back of their minds they are wondering how they look. To relax them, you should find chances during foreplay to compliment her body. Tell her how beautiful her breasts are, how perfect her butt is, how soft her skin feels, etc. Just whisper the comments in her ear between kisses or while you're massaging her body.

But be sincere.

* Teasing - As things heat up, you can move on to teasing as a form of foreplay. When your partner is in the plateau stage, she is going to be feeling the need for sex just as much as you are. Of course, the more sexual tension builds inside her the better her orgasm is going to be as well, so don't give in too quickly. Keep doing everything you've been doing, but increase the intensity a little. For examples, your gentle touches should be strokes and your light kisses should be a little deeper. If she asks you what you're waiting for, simply reply, “I'm waiting until you want to feel me inside you.” Don't give in the first time she asks. Hold off a little longer. This may be difficult for both of you, but the wait will definitely be worth it.

* Partial penetration - Right before you decide engage in actual intercourse, you may want to step up the teasing. You see, researchers have found that when women are highly aroused and are near the height of the plateau stage, they feel a yearning to be penetrated. That's why so many women resort to using dildos and vibrators during masturbation. When your partner is begging you to fulfill that need, you can tease her a little more by only penetrating her vagina with the very tip of your penis. Then very slowly use more during each stroke. By the time you reach full penetration, she'll be groaning with relief and pleasure.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to foreplay. After you try these ideas, you should begin experimenting with some techniques of your own. The more you learn about your partner's body and what pleases her the easier it will be for you to decide how to take her from those flickering flames of arousal to a total inferno of desire.

About The Author

Gabrielle Moore is owner and founder of The G Spot Code a site to help men please their female partners with an amazing G Spot orgasm every time. Download your FREE Report from:

This article was posted on July 20, 2007


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