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Buffalo International Airport
 by: Jeffery Lowe

The Buffalo International Airport (formerly Buffalo Municipal Airport) was constructed in 1926, making it one of the oldest communal airports in Canada. The immediacy of Buffalo Niagara International Airport to the 8.4 million populace of Ontario's Golden Horseshoe region brings it an extremely trendy airport for Canadians travelling to US destinations. Actually, about one of every three passengers here thinks that the airport is from Canada. Airfares from Canadian airports to the US are usually superior due to numerous issues including:

• higher taxes

• fewer challenging airlines in Canada

• higher in service costs

• customs and immigration surcharges imposed on intercontinental flights

• momentous value of the Canadian Dollar and airport upgrading fees imposed on travelers at Canadian airports

The terminal consists of a single building with two levels –

• arrival level

• departure level

You have to arrive at the lower level, if you are arriving for the first time ever. Here the baggage claim checks are placed. In case of departure, the level is situated on the upper level. Here the ticket desk will be found. You will be allowed to enter in the food court and as well as departure gate after passing the security check post.

Every year, there are a lot of people arriving here as a tourist or on a business trip. To welcome them, a numerous facilities are provided by the government here. From the Buffalo Airport terminal, you have to decide where you have to go or how to go. You can take help from the airport volunteers or can find your rides yourself.

The option you are looking should be the fastest, fanciest and obviously economical. There are some available choices for you-

• Car Rentals – There are various car rental companies available here.

• Local Busses – You can travel through the Buffalo Niagara Transit System consists of numerous buses.

• Limousines – There are a wide range of diverse limousine services at the Buffalo Airport, with those that can take you into Canada.

• Parking Shuttles – If you have parked or someone is picking you up in the close by parking garage, there are shuttles accessible from here.

• Hotel Shuttles – There are shuttles to your hotel turn up and depart on a regular basis from the front entrance of the airport terminal.

Whatever you choose for your Buffalo Airport transportation, either a local bus or a two hour ride in limousine, you should choose carefully. It’s not must that you should choose the best, but you should choose an option which is best suited for you.

If you want to have a less stressful trip, then you have to know about the buffalo airport and its transportation system thoroughly. If you have enough money or interest on traveling but not have enough knowledge on Buffalo or Niagara, then you have to suffer much. You can know more at

About The Author

Jeffery Lowe has over 7 years experience in the affordable luxury transportation industry. He has looked to push the envelope of service quality particularly in the Buffalo, Toronto, Niagara Falls area. You can know more about a quality Buffalo limousine service at
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